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Potato Diet : 5 Day Plan | Potato Diet For Weight Loss | Lose 3 Kgs In 5 Days

Potato Diet : 5 Day Plan | Potato Diet For Weight Loss – Lose 3Kg In 5 Days | How To Lose Weight Fast with Potatoes | Potato Hack Diet | How potatoes can help you lose weight | Eating Potatoes For Weight Loss | Potatoes/Potato for weight loss | Lose Weight with Potatoes

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This potato diet can help you lose Upto 3 Kgs of Pure Body Fat in just 5 Days. You can have upto 5 Lbs i.e 2.5 Kgs of Potatoes everyday as mentioned in the video. Follow the trick shown for results.

People with Autoimmune Diseases (Hashimotos, Graves, Celiac, Vitiligo, Psoriasis etc.) Diabetes, Sensitive To Nightshades Family (Tomatoes, Eggplants, Goji Berries, Peppers, Potatoes etc.) & Gastric Patients should avoid this diet.

You can use any colour / size potatoes but no sweet potatoes/ yam.
No ketchup, butter, cheese, salad dressing etc. on potatoes.
If you wish to add salt, use Himalayan Pink Salt only.

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Are there any ways to lose weight besides diet and exercise? There are many tricks that can help you lose a bit of excess weight in just 2 weeks. We’re going to share with you 15 tips that can help you get rid of excess belly fat. Most people don’t even know about these tricks!

Science proves that people burn less fat when they sleep during the day and are active at night. A group of researchers from the University of Colorado studied 14 healthy people for 6 days.
During the first 2 days, subjects slept during the night and didn’t have daytime naps. Then they changed their sleeping patterns to imitate owls’ sleeping schedules. It turned out that when people took a nap, their metabolism worsened since their biological clocks didn’t completely flip to fit their schedules.

Avoid sugary drinks 1:01
Drink green tea 1:28
Hide unhealthy foods 1:47
Brush your teeth more often 2:20
Laugh more! 2:57
Drink more water 3:36
Follow the 2.5-minute rule 4:15
Eat less but more often 4:57
Remove the bright blue light from electronic displays 5:36
Stop counting calories 6:20
Let cool air into your bedroom 6:58
Forget about daytime sleep 7:37
Once a week, break your diet deliberately 8:20
Get rid of stress 8:52
Get plenty of sleep 9:20

#loseweight #weightlosstips

Music by Epidemic Sound

– When your sweet tooth kicks in, you’re often tempted to chug a can of soda or some fruit juice. However, if you’re determined to lose weight, this sugary addiction must stop.
– According to Dr. Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga of Maastricht University, drinking green tea may help because it’s loaded with antioxidants called catechins, which enhances its fat-burning capabilities.
– According to a study by scientists at Ohio State University, you crave unhealthy snacks more when they’re within your reach.
– Brushing doesn’t only clean your teeth! It can also help in the fight against excess weight if you brush during the day.
– Sincere laughter uses about the same amount of energy as walking since it involves different muscles, especially abdominal ones.
– The thing is, 5–30 seconds of hard exercise during a workout (for example, speeding up while riding a bike or running on a treadmill) with 4-minute breaks may increase your metabolism, and you’ll burn an extra 200 calories.
– When you eat frequently, you let your body know that there’s no need to accumulate fats. When we skip a meal, we send the opposite signal — and we tend to eat more.
– Anthropology at Kyushu University showed that bright light confuses our brain, which then stops producing melatonin. Our metabolism is tightly connected to our sleeping patterns and the amount and quality of our sleep.
– Nutritionists recommend that you stop focusing on calories and pay more attention to the quality of the products you eat since not all calories are equal.
– Сool temperatures in a room influence brown fat (a fat layer that protects the body from freezing). As a result, it splits white fat and burns chemical energy to create heat.
– Science proves that people burn less fat when they sleep during the day and are active at night.
– According to a study from Ohio State University, stress slows down our metabolism. What’s more, when we’re stressed out, we tend to eat more greasy, sweet, and salty foods.
– A healthy 8 hours of sleep (from 10 PM/11 PM to 6 AM/7 AM) contributes to great metabolism. It can also help you get rid of unwanted belly fat.

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Healthy Weightloss For Men

With the New Year right around the corner I figured getting in shape is on most peoples minds, right? Healthy Weightloss For Men is a hot topic right now.

You are going to need to eat a balanced diet ,and if your working out protien to build strong muscles.

Our bodies need protein to build strong bones, muscles, skin, and cells. Because we can’t store protein in our bodies the way we can store carbohydrates, we need to make sure we eat enough protein every day. But is all protein created equal?

Alexa Schmitt, RD, a clinical nutritionist at Massachusetts General Hospital, says that what makes a protein “good” or “bad” is its saturated fat content. Proteins that are high in saturated fats can raise your cholesterol level, which in turn puts you at higher risk for heart disease. Most adults need to eat 40 to 65 grams of protein each day. And though most Americans already eat more protein
than they need, we don’t necessarily eat enough of the “good” protein. So how can we make smart choices about which sources of protein to choose?

Good Sources of Protein
Here are a variety of protein choices you probably encounter every day:

* Meats. Schmitt says that salami, steak, and chicken with skin are meats that are high in protein but also high in saturated fat. A six-ounce steak, for instance, has almost all the protein you need for one day, but that same steak has nearly 75 percent of your daily saturated fat intake. Does this mean you have to give up your Italian sub sandwiches or Philly cheesesteaks? Not necessarily. Schmitt recommends moderation: “Try to eat these meats only once or twice a week,” she says.
* Lean meats. Luckily, there are also leaner choices for die-hard meat eaters. Chicken, turkey, fish, and beef that is 95 percent lean are still high in protein but have less fat, especially the saturated fats that can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
* Soy. Schmitt says that soy proteins are rich in protein and low in saturated fats. She recommends edamame (baby soybeans) and vegetarian meat alternatives such as soy nuggets and veggie burgers. Look for these in the refrigerator case at your local supermarket. Edamame is usually served lightly boiled and salted, often as a part of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. If you don’t have an Asian specialty market near you, check the freezer section of conventional supermarkets, which sometimes carry edamame.
* Beans, legumes, and nuts. All varieties of beans are good sources of protein and low in saturated fats, Schmitt says. Chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, taste delicious on salads or in hummus, a low-fat dip. Spicy vegetarian chili recipes can be a flavorful alternative to traditional chili. Legumes such as dried peas and lentils can also be used in chili and stews. And nuts, when eaten in moderation, are another good source of protein that is not high in fat.
* Dairy. Dairy products are often overlooked as sources of protein, but they are certainly worth mentioning, says Schmitt. Some dairy products are higher in saturated fat than others. She recommends the low-fat versions of cottage cheese, Greek-style yogurt, and ricotta cheese, not only because of their value as a protein source but because they also make an easy and convenient snack.

In addition to choosing good sources of protein, it can also be useful to plan your meals ahead of time. Advance planning can help you identify the foods that you tend to eat too much of, allowing you to make better substitutions beforehand.

Things to Remember
When choosing protein sources, remember that while you might get the same amount of protein
from high- and low-fat options, you run the risk of increasing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels by choosing sources with a higher fat content. Consider leaner cuts of meats and getting more of your daily protein from plant sources to protect your heart.

Hope this helps..

Happy New Year 2011

Healthy Weightloss for Men:

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191 of 365- Old jeans, new jeans (showing weight-loss, NOT what edema looks like)

Check out these weight loss images:

191 of 365- Old jeans, new jeans (showing weight-loss, NOT what edema looks like)
weight loss
Image by Pahz
I had to buy jeans sometime in June. I get my jeans a bit loose and made of the semi-stretch stuff because I have edema (swelling) issues. On June 28th, I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia and they gave me a muscle relaxer to help me sleep- which is the first line of battle in coping with fibro. In the course of sleeping more (not perfect, but way better than before), I’ve started to feel better, having more good days than bad days. And in sleeping better, I’ve started to lose weight. I’m still not exercising in any real sense, but I’m doing more day-to-day stuff and this is a start!

I noticed my stats showed that my photo is on a Japanese site as an explanation for edema. This photo is NOT a representation of what edema IS or what it DOES. This is just showing the weight I seemed to have lost since late May/early June.

365×3.030: oh, crackers!
weight loss
Image by malik ml williams
We’re Here! :: Copycat


“And anyway, the first three letters in the word diet should tell you what I want it to do.”
— Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush


Today we’re celebrating reaching 500 members in the We’re Here! group by copycatting the iPhoneography shots of our 500th member, kimbermudez. Since it’s iPhoneography, the image was shot and processed entirely on my iPhone 5. Also, since i’m doing Dr. Oz’s two-week rapid weight-loss plan right now, copying the image below using a cracker that i can’t eat right now seemed especially appropriate.


Damn Triscuit. I do love hummus, i do love hummus, i do love hummus…

Cool Weight Loss images

Check out these weight loss images:

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Space exhibit panorama (Space Shuttle Enterprise)
weight loss
Image by Chris Devers
See more photos of this, and the Wikipedia article.

Details, quoting from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum | Space Shuttle Enterprise:

Rockwell International Corporation

Country of Origin:
United States of America

Overall: 57 ft. tall x 122 ft. long x 78 ft. wing span, 150,000 lb.
(1737.36 x 3718.57 x 2377.44cm, 68039.6kg)

Aluminum airframe and body with some fiberglass features; payload bay doors are graphite epoxy composite; thermal tiles are simulated (polyurethane foam) except for test samples of actual tiles and thermal blankets.

The first Space Shuttle orbiter, "Enterprise," is a full-scale test vehicle used for flights in the atmosphere and tests on the ground; it is not equipped for spaceflight. Although the airframe and flight control elements are like those of the Shuttles flown in space, this vehicle has no propulsion system and only simulated thermal tiles because these features were not needed for atmospheric and ground tests. "Enterprise" was rolled out at Rockwell International’s assembly facility in Palmdale, California, in 1976. In 1977, it entered service for a nine-month-long approach-and-landing test flight program. Thereafter it was used for vibration tests and fit checks at NASA centers, and it also appeared in the 1983 Paris Air Show and the 1984 World’s Fair in New Orleans. In 1985, NASA transferred "Enterprise" to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum.

Transferred from National Aeronautics and Space Administration

• • •

Quoting from Wikipedia | Space Shuttle Enterprise:

The Space Shuttle Enterprise (NASA Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-101) was the first Space Shuttle orbiter. It was built for NASA as part of the Space Shuttle program to perform test flights in the atmosphere. It was constructed without engines or a functional heat shield, and was therefore not capable of spaceflight.

Originally, Enterprise had been intended to be refitted for orbital flight, which would have made it the second space shuttle to fly after Columbia. However, during the construction of Columbia, details of the final design changed, particularly with regard to the weight of the fuselage and wings. Refitting Enterprise for spaceflight would have involved dismantling the orbiter and returning the sections to subcontractors across the country. As this was an expensive proposition, it was determined to be less costly to build Challenger around a body frame (STA-099) that had been created as a test article. Similarly, Enterprise was considered for refit to replace Challenger after the latter was destroyed, but Endeavour was built from structural spares instead.


Construction began on the first orbiter on June 4, 1974. Designated OV-101, it was originally planned to be named Constitution and unveiled on Constitution Day, September 17, 1976. A write-in campaign by Trekkies to President Gerald Ford asked that the orbiter be named after the Starship Enterprise, featured on the television show Star Trek. Although Ford did not mention the campaign, the president—who during World War II had served on the aircraft carrier USS Monterey (CVL-26) that served with USS Enterprise (CV-6)—said that he was "partial to the name" and overrode NASA officials.

The design of OV-101 was not the same as that planned for OV-102, the first flight model; the tail was constructed differently, and it did not have the interfaces to mount OMS pods. A large number of subsystems—ranging from main engines to radar equipment—were not installed on this vehicle, but the capacity to add them in the future was retained. Instead of a thermal protection system, its surface was primarily fiberglass.

In mid-1976, the orbiter was used for ground vibration tests, allowing engineers to compare data from an actual flight vehicle with theoretical models.

On September 17, 1976, Enterprise was rolled out of Rockwell’s plant at Palmdale, California. In recognition of its fictional namesake, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and most of the principal cast of the original series of Star Trek were on hand at the dedication ceremony.

Approach and landing tests (ALT)

Main article: Approach and Landing Tests

On January 31, 1977, it was taken by road to Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, to begin operational testing.

While at NASA Dryden, Enterprise was used by NASA for a variety of ground and flight tests intended to validate aspects of the shuttle program. The initial nine-month testing period was referred to by the acronym ALT, for "Approach and Landing Test". These tests included a maiden "flight" on February 18, 1977 atop a Boeing 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) to measure structural loads and ground handling and braking characteristics of the mated system. Ground tests of all orbiter subsystems were carried out to verify functionality prior to atmospheric flight.

The mated Enterprise/SCA combination was then subjected to five test flights with Enterprise unmanned and unactivated. The purpose of these test flights was to measure the flight characteristics of the mated combination. These tests were followed with three test flights with Enterprise manned to test the shuttle flight control systems.

Enterprise underwent five free flights where the craft separated from the SCA and was landed under astronaut control. These tests verified the flight characteristics of the orbiter design and were carried out under several aerodynamic and weight configurations. On the fifth and final glider flight, pilot-induced oscillation problems were revealed, which had to be addressed before the first orbital launch occurred.

On August 12, 1977, the space shuttle Enterprise flew on its own for the first time.

Preparation for STS-1

Following the ALT program, Enterprise was ferried among several NASA facilities to configure the craft for vibration testing. In June 1979, it was mated with an external tank and solid rocket boosters (known as a boilerplate configuration) and tested in a launch configuration at Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad 39A.


With the completion of critical testing, Enterprise was partially disassembled to allow certain components to be reused in other shuttles, then underwent an international tour visiting France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the U.S. states of California, Alabama, and Louisiana (during the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition). It was also used to fit-check the never-used shuttle launch pad at Vandenberg AFB, California. Finally, on November 18, 1985, Enterprise was ferried to Washington, D.C., where it became property of the Smithsonian Institution.


After the Challenger disaster, NASA considered using Enterprise as a replacement. However refitting the shuttle with all of the necessary equipment needed for it to be used in space was considered, but instead it was decided to use spares constructed at the same time as Discovery and Atlantis to build Endeavour.


In 2003, after the breakup of Columbia during re-entry, the Columbia Accident Investigation Board conducted tests at Southwest Research Institute, which used an air gun to shoot foam blocks of similar size, mass and speed to that which struck Columbia at a test structure which mechanically replicated the orbiter wing leading edge. They removed a fiberglass panel from Enterprise’s wing to perform analysis of the material and attached it to the test structure, then shot a foam block at it. While the panel was not broken as a result of the test, the impact was enough to permanently deform a seal. As the reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC) panel on Columbia was 2.5 times weaker, this suggested that the RCC leading edge would have been shattered. Additional tests on the fiberglass were canceled in order not to risk damaging the test apparatus, and a panel from Discovery was tested to determine the effects of the foam on a similarly-aged RCC leading edge. On July 7, 2003, a foam impact test created a hole 41 cm by 42.5 cm (16.1 inches by 16.7 inches) in the protective RCC panel. The tests clearly demonstrated that a foam impact of the type Columbia sustained could seriously breach the protective RCC panels on the wing leading edge.

The board determined that the probable cause of the accident was that the foam impact caused a breach of a reinforced carbon-carbon panel along the leading edge of Columbia’s left wing, allowing hot gases generated during re-entry to enter the wing and cause structural collapse. This caused Columbia to spin out of control, breaking up with the loss of the entire crew.

Museum exhibit

Enterprise was stored at the Smithsonian’s hangar at Washington Dulles International Airport before it was restored and moved to the newly built Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum‘s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles International Airport, where it has been the centerpiece of the space collection. On April 12, 2011, NASA announced that Space Shuttle Discovery, the most traveled orbiter in the fleet, will be added to the collection once the Shuttle fleet is retired. When that happens, Enterprise will be moved to the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum in New York City, to a newly constructed hangar adjacent to the museum. In preparation for the anticipated relocation, engineers evaluated the vehicle in early 2010 and determined that it was safe to fly on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft once again.

The zombies take heavy losses but some daemons fall as well
weight loss
Image by jon_a_ross
Battle report here

Battle Report: 1000 points Khorne Daemons vs. 1000 points Zombies (Vampire Counts)
Six turns (plus one) Zombies move first.

The zombie hordes had seen one battle before, that against the beasts of Chaos army. In that struggle the zombies were counted as the losers, with much of their army ripped to pieces. But it had moments where a zombie victory seemed possible. So the zombies are pulled out again to battle against 1000 points of Khorne daemons. 4 groups of 40 zombies, each with a standard and a musician are lead by one necromancer with all the spells on his corpse cart and another necromancer on foot with the book of dancing dead.

The khorne forces are lead by one Herald of Khorne with flaming attacks and body armour. The mighty herald joins a unit of 11 bloodletters with full command and will lead two more units of 10 bloodletters (full command) and two groups of flesh hounds into battle (11 total). The bloodletters are mostly untried in Fantasy, having seen some action in 40K. In 40K they are excellent marine killers but not so good against guardsmen. We shall see how they do against the fantasy undead.

Unlike the last time the zombies fought with seven pieces of terrain crowding the battlefield, we go with a lightly dotted landscape. One hill crested with heads from a lost civilization. The monolith (one of many that dot my warhammer world) and a small hill with more rocks on it are all that can be seen.

With the zombie first move the plan is straight forward. The necromancer will use the book to move one group of zombies in the south forward in an effort to flank the line of daemons when they hit the zombies in the middle of the table. A group of zombies is raised from the dead and bolstered with more zombies to intercept the approaching flesh hounds in the north. The magic phase goes almost entirely the way the undead wish, with the zombie general getting both his spells cast, as well as the bound spells all working. Only the necromancer on foot fails his spell, rolling a single die looking for 4.

The Daemons of Khorne move forward, not recklessly but carefully. Both groups of flesh hounds are moved to flank, one in the north and one in the south. The bloodletters themselves move forward slowly. One unit of ten on each side of their commander and his unit of 11. (I deployed them in file of 4 because I thought that was legal. As I understand now looking over the rules that 4 is 6th edition thinking and it has to be 5 for 7th edition. I’ll double check later, but carried on the battle regardless.)

Zombie turn two was more slowing shifting forward with failed charges from the lead zombies. More dead summoned, with the raise dead spell being stopped by the dice. It also allowed the daemons to stop the corpse cart from granting strikes first to the zombies around it. That power will promise to be painful.

Daemon turn 2 is marked by charging. Four units charge into the zombies and deal heavy damage. Over 20 zombies fall either through injury or their magic failing to hold them together. The herald and his unit score only 2 kills, even after rerolling to hit because of their hatred. This results in the herald’s unit losing combat and making a leadership test itself.

Zombie turn 3 sees another group of zombies launch a charge against the bloodletter line. This time the zombies are able to flank and will add their weight to pushing the bloodletters down. The dispel dice come up snake eyes, giving the zombies total control over the rest of the magic phase. More undead are raised into existence to flank charge next turn, while a number of the existing units are increased in size. The bloodletters which are being flanked are having terrible luck rolling dice, scoring four ones to hit and one one to wound. In that battle the daemons will end up losing combat and having three lost to warp instability.

Daemon turn 3 has the daemons with their only unengaged unit, the flesh hounds in the south, attempt to charge the zombies and come up short. The rest of the daemons have no choice but to attempt to slay the unliving foes that now threaten to pull them down. Much to the horror of the daemons, they actually use more of their number this turn then they slay zombies. The corpse cart has given the zombies unnatural speed. It accounted for very little last phase but this time the daemons feel their low toughness score. The one group of daemons fighting off 60 zombies, 11 at a time, end up losing combat so badly that between the wounds from the zombies and daemonic instability they are wiped out. Now it becomes 35 daemons against 150 zombies or so.

Zombie turn 4 sees the zombies push in towards the bloodletters. Both the remaining bloodletter groups are now fighting on two sides, with the herald of khorne and his bloodletters being attacked by over 60 zombies. The magic phase goes to the undead as the dispel dice are held to cancel the strike first powers of the corpse cart. Thus another group of zombies can be summoned and added to. This group shall be used to flank the flesh hounds when they charge into the zombie mess.

The close combat phase also goes badly for the bloodletters. Another bad roll off the bloodletters results in only a single zombie death and then a loss of combat for the daemons. Five daemons die in the center and five zombies, not an exchange rate the daemons can afford. The only upside is that the flesh hounds have an excellent round against the zombies they were fighting in the north, destroying the group completely after the leadership test.

Daemon turn 4 has the few remaining bloodletters worried. They are both fighting battles on two sides, against foes that are just strong enough to wound them one third of the time, and who hit them one third of the time. Sure one third of the time they save the wound, but the numbers against them are adding up.

Lucky, the flesh hounds of khorne are able to both smash into the zombie horde like bookends. It took the group in the south four turns to finally get into combat, but thankfully it is going to be worth the wait. The flesh hounds hit the zombies and kill six on the first impact. The zombie horde makes the snake eyes leadership test and loses no more members.

In the north the flesh hounds also strike into the zombies, and the zombies fail their leadership with an eleven. The general will be able to give his leadership to them, but still a large number of zombies fall as the magic that bounds them together fails against the flesh hounds.

Zombie turn five has the zombies looking not as impressive as before. The necromancer on foot is trying to stay out of the way of the khorne daemons should they win, while the general on the corpse cart is trying to get his cart into a position to maximize the strike first power. The flesh hounds in the south get charged by zombies, trying to break them.

The magic phase doesn’t work as well for the zombies, as they are attempting to boost their zombie’s attacks and numbers. Another group of zombies is summoned to rear charge the flesh hounds next turn if possible. The book of dancing is able to allow a group of six zombies to attack now out of turn, an attack that kills two daemons. However, that is the only good thing that happens for the zombies this phase, as the last remains of the group that the flesh hounds charged fall. Another daemon falls in the other combats, but they manage to take twelve zombies with them.

Daemon turn five is the final nail in the coffin of the zombies. The flesh hounds, having ripped through two groups of zombies, are free to charge the necromancer general on the corpse cart. The ranks are redressed to bring the maximum bloodletters against the zombies in the north, and the battle will come to a head here.

The flesh hounds are able to rip the corpse cart to pieces, even with its regeneration. The necromancer lands on his feet against the flesh hounds, worried. The other zombies also lose their various combats. Eighteen daemons remain out of the forty three that launched the battle. There are still over 100 zombies in play but it doesn’t look good for them.

Zombie turn six has the zombies in a tough place. Their general is in single combat against six flesh hounds of khorne. Their zombie hordes are two large blocks and then four small blocks being threatened. A group of zombies that were summoned last turn to attack the flesh hounds get their chance, rushing in to attempt to save the general. Using all their magic the zombies try to get strike first and extra attacks for the zombies against those flesh hounds.

It isn’t enough, as the flesh hounds are able to rip the necromancer general into pieces. However, all that magic being shot around allows the zombies to catch and rip the daemon herald of khorne and his bloodletter escort into pieces. The herald himself falls to daemonic instability as two of his escort fell to zombie claws. So at the end of the turn we have both generals dead and the combat coming to an end. The zombies hold themselves together well with the general dead, only a handful die.

Daemon turn six has the daemons pushing forward their advantage and cutting down the necromancer on foot with their last bloodletters. The flesh hounds keep chewing into their zombie targets. One group of zombies will be lost, leaving fourteen daemons of khorne against 56 zombies. The ratio of zombie to daemon is finally swinging in favour of the daemons.

Thus ends the official six turns of the game, with the points saying that the daemons of khorne have won. 725 or so points for the zombies and 950 or so points for the daemons of khorne. A close match in the end, and close enough that it calls for one more turn.

Turn seven for the zombies sees some bad leadership rolls with their general dead. One group of zombies fighting the flesh hounds in the north falls apart completely, while the other two groups, even with their losses, are able to charge the last bloodletters. The zombies are then able to pull those last bloodletters to pieces, without giving the bloodletters a chance to strike back.

Daemon turn seven has the flesh hounds charge one group of zombies, smashing through it and following up against to the final group of zombies.

And as the game was down to three units, I kept going. Zombie turn eight has a handful of zombies fall without the magic of their general holding them together, but the flesh hounds fail to wound a zombie on their own. In revenge the zombies are able to pull down one flesh hound, after instability rolls.

The second group of flesh hounds joins into the battle against the zombies and it will end quickly with the zombies putting up some brief struggle.

Funny Foot Tan
weight loss
Image by BevKnits
I have this foot tan EVERY year.

Bodybugg Weightloss Review

BodyBugg is Altering the Method We Weight loss plan
Due to the BodyBugg, the realm of weight loss plan and fitness has now mixed with the internet. BodyBugg is a device that you wear on your wrist to trace the energy that you’ve burned. However, not like different “calorie counters” BodyBugg gives with online support to help in reaching your goals.  This implies if you are seeking to get in shape you’ll be able to look to your PC for the assistance wanted to stay heading in the right direction and meet all your goals. For some, the BodyBugg is like having a private trainer of their home…24/7!
If you are someone seeking to lose weight then you aren’t alone.  Thousands and thousands upon millions of people are perpetually in search of a solution to shed excess fat from their physique frame.  Since different individuals will have completely different genetics and weight loss targets, there is no such thing as a technique to standardize any type of weight-reduction plan and exercise program that may work for everyone. Conversely, there is no such thing as a single piece of exercise equipment that will work for everyone as well. This results in fixed developments and improvements within the weight reduction field. A number of the products which can be created in the process are worthwhile and different much less so. The BodyBugg, nevertheless, undoubtedly falls into the category of high quality well being and health products.
But, what exactly is the BodyBugg and how does it work? Essentially, BodyBugg provides a plan designed that will help you burn extra energy than you ingest. This is what is going to result in saved fats being burned and used for energy. Now, most individuals already notice this however they aren’t in a position to keep on observe with their objectives and, because of this, don’t reach them. With BodyBugg, you may be provided with food regimen and diet software program that can enable you hold monitor of how a lot you might be burning per day. And, better of all, you will access to BodyBugg’s household of motivational weight reduction coaches who will assist you to attain your goals. With your buy of BodyBugg, you will be able to talk one-on-one with a personal coach through telephone to work out your particular objectives and concerns. And, of course, you should have access to your personal online membership account. This can be a great useful resource for tips, data, and membership support.
And, yes, help is critically important. Typically, after we try to shed extra pounds on our personal we can develop into despondent and discouraged if issues do not work out for us the way in which we wish them to. Nevertheless, when you’ve gotten the support of a coach, your targets is not going to fall by the wayside. That is what BodyBugg brings to the desk and it is a huge benefit for those making an attempt to satisfy their fitness goals.
Dropping pounds is rarely easy but it surely does not should be troublesome either. A easy mixture of the right plan, program, and support can guarantee weight loss targets are met. That is what BodyBugg offers and that is why it is rapidly rising in popularity. Sure, the BodyBugg revolution has commenced!

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Visualization for Weightloss

The true extraordinary fact is that lots of conditions could be improved by imagery and how to get rid of weight is one of them. It really works like this: you retain a vision on your mind of how you want your system to look, as well as subconsciously you’ll begin acting in a way that will go in that path. You become much more positive regarding the body, more accepting of your diet or exercise workout regime, plus you will reach your weight goals extra quickly and easily.

Completing transformation all through visualizing desired outcomes has become more plus more acceptable in recent years. Psychologists don’t realize exactly how it really works nevertheless clearly the mind in addition to body aren’t since separate like we time in addition to again imagine. It seems that in the event you truly want something it’s extra likely to turn out – provided evidently that it’s something that’s possible, plus within your control. Visualization helps us to truly want to reduce weight by developing a clear as well as happy picture of our fitter bodies. Lacking this we could frequently put psychological traps in our own way.

Numerous those that are overweight imagine they cannot lose weight. Sometimes you may exclaim it out loud, or hear friends reply it regarding them. For other folks this belief stays in the subconscious. Although maybe is certain that it influences our behavior. Someone who believes it is impossible for her to reduce weight will likely be constantly battling her own negativity as soon as she is trying to how to reduce weight. Her mind will probably be constantly telling her there is no such thing as a point diet, she cannot reduce weight as a result she should merely go ahead as well as eat everything she wants. Visualization is the strongest plan that we can use to overcome these unhelpful thoughts as well as impulses.

If you are affected by negativity either from your own brain or from the typical reactions of friends plus family to your diet, go ahead in addition to picture yourself at your desired weight like regularly as you could. It works on the same level like all those harmful voices in addition to might annihilate their influence such as nothing else might.

It’s significant to practice every day – morning and night at any time you might. You just have to have a few minutes in a quiet place plus keep an image on your mind of the body at its ideal weight. Some persons could do this easily, others need some assist you. Should you take a photograph of yourself at your ideal weight in the past, often, you may find it might be easier to look at that. Or use a photo from your magazine but cut off the person’s face. You will require seeing in your mind’s eye your own body, nevertheless slimmer.

You probably might what’s more envision from the within. Close up your eyes plus let your caution focus on a part of your system – like, your right thigh. Imagine it increasingly becoming skinnier in the mind’s eye. Then move to the other thigh, as well as on all through your body. It may facilitate your to start at the feet in addition to move up towards the head, or vice versa.

Like you go about your daily responsibilities think of yourself as already at your ideal weight. Create your own affirmations as well as duplicate them regularly, always in the current tense (“I am glad to become flexible, fit and slim”, not “I will …”). Enjoy the feeling of having a optimistic self-image. Over time, this will likely help to maintain to your weight loss plan. You will find that fatty meals are less fascinating as well as exercise regiment is extra fulfilling.

As your how to get rid of weight will obviously be gradual, the wonderful thing concerning imagery is that it gives a brand new body picture right away. Use visualization and weightloss to make you much happier immediately, in the present day!

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How To Cook Brown Rice Perfectly – Brown Rice For Weight Loss | Skinny Recipes

how to cook brown rice perfectly, brown rice for weight loss, weight loss brown rice #skinnyrecipes #weightloss #nisahomey
Brown rice: 1/3 cup (60 gms)
Water: 4 cups
Pink Himalayan Salt as needed
Soak brown rice for 15 mins
boil water and add salt
add in brown rice, when water boils, put the flame on medium and cook for 15 mins.
Strain the water and keep the rice to a strainer
—–Note—- Cooking rice and straining the rice is the traditional method of cooking rice in Asia and some parts of South India. It also helps to cut down exposure to arsenic.
Weighing Scale:
Brown Rice:
Sauce Pan:
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Things I Love To Use:
Large Cast Iron Kadai:
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Small cast iron pan (8 inch):
Deep Dish Cast Iron Pan:
Cast Iron Grill Pan:
Jaggery Powder:
My Stone Grinder:
Buy Rolled Oats:
The Blender I Use:
Chia Seeds:
My OTG Oven:
Hi! I am Nisa Homey and I live in Kerala. Welcome to Skinny Recipes – YouTube’s first Indian Healthy Cooking Channel. With over 25 years of experience in Indian cooking and baking, I started Skinny Recipes in March 2016 where I share healthy and nutrient dense recipes for weight loss and weight management with easily available ingredients. With my healthy recipes you can cook better & more often at home, along with teaching you how to cook a healthy meal for your family and for you.
I do not use refined products in my recipes. Whether you are a beginner in cooking or an experienced cook or looking for healthy recipes; Skinny Recipes will help in cooking food in the traditional and healthy way. The recipes are healthy, easy to make, nutrient dense, and made with locally available ingredients. Join me and change your lifestyle with my recipes & tips.
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