Creative Protein Powder Delivery Systems

We are all aware of how effective protein powder can be for helping us to develop stronger, leaner physiques. When you drink 3-4 shakes each day, your physique gets harder, you find an extra repetition or two on each set in the gym, and overall, you just get better at everything as a result of the increased brain function that amino acids from the protein deliver.

However, drinking three to four shakes each day can become quite a bear at times. You tire of the bloated feeling. Some people discover their stomach doesn’t react well to the powder mixed with water. Let’s look at a few techniques for delivering protein powder to our bodies in means outside of the traditional and predictable means of “scoop, add water, shake and drink!”

Bodybuilders have long used protein powder mixed in with their oats in morning oatmeal as one way to meet their needs without struggling to swallow yet another shake. Or, more recently, a variety of pancake recipes, ranging from buckwheat to chocolate chip, have emerged. Add a few scoops of protein to the batter, and get mixing!

Let’s look at snacks. Are you blending up a cookies and crème milkshake up? Toss in a scoop of protein. To be honest, most people do not even notice when their powder is mixed with ice cream. Bake it into a cake, backing off the flour content a bit. Be creative! Anything baked can always absorb a few teaspoons of protein powder, as can any drink of 8 ounces or more.

Play with the flavors. You can purchase unflavored whey, which will then just take on the taste of any meal you consume. Or you can opt for the flavored variety which will

Maybe even consider MIXING two or more flavors, delivering a protein-rich flavoring technique for meals.

Use your imagination. Keep in mind that you aren’t exactly mixing ammonia and bleach here. Adding protein powder to a food that doesn’t sit well will not leave your kitchen in an exploded state. You’ll simply not enjoy the taste, and you will learn what doesn’t work. Keep in mind that message boards and websites are full of recipe ideas. After all, you’re not the first guy or gal who wasn’t the biggest fat of shakes. Finally, work to maintain plenty of protein influence from regular foods, and accept that you do possess the discipline to force yourself to drink 1 to 2 standard shakes each day. It’s time to get creative!

Source by Dane C. Fletcher