Baby Name Analysis

The baby name analysis examines the meanings, origins, traits, characteristics, and gender. The name positively or negatively affects the lifestyle, health, career, personality, attitude, emotion, behavior, and mind. It is crucial for parents to choose the best baby names.

The baby names seem subconsciously affect the mind and brain. The brain controls how the body moves, reacts, thinks, and interacts. The body and brain inherits the qualities of the baby names like lovely, lively, happy, friendly, strong, and sweet.

For example, Armstrong, Alona, and Bryant are baby names meaning strong. Armstrong and Bryant are English baby names, while Alona is Hebrew baby names. Alona means strong as an oak tree.

The baby names are broken down into several syllables. It is a sequence of speech sounds. Michael is a two syllable baby name. That is a combination of Mi and Chael. Michael came from Hebrew. The name means gift from God. A name that is too long will be too long for forms, documents, and letters.

In some cultures, the numerology determines the level of luck on a baby name>. Particularly, the Chinese uses the I Ching numerology to calculate the lucky and unlucky numbers for names. The number 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17 are example of lucky numbers on I Ching. The number represents the number of letters on the baby name. Christophe is a 10 letter name which is unlucky name.

The number of strokes is important for Chinese baby names. Feng Shui Master can tell the best number of strokes. Feng Shui Masters develop to relate the luck from the number of strokes. Using the year of birth, the astrologers also developed mathematical calculations to differentiate the good baby name from the bad baby name.

From the baby name, the baby name expert can track the origin of the baby name. The origin shed the light for the hidden meaning and history. The baby name can be English, Egyptian, Arabic, Scottish, American, and more.

In some origin, the baby name is distinguishably female or male. For example, the ET or IT at the end denotes a female baby names for Egyptians. Neferet who is an Egyptian queen is a female Egyptian baby name. On the contrary, most Chinese baby names can be female or male baby name. That is because the meaning of the names is general.

The popularity and rate of the baby name are available in documents, literature, surveys, census, and government agency. The census tells the frequency of the baby name usage in different years and time, while the surveys tell the trustworthiness, quality, reliability, and integrity of the baby name.

Source by Dennis Estrada