Are You Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly?

If you are like many others in our overweight world, then you have become desperate to lose weight quickly. Do not allow this desperation to make you try fad diets because they will only work for a very temporary amount of time. Read on to see what does work.

Do you know why Jared, the Subway guy, lost so much weight and has been able to keep it off for over 10 years? It wasn’t because his desperation led him to something that was a quick fix. It has nothing to do with Subway making sandwiches with a special weight loss ingredient. He lost the weight with a healthy and balanced diet and exercise.

He walked to Subway every single day in order to get a healthy and low fat sandwich that was good for his body. He did not ruin his sandwich by putting on a ton of mayonaise or another fattening dressing. He ate the sandwich in its’ best form and then he walked home.

It has been proven over and over again that a healthy balanced diet paired up with exercise will help you lose weight. This is the absolute truth and this is where we need to be headed. If you are desperate to lose weight quickly, then you should start keeping a food and activity journal.

Write down everything you eat and drink, then write down every activity you participate in for 2 weeks. After that two weeks go back and look at what you consumed and how much energy you used to burn off what you consumed. You will be surprised at the results and you will see exactly how you became so desperate to lose weight quickly.

Source by Gregory Swift