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Making it Through the Master Cleanse Diet Day 3

If you have gone through, or thinking about attempting the Master Cleanse diet, then you have probably heard that day 3 can be the hardest. Now for some, its day 2 or even day 4. Some even experience the first day as their hardest, but what makes day 3 of the master cleanse so hard?

To start, the third day of the master cleanse diet involves a lot of biological changes that happen to the body. This is often the day in which people detox the hardest and their bodies start feeling the true addiction to the many toxic substances we eat on a daily basis. It almost resembles someon going through heavy withdrawl from drugs, because that is kind of what is happening. Not to fear. The third day of the master cleanse is by far the hardest day you will have during this detox diet also known as the master cleanse fast. Below are tips to making it through the first few days of the cleanse and namely the third.

1. If you haven’t read up on the master cleanse or got a master cleanse guide, then the third day may come as a shock. Keep in mind that the more you know on this detox diet, then the less surprises you will encounter during it. Make sure you are doing everything as you are supposed to and stay relaxed.

2. Want to make the cravings go away? Rent some movies or pick up a good book. This was the easiest way for me to distract myself during the master cleanse and the heavy detoxing. The more you can just relax and enjoy being at peace, the better and more comfortable you will be. This is similar to what people go through when trying to quit smoking. You are experiencing a sort of withdrawl symptom from additives, preservatives and addictive junk in foods.

3. Keep in mind that after the third day, it will be almost a cake walk to the finish. During the master cleanse fast, it usually only takes 3 days from day 1 to feel extraordinary. So remember there is a hump and just over that hump is achievement and greatness. Everyone that I’ve spoken with on the topic insists (including myself) that everything changed for them for the better after the third day. So if you’ve made it this far, its all down hill.

4. Save a good portion of your mix for the evening. Most of us tend to eat the most at night. Even though this isn’t as healthy, it is what our bodies are used to. So if you are having trouble with the cleanse, then give your self a break and drink more of your mix in the evenings.

5. Are you using enough cayenne pepper in your master cleanse recipe? Cayenne pepper is commonly used to aid in appetite suppression. The chemical in peppers called Capsaicin has been known for years for helping people lose weight and control appetite. If you aren’t using enough as the master cleanse diet suggests, then you could be making the cleanse much harder on yourself.

6. Make sure you are drinking your smooth move tea and also herbal peppermint tea in the evenings. These help switch up the cleanse and aid in the flushing process of the master cleanse diet.

7. The more you keep your self busy, without overdoing it, the better you’ll be by the end of the third day on the master cleanse diet. Personally, I’d try to stay away from exercise as your body is going through enough adjustments, but things like watching movies, reading, fishing, even a light walk in the park are great ways to keep your mind off of the detoxification. Also keep in mind not to surround yourself with people eating fast foods and cooking. This creates temptation that makes commitment so much harder. If you were quitting smoking, you would want to be around smokers right? This holds true to the master cleanse as well. Tell yourself and those around you, the cleanse is only temporary and during that time, you’d like to abstain from being around tempting foods.

The master cleanse diet also known as the master cleanse fast is a widely popular means of cleansing and detoxification. By going through the proper procedures and maintaining a healthy state of mind, it can make even the tough times of the cleanse go by with ease.

Source by Gabriel Killian

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Three Phases of The Master Cleanse Diet

Is the Master Cleanse Diet easy to do? Yes, the diet is easy to follow. The instructions are pretty simple and the ingredients are not hard to find. However, strong will and dedication are needed to finish even a 3-day cleanse. Without proper motivation, it would be hard to even finish a day!

If you are serious about trying out this wonderful cleansing duet, you need to plan for it. Look at your calendar and schedule your diet properly. You should make sure that tiring activities are avoided while doing the Master Cleanse. Don’t go hiking or go long distance running while you’re on the program. That is unwise and possibly dangerous.

Most people aim for 10 days. It’s actually the recommended length for this detox diet. You can also do 3-days if you want. Some individuals can last up to 60 days. Remember that physician’s advice and monitoring are needed if you are going to do the cleanse this long. The Master Cleanse may not be safe for pregnant women as well. So if you have a bun in the oven, just wait after you’ve delivered your baby.


The first of the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet is Ease in. You need this if you want to prepare your body for the cleansing. This is effectively done in 3 days. For the first day, processed foods are removed from the diet. The following day, juices, soups and broths are the only food allowed. For the last day, you can drink orange juice and plain water. Like what I mentioned earlier, this part can be skipped. However, if you want to prepare your mind and body for the cleanse, it’s advisable to stick to this.


This is the Lemonade Diet/Master Cleanse part. You need to drink about 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade mixture composed of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Every morning, you need to do Salt Water Flush. This flush is not so easy to do but is a vital part of the diet. During the night, laxative is taken to help the body remove the mucus.


This is the last part of the diet. Ease out is basically the contrast of the Ease In part. If you are done with the Master Cleanse diet, you can start the Ease Out. So, for the first day after the cleanse, you can only drink orange and plan water. The next day, you can now take soups, broths and other juices. The third day, you can eat fruits and vegetables. Never ever omit this part. If you eat regular food a day after the Master Cleanse Lemonade diet, you certainly will not feel good. Most people feel nauseated and some people reported throwing up.

Source by Beatrice Nixon