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Syntrax Nectar Review – Is Nectar a Good Protein Powder For Women?

Many women these days are using protein powders on a regular basis, but it can often be confusing trying to find the right protein for you.

Are you looking to gain muscle mass, lose weight, or get a meal replacement shake?

In this Syntrax Nectar review we’re going to look at this protein powder that claims to be high on taste and ideal for women who are looking to lose weight.


Whey protein powders (and most supplements in general) are not always big on the taste front, and usually require being mixed with something like milk, yoghurt or ice cream (in a smoothie) in order for it to be palatable.

However, in their Nectar protein, Syntrax has managed to create a protein powder that tastes great WITHOUT even needing to be mixed…in other words you can eat straight out of the jar on your cereal or any way you want.

This is great news and a good way for women to avoid consuming any excess calories in the form of milk or other additives.

Taste really is the biggest plus point about Syntrax Nectar Protein, and women absolutely love its variety of 8 sweet flavours.

Low Calorie Profile

Another plus point of the Syntrax Nectar protein powder is its low calorie profile. At just 90 calories per serving this has to be one of the lowest calorie protein supplements on the market, and ideal for women who are conscious about their calorie intake particularly if they are on a fat loss diet.

How does it compare to many other protein powders?

Well, the popular protein shakes for gaining muscle mass will typically provide as much as 300 calories per serving, and even the “light” versions come in around 180-200 calories…so you can see that Syntrax Nectar is one of the lowest by a significant margin.

There is a large 23g of protein per scoop and ZERO carbs and fat. This is ideal for ladies who are looking to minimize calorie intake, but may not be ideal for those looking for a Meal Replacement Protein powder (MRP).

MRPs are better with a more balanced nutrition profile of protein, carbs and fats.

High Quality Protein Content

In our review of the Syntrax Nectar protein powder we discovered that the quality of the protein in the powder is also top class.

Derived from a whey protein isolate (a pure form of protein) called Promina, this is one of the fastest and easily digestible proteins available and so is quickly absorbed and used by your muscle tissue for repair and growth. The Syntrax Nectar protein also contains more bio-available amino acids than cheaper whey isolates on the market meaning that muscle tissue repair is even faster.


Many protein powders on the market can be a pain-in-the-you-what when it comes to mixing them in liquids or oatmeal etc. They often clump up and don’t dissolve properly which can be frustrating and messy.

Syntrax Nectar on the other hand mixes phenomenally well into pretty much anything – water, milk, ice cream, oatmeal, cottage cheese and yoghurt.

However, it can foam up a bit, more so than some other whey proteins on the market, so this may be something to consider if you like to use a shaker or mix it heavily.


As mentioned above, the mixability while good is a little foamy, so you should take that into account.

Also, the lack of carbs and fats means that while it is great for women looking to get pure protein, it is not ideal for those looking to get a healthy meal replacement, or to use it to build muscle mass quickly.

However, Syntrax Nectar protein is great for women who are looking to get some pure healthy protein in a sweet snack which won’t compromise their fat loss diet plan.

Source by John Wheeler

The Many Benefits of Whey Protein Powder for Women

When we watch the television or read various magazines, we are inundated with all sorts of various sports and pictures of sports men and women. Sometimes as a non professional sports person we can sometimes feel like our own bodies are a millions miles away form the bodies of the professional athletes.

There are many ways in which you can achieve a toned and slim body similar to those you see on television and in the magazines you read. A balance of a healthy diet with regular exercise will certainly put you on the correct path of achieving the body and look that you want.

Through eating a diet packed full of the essential nutrients your body require and cutting down on fatty and sugary foods is the best start you can give you body. Regular exercise in the form of running, aerobics and going to the gym is also a must in getting that bikini body you desire.

For that extra push a whey protein powder could be used as part of your new healthy lifestyle. The formulae work by giving your body a helping hand in the repairing and building of the muscles which are used during exercise. Protein produces amino acids and it is these valued nutrients which are the building blocks of a toned, lean body.

Whey protein powder for women comes in different forms, the best type to use is Whey 90 isolate. It contains over 90% of protein per serving, a serving size is usually 25 g, so that is a massive 23 g per serving. The best way to consume a serving is to mix it with 200 ml of water or if you want more flavour, add to milk or juice.

The recommend daily amount to consume is usually 2 to 3 servings. These can be consumed as an alternative meal replacement at breakfast or for a healthy snack in between meals and can be taken up to 90 minutes after exercise.

Why 90 minutes? This is an essential window when our worked muscles require the nutrients to repair themselves, fueling them with a specific nutritious shake is ideal for optimum repair. Not all whey powders are the same. Whey protein powder for women offers a low fat, low sugar, low carbohydrate and reduced calorie content than male specific powder.

The lower calorific version can help with weight loss during an exercise plan. They also offer faster recovery rates by providing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed for the female body.

Shakes made specifically for women are packed full of vitamin B6, folic acid and iron and many of the major nutrients which women require from their diet. They are also suitable for a vegan diet and those which require a dairy free diet. They are free from artificial flavours, filling agents and sugars. What more can you ask for in something that is so good for you.

As with all food supplements, this type of product should not be used as a substitute to a varied diet that should contain a wide variety of food. It is essential to maintain a healthy diet along side the use of this product, doing this will ultimately gain you the achievements of a slim, toned, healthy body which you desire.

Whey protein powder for women can be purchased online from varying companies. A general search for this type of product will bring up a whole host of different retailers. Orders can be placed direct on the website and delivery is usually made within a couple of days. Specific female only companies are also available these will help save you time in finding the correct products for you.

Source by Lindsey Gregory

Choosing Protein Powder – 4 Secrets You Need To Know

In order to choose the best protein powder for yourself, it is important to consider these factors. Whether you are a college teenager trying to build some muscle mass, or perhaps a middle aged man or woman trying to shed some weight. it is beneficial to know what suits you the best. There are a wide variety choices out there in the market, and choosing the right whey protein powder can leave you baffled. Here are some important factors that you might want to consider to help you in choosing the most suitable supplement for you.

Whey Concentrate or Isolate?

There are two main types of whey protein, mainly concentrates and isolates. So what’s the difference? On average, whey isolates contains between 90-94% protein while whey concentrates only contains between 70-85% of protein. Also, people who are lactose intolerant may find it difficult to consume large amounts of whey concentrates. On the other hand, whey isolates are suitable for people who are lactose intolerant because it is further purified through a technique called ion-exchange or cross flow microfiltration. In addition, whey isolates have extremely low levels of carbohydrates and fats.

Looking Out For the BCAAs Profile (Branched-Chain Amino Acids)

Branched-Chain Amino Acids are muscle building nutrients found in whey protein powder. Research has shown that BCAAs helps in speeding up muscle recovery, helping you build and repair muscles much more efficiently. Getting sufficient amino acids is important because when you exercise, your body burns amino acids rapidly and failure to replenish amino acids lost results in little or slow progress. Be sure to choose products with high BCAAs amounts.

Check the product’s Performance

When choosing the best whey protein powder, be sure to look at the product’s efficiency in burning fat rather than it’s amount of glucose or blood sugar. With high proficiency in burning fat, this can help you lose weight more easily, and even gain muscle definition. Also, be sure to compare the amount of calories per serving of protein. For instance, if Brand A contains 23g of protein powder and 100g of calories and Brand B contains 15g of protein and 100g of calories, be sure to pick the one that offers a higher protein content per serving but with lower amount of calories.

Taste of Protein powder

Choosing the right flavor for your is important. Be sure not to buy too much protein at once as you might not fancy the taste of it. Besides, there are many flavors available in the market that can enhance your muscle building experience. The two most commonly purchased flavors are vanilla and chocolate and usually you will not go wrong getting these flavors.

Source by William M Roberts

Optimistic Wellness – The Real Story Interview Series – Julien Smith

One word that comes to mind when I read Julien Smith is BADASS. The man is not afraid to say what he thinks. Many of the thoughts that he chooses to share on his blog are as entertaining and enjoyable to read as they are practical and motivating. Julien Smith is not bashful about writing what he believes in, and his writing style strikes me as similar to a real-world Tyler Durden.

Here are some of the things that Julien shared in our interview:

*Julien�s experience with �Media-Hopping�, Podcasting, and running Online Communities

*Julien�s belief about how art/writing should be related to music

*Why you can learn to be Artistic the same way you can learn to Swim

*Why Julien fasts for 16 hours a day, and the psychological benefits of fasting

*Why �You have to learn to enjoy hunger� and How to minimize your suffering (One of the keys to well-being)

*The Only way to Be a Strong/Hard Person (I absolutely love this idea)

*How our Environment Shapes Us, and The Case for Taking Control of your Environment

*How Our Negative Experiences Reinforce Our Personality

*Julien�s Philosophy on Scars: �The more markings that you have on your body, the stronger you end up feeling�

*Why Julien believes that we are capable of withstanding a lot more than we think we can

*And much more!

You can find Julien at his blog, In Over Your Head. You can get his latest book absolutely free on Amazon: The Flinch. I loved it. Every time I read a few pages of his book, I take action on some fear that I am experiencing. There is something about Julien�s sharp and edgy yet motivating writing style that makes you WANT to follow his words.

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Natural Penis Enhancement – The Top 5 Foods To Eat To Help Make Your Penis Grow Bigger

Do you want to risk getting major side-effects, severe pain, a potentially disfigured penis, end up suffering from impotence, lose your sex drive, and to even make matters worse… spend (and lose) a boat load of your hard-earned money? If you answered HECK NO, then I have just 3 simple words I recommend you follow if you want to ensure you maximize the size of your penis and improve the health of your manhood. Those 3 words are natural… penis… enhancement. What this means is exactly as the name implies: Naturally making your manhood grow bigger!

Why is it so important to stick with a natural method? My friend, it is important that you stick with naturally getting a bigger manhood because that is the only way your penis will ever grow (plus develop more benefits)… and will do so without side-effects and pain… and where your results will last permanently.

One of the best natural things you can do to help grow bigger is adding some powerful and very beneficial foods into your diet. The reason these foods are highly recommended to include in your diet is because they help do one of the most important parts for getting a bigger penis erection: Increasing blood flow. Having more blood flowing into your organs (in this case, your manhood) will help with increasing its size, improving the health of your manhood, and making your erection firmer. Also, these foods will of course help with improving your overall health as well!

Here they are…

1. Dark Chocolate – Not only is dark chocolate an excellent food to help increase sex drive, it also helps with increasing blood flow as well since it contains natural flavonol. The best type of dark chocolate I recommend is the type that has a high concentration of cacao, I recommend for it to be organic, and it should have a low amount of sugar in it. Dark chocolate also has lots of antioxidants in it, and this will help with cleansing your body! And of course, eat in moderation since no matter how healthy it is, it still has a ton of calories.

2. Cayenne Pepper – This spicy spice is not only great on grilled chicken breast or added into some chili, it also is good for helping you increase the size of your manhood. Cayenne pepper increases blood circulation and so much more (including boosting your metabolism). As a matter of fact, I have a dash of it mixed with apple cider vinegar every morning. The taste is not so great, but the health benefits are through the roof!

3. Ginger – If you have a weak immune system or a weak penis erection, then ginger is certainly highly recommended! This nutrient is VERY beneficial in so many ways. Not only does it help with increasing blood flow to your penis, it increases blood circulation to all your organs, and it can aide in burning off body fat as well. So you can look lean and fit… AND… have a bigger manhood!

4. Ginkgo Biloba – This is probably the most important nutrient to include in your diet if you want to help make your penis grow bigger. This nutrient significantly increase your blood circulation and it helps with other important things as well (such as brain health).

5. Pumpkin Seeds – If you want a nice snack that can help you get bigger, pumpkin seeds will certainly fit the description. These seeds will help in speeding up blood since it contains a high amount of Vitamin E.

The Perfect Natural Penis Enhancement Method To Put It All Together…

Now, as you can see from above, increasing the amount of blood flow is VERY important if you want to get a bigger penis. What better way to do that than simply eating healthier foods? However, to make your penis grow up to 9 inches in length, to increase the thickness of your erection, to make it hard as a rock, and to even last longer during sex (plus more), it’s important that you do a natural growth technique that enhances ALL aspects of your manhood…

And the best method I recommend you do in conjunction with eating those foods above are natural penis exercises. This is the only method that will enlarge your main penile chambers, the ligament that is responsible for your length, and will strengthen the muscle of your manhood (the PC muscle… which improves your sexual functions), plus will also help in increasing blood flow.

My friend, if you combine eating those foods above with doing penis exercises, then you can pretty much count on being a well-hung alpha male in no time. What’s even better is that there are no side-effects to worry about… and the results last permanently.

Source by Anthony Sciuto

Call of 2019 // Wednesdays // January 9, 2019 // CAPSTONE CHURCH SERMON

We have just begun a brand new year on the Western calendar. The year is what we call “The year of our Lord 2019”. In September, the Hebrew calendar (the calendar many call “God’s calendar) rolled into the new year. The year on the Hebrew calendar? 5779.

Now, it is interesting that both the Western calendar year and the Hebrew calendar year both end in the number 9. Numbers are significant in the Bible. That is a lesson in itself. It would take a long time to detail that truth, but you can’t read the Bible without coming to that conclusion. So, is there anything significant about the fact that 2019 and 5779 both end in the number 9? Most likely, so to discover the meaning, let’s first discover the meaning of the biblical number 9.

The number 9 has a long association with a concept in biblical history as well as Israeli history. Jesus died at the ninth hour. The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) the holiest day on the Hebrew calendar begins on the 9th day of the seventh month. 9 people were stoned in the Bible. 9 people contracted leprosy in the Old Testament. The last Israeli king reigned nine years before Israel was carried away by the Assyrians. The 9th day of the Hebrew month Av is historically a day of judgment for the Hebrews:
· The Hebrew spies brought back a bad report on the 9th of Av.
· Both Hebrew temples were destroyed on the 9th of Av.
· The Jews were expelled from England on the 9th of Av.
· The Jews were expelled from Spain on the 9th of Av.
· World War I which began a period of Jewish persecution that carried through the Second World War began on the 9th of Av.

One biblical/Jewish theme related to the number 9 is judgment. But, the number 9 has another biblical theme as well. There are 9 fruits of the Spirit. There are 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was at the 9th hour that Cornelius received his vision which began the salvation of the Gentiles.

Another biblical theme related to the number 9 is fruitfulness. So, we have a seemingly dichotomous meaning fruitfulness or judgment. Could it be that God is saying that this is the year that He is coming into the church into the lives of His children looking for fruit? Could it be that this is a year in which faithfulness will produce fruit while unfaithfulness will produce judgment? God has called us to produce fruit. Notice in John 15 that we are appointed to produce fruit. Notice that fruit producers have divine access to heaven’s treasures. Also notice that there are nine fruits of the Spirit and nine gifts of the Spirit. Nine fruits produce internal change. Nine gifts produce external change. God is calling us to be much more than kind, thoughtful, good people. He is calling us to be fruit bearers: fruit that changes us and the world around us. If both are not happening, the Spirit is being quenched.

The goal is more fruitfulness. This is the calling of this year. God is calling us to bear fruit. A tree is known by its fruit and a believer is known by theirs. An inspection will take place to see if this process is taking place and if it is not, a change will occur. This may be a year of divine assistance and blessing for those who pass inspection! This is a year of open doors for believers! We are fasting for fruitfulness instead of judgment!!

Today’s Scriptures:
· John 15:16
· John 15:2
· Matthew 7:16
· Luke 13:7

Check us out and share us with your family & friends!

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