Dietary Supplements – HCA and CLA

More than half a century since the big war, we still find ourselves fighting the Battle of the Bulge only now it is around our waist. We will do just about anything to shed a few kilos including following surgical options. Before you go that far, however, take a long look at the safer dietary supplements that might be able to provide you with healthier, more natural results.

Staying healthy

By its very nature, weight loss will be partially achieved through the lowering of calories. That is both good and bad. While you will be eliminating many bad things from your diet, you will also be eliminating the body’s sources of nutrition. For this reason, when you cut back on your intake of food you need to use weight loss vitamins. Your body still needs those, just not so many chips! The addition of a weight loss vitamin supplement can help your body efficiently and effectively lose the extra kilos while still keeping you healthy.


Many people want to avoid supplements along with their weight loss vitamins because they have fears of “popping pills”. That does not need to be the case with HCA as many of them are completely herbal and/or organic. HCL (hydroxycitiric acid) is a natural way of helping the body convert carbohydrates. It also functions as a natural appetite suppressant, telling the body it is full faster than it really is. No worries, however, as the weight loss vitamin supplement will still make sure your body gets the nutrition that it needs.


One of the other great appetite suppressants is CLA. (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This is often called “the fat that makes you slim”. It is found in animal and dairy products and is a very natural part of our diet, you are just taking it in larger amounts but along with weight loss vitamins has been shown to be safe and effective. In fact, it is now being studied as part of cancer treatment as CLA is toxic to cancerous cells. There are two small drawbacks with it however. One, you will need to periodically have you HDL (the good cholesterol) checked as it can lower it. Also, it can lead to insulin resistance so you will want to see how it will affect your blood sugar.

In short, it is not just about losing kilos, it is about staying healthy while you do. A little study and the right supplements will go a long way for you.

Source by Heather Hemmings