Cuur Review – Does Cuur Work?

You may have seen a new TV infomercial featuring a new weight loss supplement called Cuur. At first glance, it looks promising as it is endorsed by celebrity trainer Valerie Waters in media. Cuur is developed by a Swedish weight loss expert, Dr. Marcin Krotkiewski. According to its claim, Cuur is clinically proven natural weight loss supplement. We all know that Swedish ladies are hot and slim. However, does Cuur really work? Or it is just another weight loss gimmick?

Let’s take a close look of Cuur and find out if it live up to its claims. Cuur does not make ridiculous claims about the product, which is pretty rare in weight loss industry.

Cuur ingredients

There are four main ingredients in Cuur: green tea, birch leaf, Yerma Mate and Coleus Forsholii. Firstly, there are numerous benefits of green tea. It helps to promote weight loss, cancer prevention, good health, and cognitive enhancement. Green tea extract is widely used in weight loss product as it is a powerful fat burner that may boost metabolism, improve insulin and blood sugar regulation. Similarly, Coleus Forsholii promotes fat burning activities. Its other benefits include relaxing muscles and increasing thyroid function.

Another well-known Cuur ingredien is Yerba Mate. It is originally found in South America. Yerba Mate contains rich source of vitamins. Its main health benefit including aids in fat burning, thermogenic (increases fat burning), improve mental clarity and boost body immunity against diseases.

So does Cuur really work?

In a nutshell, Cuur contains some quality ingredient that may help you to lose weight. However, the problem is we are not sure how potent the ingredients are. In addition, the long term effects are not known yet.

It is safe to say that Cuur is a respectable product. Nonetheless, you should adopt sensible diet and regular exercise regime with Cuur to achieve the best result.

Source by Lee John