Cure Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – Use Exercise to Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

We all know exercise is good for us. It is easy to say that you are going to do it "someday". High blood pressure (HBP) should give you added impetus. Not only does losing weight make you feel better and look better but because of circulatory system issues like HBP and Hypertension (HTN) it can actually make you live longer. Often significantly longer. If you want to live stand up and say "I want to live". Now sit down. If you want to lower your HBP stand up and say "I want to lower my HBP" Now sit down, see I have you exercising already! Read on to find out more about ways to cure your high blood pressure naturally …

There is no magic cure. Burn more calories than you take in you lose weight

In fact it gets worse than that, many of the Diet pills are just heavy in caffeine, what they do is raise your BP, which is exactly what we are not looking to do. You need to lose weight the hard way (which also happens to be the right way) exercise more. If you are not used to physical routines, not worries, just start nice and easy. Even a 30 minute walk through the park can be great, you just have to set apart time to do nothing but exercise and make it a routine. As you get stronger and healthier you can add on and varied aerobic exercise

Cure your blood pressure naturally, you do not want the other options

If you do not research and find out the ways that you can lower your BP naturally you will be stuck with only synthetic drugs to get you through it. They are pretty debilitating and have heaps of unwanted side effects. You may be forced to take them if you let things get bad enough, but take my word for it and do everything you can to try to avoid this option.

Besides starting an exercise routine to lower your hypertension what other options are there?

Source by Gene Patterson