Cassius Clay vs Archie Moore 15.11.1962 (4th Rd TKO)

“The Old Mongoose” Archie Moore steps in against his former trainee, Cassius Clay. Clay was very outspoken about Moore’s strict training regimes but Moore …


Cassius Clay vs Archie Moore 15.11.1962 (4th Rd TKO)

"The Old Mongoose" Archie Moore steps in against his former trainee, Cassius Clay. Clay was very outspoken about Moore's strict training regimes but Moore also felt Clay still had a lot to learn and was not as good as he claimed... More info below

Many people think the Moore came out of retirement to face Cassius Clay but in actual fact Moore had been actively boxing continuously since his debut in 1935 and was on a 7 fight undefeated streak going in against Clay. Moore was initially a middleweight for the first 10 years of his career, fighting in both the USA and Australia, and eventually won the USA California State Middleweight title in 1943 from Jack Chase but would lose it back to Chase in his first defense later that year. Moore then shifted focus to the light heavyweight division where he would face off against one of his toughest rivals, future World Heavyweight Champion, Ezzard Charles. Charles would dominate Moore in their first encounter scoring an almost complete shut out across all judges scorecards. 1 year later the 2 would face each other again with Charles winning once more but by a very close majority decision. In 1947 Moore won the USA California State Light Heavyweight title and the following year had a 3rd fight with Ezzard Charles but once again came up short being knocked out in the 8th round. Over the next 5 years Moore would face all challengers, even travelling to South America, and was beating some of the best light heavyweights the territories had to offer such as Alabama Kid, Jimmy Bivins, Harold Johnson, Alberto Santiago Lovell, Jimmy Slade and Charley Doc Williams among many others. Finally, after 17 years as a pro and amassing a 133-19-8 record, Moore was eventually granted a shot at the World Light Heavyweight title held by Joey Maxim in 1952. Over 15 rounds the 35 year old Archie Moore out boxed his 28 year old opponent to score a decisive unanimous decision to capture the World Light Heavyweight title. Moore had 2 rematches with Maxim over the next 2 years and won both easily by unanimous decision. In his 4th defense of the World Light Heavyweight title in 1954, Moore came from behind to stop old foe Harold Johnson in the 14th round. In his next fight, Moore was paired with Cuban boxer Nino Valdes to compete for a version of the World Heavyweight title. Although Rocky Marciano was the universally recognized Heavyweight Champion at this time, Promoter Jack Kearns claimed Marciano was refusing to face Moore or Valdes, and as such he declared the winner of Moore vs Valdes would be named the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.... of Nevada. Moore would win via unanimous decision to set himself up for a shot at Rocky Marciano later in the year. Moore showed his skill and power against the rugged Marciano but he was unable to withstand the dynamite punching power of the "Brockton Blockbuster" and was eventually KO'd in round 9. It would prove to be Marciano's final fight as he retired undefeated shortly afterwards. Moore bounced back with 11 wins in a row which included a World Light Heavyweight title defense against Yolande Pompey to secure himself a shot at the vacated World Heavyweight title in 1956 against young Floyd Patterson. In a battle of youth vs experience, Patterson would come out on top, knocking out Moore in 5 rounds. Moore would actually go undefeated over the next 4 years while successfully defending his World Light Heavyweight title along the way and even winning the American Heavyweight title in 1960. His weight fluctuated greatly during this time weighing anywhere between 175 - 206lbs. In 1960 Moore lost a heavyweight contest to Giulio Rinaldi to end his undefeated streak and along with it was also stripped of a portion of the World Light Heavyweight title by the NBA. It was around this time that Moore also started to train a young Cassius Clay. Moore would remain Clay's trainer for short time, but Clay became dissatisfied and left Moore because of Moore's attempts to change his style and his insistence that Clay do dishes and help clean gym floors. Moore would have his last successful defense of the Lineal World Light Heavyweight title in 1961 when he beat Giulio Rinaldi in a rematch. By the start of 1962 the remaining boxing commissions that had continued to back Moore as the World Light Heavyweight Champion withdrew their recognition although he was still billed as being a World Champion in select territories. Before facing Clay, Moore went 10 rounds with Willie Pastrano that resulted in a draw. His record at this time was 182-22-10.

Moore was just too slow and too old to withstand the hand speed and footwork of a young Cassius Clay. Moore barely landed a punch over the course of the fight and was finally dropped 3 times in round 4 bringing an end to the contest. Moore was quoted as saying after the fight ""Cassius proved that he was everything I thought he wasn't."