Easiest Way to Lose Weight Fast | Skin Care Guide

Watch more Skin Care Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/514568-Top-3-Ways-to-DeBloat-Fast-Skin-Care-Guide Learn the easiest way to lose weight fast for an event from licensed …

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Easiest Way to Lose Weight Fast | Skin Care Guide

Watch more Skin Care Guide videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/514567-Easiest-Way-to-Lose-Weight-Fast-Skin-Care-Guide

A lot of women ask me how to lose weight quickly before an event. While I don't approve of quick fixes at all, and I really want to stress that, there are times in your life where you realize, "shoot I have to go to this party and I'm going to see somebody that I need to look amazing for."

I'm here to help you with that. What I really recommend is some sort of a juice cleanse. I've used Liquiteria before. I've used Juice Press. There are places all over the United States that you get juices from, or you can just make them yourself at home. They're really easy to do. Just throw together all sorts of greens. Mix it with a little bit of apple, so it won't taste really horrible. Maybe a little bit of carrot, cause again, same reason.

Do that for four days. You'll lose a lot of water weight. But also you'll be detoxing your cells and your skin will actually be glowing for miles. If you want to get ready for an event, you're going to see an ex boyfriend, or you just want to feel good from the inside out. I recommend a juice cleanse.

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