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How To Lose Baby Belly Fat After Pregnancy

After you have a child, you may want to lose baby belly fat. After you recover from your pregnancy and delivery, getting back in shape takes focus and determination. But you can lose the pregnancy pounds quickly if you follow this simple plan. This plan incorporates strength training using a stability ball, high intensity cardio, and a modified diet program. In just two weeks, you can lose baby belly fat.

First, to lose baby belly fat, you need to buy a stability ball. These retail for about $ 30 in a sporting goods store. Most women will want a 22 inch ball. If you are under 51, buy the 18 inch and if you are over 58, go for the 26 incher.

A study at Sacramento State University found that people who used stability balls to lose belly fat had developed twice the number of muscle fibers as those who did normal crunches. As you can see, this will help you lose baby belly fat quickly, so youll want to get one.

There will be a number of exercises in the manual that comes with the stability ball, but I want to feature a couple here that are especially helpful when you want to lose baby belly fat.

The first is the reverse crunch. Lying on your back, press your legs into the ball and lift it 3 to 6 inches off the floor. Hold it for one second, lower and repeat.

The second is the rock and roll. Get on your knees and put your elbows on the ball. Then lift your body until you are on your tippy toes at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Hold this position for one second, relax, and repeat.

Cardio is important in this plan as well. Try to get a 45 minute heart healthy workout at least 3 times a week to lose baby belly fat. This can include swift walking, jogging, cycling, or using any cardio machine at the gym.

The final component is to modify your eating habits. Try to eat 500 calories less than what you would need to maintain your weight. For instance, a 54 140 pound active 28 year old woman would need 2400 calories to maintain her weight. She should have a diet of just 1900 calories for the two weeks she is on this program.

Finding ways to reduce calories for a short period of time is actually easier than you might imagine. For instance, making your latte with skim rather than whole milk saves 120 calories. You can live with that for two weeks, cant you? Other swaps include eating air popped popcorn instead of potato chips (saves 95 calories) and substituting cup of sliced strawberries and cup fat free vanilla yogurt for your traditional fruit on the bottom yogurt cup (saves 105 calories). Make 4 to 5 of these substitutions a day and youre on your way to lose baby belly fat.

When you have a new child in the house, it can be hard to find the time and energy to put into a new exercise and diet program. But, if you really want to lose baby belly fat, you can follow this routine and be back in shape in just 2 weeks.

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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 3 Easy Steps to Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

Shedding excess weight put on during pregnancy may seem like an impossible undertaking but it is in fact quite a simple process. While some women continue to have weight problems and trouble losing weight, particularly while breast feeding, this simply does not have to be the case. We will discuss a simple, easy to implement program guaranteed to have you back in shape, literally and figuratively, in a matter of a few short weeks. Remember one thing, dieting alone is for the birds! And that’s only because birds, as you may have already heard, may eat several times their weight in food every day. Not a bad deal if you can get it. Unfortunately, we humans are built a bit differently.

Step 1:

The first step is probably the easiest and takes the least amount of effort. As a new mother, you may feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day and, what little time you do have, falls during the baby’s nap-time which, as you may already know, is totally unpredictable. As a result, you may already feel completely overwhelmed as you attempt to get everything you need to get accomplished completed and still have a moment’s rest while the baby is asleep. The great thing about step one of our post-pregnancy weight loss plan is that it doesn’t matter whether the baby is wake or not. In fact, it is usually better if the little bundle of joy is awake.

Step one? Take the baby for a walk in the stroller twice a day.

I often see new moms on a sort of “Bataan Force March,” and this is the last thing you should be doing. All that is necessary is a nice leisurely stroll that both baby and mom can enjoy. Take time to take in the scenery. And yes, there is scenery even in a total urban jungle like Manhattan! The walk should be at a decent pace but the actual rate isn’t as important as to just do it…as the commercials put it. Make sure that the walks are 20-30 minutes in duration, twice a day, and taken at the same time every day. Getting into a routine will help new mom and baby alike, with many hidden benefits.

One benefit will be immediately apparent!

After walks, the little one may sleep longer and much deeper, allowing for more time of your own. You will discover you have more energy and begin to look forward to your daily strolls. Don’t think you have time? Just stop and think about how much time you spend with a fussy baby, keeping them occupied, happy, and trying to get the little one to nap. Now imagine all of those bundles of time evaporating because you are spending time together, out in the fresh air, and losing weight all at the same time. Weight loss step number one: 2 walks per day, 20-30 minutes per walk. Try to space them out at least 8 hours apart. Some of the benefits will include an increased metabolism, decreased stress levels, and quick and easy weight loss. Not to mention the fact that you will have a happier, healthier baby!

Step 2:

Many new moms breast feed and, even if they don’t, they snack more frequently as they are used to a pattern of eating during pregnancy that is counterproductive and counterintuitive for weight loss. New moms who are breast feeding often believe that it is necessary to eat more in order to feed the baby, to build up and have available and adequate supply of breast milk. This is simply not the case! Breast milk quantity and quality has nothing to do with quantity the new mom’s food intake but rather the quality.

So, step two is basically in two parts.

One of two: You need to write down everything you put in you mouth. That’s it! Just write is down. Everything! With journaling comes an awareness of what and how much you are eating. And no, you do not have to count calories! The benefit is profound and immediate. Once you begin to take stock of what you are eating and how often, you will find that the awareness drives an adjustment, not only in quantity of food but quality as well. Why? Because now you are accountable to yourself and to your child. if you are eating better, you will feel better, and ultimately look better.

Two of two: You need to remove the junk food from the home. That’s right! Just don’t bring it in, any of it. The immediate benefit is obvious, you will take in fewer empty calories. The long term benefit is a shift in focus and eating habits that carry over to your child, as well. If you are used to eating healthy snacks, such as grapes, apples, oranges, and melons, to name a few, your child will thrive on those foods, never missing what isn’t in the house. Finally, the shift in eating habits, combined with the quality of the food you are now taking in, will enhance breast milk quantity and quality, while hastening your post-pregnancy weight loss.

Step two, parts one and two in concert, has nothing to do with how much food you put in your mouth. The step simply makes you accountable, to yourself, for everything that goes in to your system. And thus, changes the quality of those food items taken in through better awareness and accountability. We have not discussed diet, because diets, on their own, never work. That’s right, they never work. In fact, if you diet, without changing the underlying behavior? You may as well continue to shovel it in! The only way to lose those pounds, gained during pregnancy, is by changing or reestablishing, good eating habits and kicking the metabolism back up to pre-pregnancy levels.

Step 3:

Step three involves partnering with another new mom. Pregnancy is an amazing time for everyone connected to the new mom to-be; and, it is also an amazing period of discovery for the new mom, as well. During pregnancy, or immediately afterwards, link up with a support network in your area. There are hundreds online, all you need to do is type in “new mom support” or “new mothers support,” and the area you live in. I just typed in the former and got 36,100, 100 results! You will find an amazing number of resources in your area. If you have trouble meeting people or cannot find a group in your immediate area, go online and join a forum for new mothers. The reasons? Support and accountability! You will be amazed at how good you feel when you can share anecdotes about your baby, your life, your day, your problems, and your successes, to include your post-pregnancy weight loss progress.

Ultimately, post-pregnancy weight loss is not about diet, it’s about lifestyle. If you notice, there is not one diet tip in this entire article, other than to propose a shift in the kinds of food, the quality of food, and not the quantity. Why? Because diets will ultimately make one thing a reality…weight gain! So, if you are interested in losing weight: walk with your baby twice a day for 20-30 minutes; journal, keeping an account of everything that goes into your mouth; get the junk food out of the house, now, today, at once; and, partner with another mom or groups of moms, as soon as possible in the pregnancy. On the last point, step three, try to partner up with one other new mom. Yes, you can still join a group, and you should. But there is something about being accountable to one other human being that makes this strategy work. We may get into group dynamics and weight loss in a later article but for now, know that two is better than three, and three is better than a group. By integrating the three steps above, you will see results in days. In weeks? You will be a totally new you by applying the three simple steps of this post-pregnancy weight loss plan.

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How to Get a Flat Stomach After Pregnancy

Many women are concerned about how they will look after giving birth. Naturally, you gain weight during pregnancy and some women find it hard to lose it again. Even women who were in shape before becoming pregnant are worried whether they’ll be able to once again get a flat stomach.

The first thing I need to tell you is that this is entirely in your hands. Yes, there are physical changes when you’re with child, but after you give birth, your body is once again your own and you need to take full responsibility for it.

Surprisingly, you can lose a lot of weight simply by breastfeeding. I’m not sure why this happens, but a lot of women shed much of their pregnancy weight while breastfeeding.

However, this is likely not going to result in a flat tummy. You may lose some weight but you will still have some excess belly fat left that needs to be burned off. And this is really the main thing you need to worry about: how to burn off the excess belly fat.

Before you begin working out, I recommend seeing your doctor to make sure you’re up to it. Some deliveries may put a lot of strain on the body, so be sure your condition permits you to workout before really getting into it.

When you’re sure you’re ready to get fit again, you need to avoid making the mistake most wome make which is goign crazy over belly exercises. Doing stomach exercises will help to tone down your abs a bit but not to burn belly fat. It simply doesn’t work that way at all. You need to focus on getting your entire body in shape in order really become a fat burning machine.

To really burn off body fat and get a flat stomach after pregnancy you will need to go back to doing regular cardio and full body weight training. You need to be in shape all over. This is the only way to really get lean. In addition, learning how to go back to eating for one is vitally important as this is what determines how much fat you put into your body.

If you follow a good eating plan and begin working your entire body, you will shed weight fast and get a flat tummy.

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To Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 5 Steps to Success

It’s not as difficult as you might think to lose weight after pregnancy. Shifting those baby pounds might be your top priority after spending 9 months inhabiting a body you don’t recognise, but before you launch into a weight loss programme take a look at these 5 steps to success.

Forget Celebrity Moms

Celebrities seem to lose the weight magically and look like they were never pregnant within weeks. Unless you have an entourage that can deliver healthy meals to your door, a nanny to look after your baby and a personal trainer to get you lifting weights at 5am then forget about the celebrities. It’s much healthier to lose weight at a slower pace whilst feeding your body the right nutrients and keeping active.

Make Simple Changes

If you suddenly cut out high calorie meals and tasty snacks you’ll feel like you’re missing out on something and end up desperately craving that chocolate bar or cake. Dieting shouldn’t be about cutting out foods completely – instead you should make simple changes that you can stick to. Swap naughty snacks for fruit or carrot sticks and you will soon see the difference.

Don’t Skip Meals

Nothing is more guaranteed to halt your weight loss programme than skipping meals, especially breakfast! Cutting out a meal makes your body go into starvation mode, saving the calories from your last meal and storing it as fat. Losing weight requires you to keep your metabolism high so that you will use calories even when you’re not working out. Eating regularly and exercising will ensure your metabolism stays high, so don’t skip that meal!

Keep Active

You don’t have to work out for hours every day to keep active, just a few simple changes can have a huge effect. Walking instead of driving, taking the stairs, even dancing whilst you do the housework will mean you burn off more calories every day. And a little more makes a big difference.

Keep It Up

Remember, you won’t lose all that baby weight in a few weeks. Most people who want to lose weight have huge motivation at the start, but this tapers off after a couple of weeks and they soon end up back in front of the TV snacking. The hardest part of a weight loss programme is the first month. Keep your motivation; because once you see your body shape changing for the better you won’t want to stop. Try visualising yourself with your new body shape or making a list of all the reasons you want to lose weight. Whenever you feel your commitment falter, take a look at your list.

These are just some ways to make simple changes in your life in order to lose weight after pregnancy. Just remember that you’re only human and slow and steady is the best way to go to get the body you deserve.

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How You Can Ensure Losing Weight After Pregnancy

When you were going out with your future husband, how long did it take people to start asking you if you were engaged yet?

After that, people wanted to know the wedding date. Then they asked when you’d be having your first baby. And now that you’ve finally had the baby, you have to face people’s questions about when you’re going to go back to your normal weight. Once they are no longer pregnant, women often feel pressured to shed their baby weight as soon as possible. This can make you feel conflicted and stressed out. It isn’t easy losing your baby weight while you are also worrying about eating enough to make sure you and your baby stay healthy. So what is the solution?

First of all, if you are trying to lose weight after pregnancy, you will have to take part in some kind of exercise program. Working out is something everyone needs to do if they want to lose weight. Women who have just had a baby, however, should not try to do extensive workouts. It’s important to consistently do some kind of aerobic workout, as well as strength training. At the same time, you want to make these low impact sessions. Putting your baby in the stroller and going for a brisk walk is a good way to exercise. You need exercise to burn some calories. After you have a baby, however, your body also has to recuperate.

Did your weight increase significantly during pregnancy? This can be a tender subject for new mothers. The fact of the matter is that the rate for losing weight after pregnancy can be directly impacted by your pre-pregnancy weight. If you were in the “normal” range for weight and gained the recommended amount of weight given to you by your doctor, you shouldn’t have any problems dropping pounds. If however you were overweight prior to pregnancy it can be harder to drop that weight. You will have a very difficult time losing the weight you gained during pregnancy. Before you begin a weight loss routine consult your physician.

Your body needs all the water you can handle to help keep you hydrated. Everyone should drink plenty of water. One particular benefit of drinking water is that it makes you feel full so you won’t get the hunger pangs you might otherwise experience between meals. Water helps control your bodys functions and assists you in dealing with less sleep and increased activity.

Losing weight after pregnancy is harder for some people than it is for others. When you are in this situation, however, you can’t simply lose the weight by cutting back drastically on calories and working out intensely. A mother caring for a new child has to look at everything, including weight loss, differently than anyone else.

This is a special situation, so you can’t try to lose weight the way you might have at another stage in your life. There’s no reason to be concerned; it’s a natural process!

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The Right Way To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Among the record of most challenging struggles a woman could have after taking a baby is weight loss after pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman can still keep down her weight supplied she eats healthily and exercises moderately along with her doctor’s advice. From time to time though, regardless of how careful a pregnant women is about attempting to control the weight she gains while pregnant, she still put on added weight. The next tips can assist with weightloss after pregnancy.

If you had been keen to lose weight after providing birth then exercise is the key ingredient. Around 75% of woman who exercise after pregnancy return to their original weight and shape within a year and the volume of weight retention is three times higher with woman who tend not to exercise compared with those that do. Usually do not feel pressured to have back to frequent too quickly, taking a baby is a big event which may take our bodies months to recover from fully. The bone structure in your hips and pelvis as well as your overall body shape can change permanently after giving birth. Listen to the body and how if feels before embarking on an exercise program next pregnancy, consult your doctor and start off gradually, slowing down when the body tells you to. The excellent news is the fact one could obviously shed up to a stone of weight in the first two weeks after supplying birth.

One could feel different after offering birth, the body would be more tired or even exhausted and there will certainly be more demands on your time. Set a couple of realistic exercise ambitions and plan your time wisely. Usually do not aim to lose more than two pounds a week and select activities that you simply get pleasure from, strolling, light jogging, swimming and aerobics or anything else that gets you physically active. If your exercise sessions will not feel like a chore then you were much usually tend to stick with them.

If you’re breastfeeding then you will find extra things to take into account. You’ll want to increase your calorie intake as breastfeeding takes up around yet another 500 calories a day, and losing more than a pound a week can have an effect on your milk supply. you also ought to aim to drink around 12 glasses of water a day if you’re breastfeeding and doing exercises generally.

As if taking a brand new baby doesn’t keep a new mother busy ample, there is commonly something more a new mother might be doing for weight loss after pregnancy. Avoiding habitual periods of idle time in a couple of efficient manner will alleviate those pitfalls. Even though babies are too young to know play dates, new mothers must get together to visit with each other. Bunch of mothers can give efforts to be healthy, apart from entertaining themselves and gossiping about the new additions in their lives. A few of the most beneficial results are achieved by partnering with other new mothers who can identify, relate and motivate each other. Weightloss after pregnancy could be entertaining when the new mother gets a significant other. Weight-loss after pregnancy doesn’t ought to be complicated. The extra pounds after pregnancy desires exercising, plus a new mother cannot hope to generate it vanish just like that. By breastfeeding, taking a lot of exercise, making the appropriate food decisions, and by keeping busy, a fresh mother will see the pounds flying off in no time.

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5 Ways to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

The moment baby fats start to accumulate in our body, that’s the time we scream on how to get rid of it, to be able to look wonderful in the eyes of other people and it can be done but it will take time. Getting rid of it is not an easy task to do, some women still even have the baby fat after giving birth on their second, third and so forth.

As they say it’s natural, but for woman like us who are longing to have the sexy body we wanted to have are willing to do anything to be beautiful and sexy. We were once sexy but went overboard when got pregnant and ate foods we we’re craving for – the sweets, junk foods, and etc. Definitely, did satisfy our cravings.

I have tried lots of methods and here are some that I think are effective.

1. Think of a moderate exercise routine you can do everyday. Walking everyday is an example. The best exercise for new moms. You could even do a little exercise while shopping, try to park your car a little farther from the entrance and spend a little more time walking around the store.

2. Get enough rest. When you lack sleep, you are most likely to gain weight.

3. Watch your diet. Eat nutritious foods. Better focus on what you eat. Add fruits like apple and orange, this are good for your diet. Stay away from foods that are high on sodium. Eat foods that are rich in fiber, vitamin A, C and foods with folic acid. These foods will make you feel full for a longer period and you will be able to stay away for craving of an unhealthy snack. Foods with protein like meat, poultry, pork, eggs and beans give good source of protein and iron.

4. Avoid excessive caffeine. Limit sodas, too.

5. Breastfeed. Some study says that breastfeeding burn calories up to 500 calories a day but make sure to get adequate levels of nutrition in your diet and even enough water.

I know that being pregnant is a blessing in so many ways, so why will you let this opportunity of living a healthy life pass by. If you can eat healthy and do some form of exercises, you will surely lose that baby fats that fast and be able to get you back to feeling like yourself again. Be able to wear those skinny jeans you wanted in the store. Live life, enjoy life, be sexy.

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How to Start Losing Tummy Weight After Pregnancy

One of the hardest times to lose weight is losing tummy weight after pregnancy. You spend 9 months doing everything you can to make sure that the baby inside you is healthy, not worried at all about yourself. After you have had the baby, you realize that in the process you gained quite a bit of weight. You want to lose your tummy weight after pregnancy, but where do you start? Hopefully these three ideas will give you a starting point.

Step 1 – Breastfeed

Not only is breastfeeding the best thing that you can do for your baby, it is also the best way to lose weight after pregnancy. All of the calories that your little one eats come directly from you. Breastfeed as much as you can, trying not to supplement with formula if at all possible. This is an one time chance to lose the vast majority of your baby weight quickly, so don’t pass it up!

Idea 2 – Nutrition is Key

Sounds obvious right? But with the stress of being a new mom, and trying to take care of all of your baby’s needs, it can be hard to find time to take care of yourself. Try to eat a balanced diet, staying away from processed foods. Also, eating 4 or 5 smaller meals will not only help you to lose weight, but it will help with your milk production as well.

Tip 3 – Get Out of the House

Be reasonable about when you start, as your body may not be up to exercise right away so it is important to listen to your body for this one. Usually by 4 weeks you will feel up to exercising. Start small and get back into the swing of things. A daily walk is a great way to start. As you feel your body getting back to normal, ad in some low to moderate intensity core exercises.

Use these three simple ideas to be healthier and you will begin losing tummy weight after pregnancy. If you want to take your weight loss to the next level, check out the links below.

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How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 3 Simple Steps

For a lot of new mums once they have settled into a routine and are coping well with their baby then their attention is turned to regaining their pre-baby figure and losing their pregnancy weight. It seems that these days there is a lot of pressure both by women themselves and the media to lose all the weight gained during pregnancy as quickly as possible. It doesn’t help when we see in magazines lots of celebrity mums suddenly back to their normal weight in a matter of weeks after giving birth. This gives an unrealistic perspective for new mums about how fast they should be losing weight and when they are finding it difficult to lose weight a lot of women can get frustrated and disillusioned and start to think they will never get back to the way they was before. Lets just state right now that losing weight after pregnancy is achievable for all women and you can get back to the figure you had before and better if your prepared to stay committed and give yourself a realistic timeframe to get your self back in shape. Losing Weight after having a baby is really no different than losing weight at any other time just have to follow these 2 simple guidelines

Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet.
Forget any fad diets or fat burning supplements, as a new mum (especially those that are breastfeeding) you need all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a varied balanced diet provides. Focus on a diet rich in Vegetables, Fruits, Wholegrain cereals, Fish, Meats and Healthy Fats. What women after pregnancy must be careful of is too limit the portion sizes of their meals as they can easily continue to eat “for two” at mealtimes. I would advise eating between 4-6 small meals every day to help keep the metabolism fired up and to keep energy levels constant. Also the tasty treats and naughty foods that were indulged in during pregnancy must be limited or stopped until the target weight has been reached.

Take regular Exercise.
For a lot of mums the thought of trying to fit in exercise when your new baby consumes your life, you don’t have a minute to spare and are living on a few hours a sleep every night is a bit too much. However activities such as walking, swimming and cycling can be fitted into every day with not much trouble and baby can get involved too. Also if you don’t fancy going to the local gym there are lots of effective weight and resistance workouts you can do at home with no or little equipment that can help you burn fat and tone up your muscles with less than a few hours commitment every week. Building up your muscles is a very important factor when trying to lose pregnancy weight and a exercise program that contains both resistance and cardiovascular exercises is recommended. Just remember to listen to your body and start at a pace that you feel comfortable with building the intensity slowly as you regain fitness and confidence.

Breastfeed if possible
A new mom who is able to breastfeed her new child produces on average 850ml of breast milk each day. To provide this, the mother needs to consume approximately 500 extra calories per day during lactation. These extra calories can soon burn through those unwanted pregnancy pounds just make sure that you are eating the right sort of foods.

Eating sensibly and taking regular exercise is still the best way to lose weight for everybody. However for new mums there are so many more factors that have to be considered when trying to shed those unwanted pounds. Just remember that everybody is different and some woman will be back to normal in just a few weeks and some will still be struggling well over a year after the birth. Give yourself time, don’t feel pressured and keep being consistent with your diet,exercise and lifestyle and the weight will come off.

Howard Standring is a Personal Trainer who runs based in Southern Spain.

How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy – 4 Top Tips

If you’re wondering how to lose weight after pregnancy, here are 4 top tips to get you back in shape.

1. Take It Easy – Don’t rush into a weight loss programme straight away. Your body needs to recover after the physical stress of giving birth. If you exercised throughout your pregnancy you should be able to do light exercise a few weeks after delivery. Otherwise, most experts recommend you wait at least 12 weeks after birth before embarking upon a new regime, and check with your doctor if you have any doubts.

2. Start Slow – It’s always best to start slow and build up your exercises. Most experts recommend walking or swimming as perfect exercises after pregnancy. Doing this will keep you fit without being too vigorous, and can help you to ease back into a routine. Many new moms enjoy yoga as a great way to tone the body and calm the mind.

3. Eat Right – You probably picked up a few bad habits during pregnancy, and now is the time to take a look at where your food sins are. Keep a food diary for a week to see where you are snacking or eating not so healthy food and use this to make positive changes. Swapping high calorie meals for those filled with nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables and whole grains will make you feel more energetic.

4. Stay Positive – Remember, it took 9 months to put that weight on so it won’t disappear in a week. As long as you make positive changes to your lifestyle by eating right and exercising, you will see the weight fall off. But don’t despair if it seems like it’s not shifting. Hollywood stars are not good role models for women who don’t have nannies to look after their children whilst they spend hours in the gym. It’s normal for weight loss to take up to a year after pregnancy – that might seem like a long time but is much healthier than crash diets. As long as you stay on track, and don’t punish yourself if you fall off the wagon every now and again, you will see fabulous results that make it all worthwhile.

I hope these tips have helped you think about how to lose weight after pregnancy – it’s always good to get a little motivation, so why not start today?

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