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When you leave your children in a daycare center, they experience a lot of things that can affect your child’s behavior and personality. One of the crucial things that the daycare has to decide on is the time of discipline they will give your children. When the kid is having tantrums and is crying it is hard to decide whether to allow the child to cry or the child should be comforted. Everyone knows that this kind of decision is important for a child’s development. But then there are two basic philosophies behind these two methods. People who believe that it is better for children to cry believe that letting the children cry will develop the self-comforting methods of the child. This will help the children to rely on their own ways to be comforted.

At the same time, they also believe that crying is also an exercise for the lungs. They also think that if the children are comforted all the time, this will result to spoiling the child which is not good when he grows up. He will get used to the idea that when he cares, everything that he wants will be given. On the other hand, people who believe that it is important to comfort the child think that crying is the child’s way to communicate. They believe that crying indicates different kinds of emotions from hunger, discomfort, loneliness and fear. Thus they think that crying should be responded with comforting the child. You can talk to the daycare center if you have a certain way which you think will be the best for your child.

When choosing a childcare center for your child, you can ask about their policy about discipline that includes spanking. State laws in the United States forbid the daycare centers to use force in disciplining the child. They do not allow threatening and spanking in all means. But there are states who allow daycare providers to use spanking as a means of discipline for the children. This is done with the consent of the parents. Spanking is usually limited to children who are five years and older. It is also required that spanking should be only on the buttocks of the child. But aside from spanking there are also alternative ways to discipline a child. There are some who thinks that spanking the child would only result for the child to be aggressive and violent when the child grows up. Make sure that you discuss with your childcare provider the kind of discipline you want for your kids.

You must also the daycare about they will verbally discipline your child. Verbal words may seem harmless but the truth is that harmful words can have a great impact on your child. So it is better if your childcare provider uses the positive way of criticizing your children. It is also suggested that the staff should always talk in a calm manner with kids. Shouting and using profane words is prohibited. If you have any verbal guidance, talk to the one taking care of your child so that they will be aware with what manner you prefer for your children.

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