6 Home Made Oriental Teas for Weight Loss

Home made teas have the advantage that they let you control every thing you intend to ingest.
You can discard any unacceptable ingredients and largely modify their amounts as they are not
standardized for a precise content, so that they become more palatable, convenient or beneficial
to you.

Certainly, there is no miracle tea that will do all the work for you. You should have your plan of
weight loss and these teas may help you to better commit to your plan. None of these teas contain those serious ingredients that may affect your health negatively, like Senna which may induce hypo-kalemia (decreased blood Potassium) which may lead to serious effects including cardiac arrest and death.
These teas have another advantage of keeping you away from the buzz of the debate about
their use. Many people use them regularly without planning for weight loss.

The oriental teas are used to be boiled with water, or soaked in cold or hot water, and their
constituents are household spices that may be used regularly.

These are your teas for weight loss:

1- Sage: boil 1 tablespoonful of Sage herb in a cup of water. Drink it in the evening.

2- Cumin: soak 1 tablespoonful of Cumin seeds in boiling water, put Lemon slices in the water,
leave it overnight. Drink it before breakfast.

3- Chicory (leaves, flowers and roots):
Boil 1 tablespoonful in a cup of water. Drink it 3 times daily for 3 weeks.

4- Ginseng: It is said to generally exert offsetting catabolic and anabolic action on carbohydrates, lipids and protein metabolism. It backs up the response to stress.

5- Green Tea: It is well known to have antioxidant effects as well as it is a supplement to aid
weight loss.

6- Apple vinegar: add 1 teaspoonful to a cup of cold water. Drink it before breakfast.

There are some seeds that help you regulate taste and convenience of your teas. They are all
used in many ready-made weight loss teas. These are: Fennel- Caraway- Anise- Coriander,
in addition to Peppermint herb.

You still can drink Cherry and Pineapple juices as they are known to be good for weight loss.

Source by Waheed Elqalatawy