Doctor’s Best – Science Based Nutrition

Doctor's Best - Science Based Nutrition

Doctor’s Best is a science-based nutritional supplement company, offering more than 200 products, made primarily with branded ingredients that are thoroughly researched, manufactured to the highest quality standards, and rigorously tested every step of the way—from raw materials to finished product.

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Hi, I'm Jacquie, the nurse from Professional Supplement Center. Today, I'd like to tell you about some products from our featured brand, Doctor's Best.

Founded by physicians in 1990, Doctor's Best is a science-based nutritional supplement company that takes a unique approach in the development of their line of high quality products.

Doctor's Best collaborates with nutritional scientists and carefully analyzes clinical trials to determine the most effective ways to provide products that deliver meaningful outcomes for health and wellness.

Here's a sampling of some of Doctor's Best unique supplements:

Best Ubiquinol with Kaneka QH® 200 mg. - This highly stable, reduced form of CoQ10 provides metabolically active, bioavailable antioxidant protection. Ubiquinol provides mitochondrial support for enhanced energy production, healthy heart function and cardiovascular maintenance.

Best Brain Magnesium - This product features proprietary Magtein™, a highly absorbable and well tolerated form of magnesium designed to support memory and learning. Essential to over 300 bodily processes, magnesium has been shown to effectively support cardiovascular health, normal muscle and nerve functions, strong bones, energy metabolism and a healthy immune system.

Best D-Ribose Powder - This product features BioEnergy™ Ribose, a 5-carbon sugar that is efficiently absorbed and provides support for energy production in the heart and skeletal muscle tissue.

Best L-Tryptophan featuring TryptoPure™ - This highly pure L-tryptophan supports serotonin production, ensuring a complete spectrum of positive benefits for sleep, mood and behavior. Best L-Tryptophan safely and effectively enhances sleep without impairing normal waking or interfering with the next day's alertness.

Synergistic Glucosamine/MSM formula - This formula contains pure sodium-free, potassium- stabilized glucosamine along with OptiMSM®, a 99.9% pure distilled sulfur. This supplement helps to maintain healthy joint cartilage and connective tissues. Vitamin C is added for its ability to strengthen and support production of cartilage.

Should you have any questions about Doctor's Best or any other products, please do not hesitate to call or email Professional Supplement Center. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to assist you.