Fasting to Lose Weight – How Effective, Safe & Easy is it, Or Will You Endanger Your Health & Life?

You’re thinking of fasting to lose weight. You’ve had it with kids pointing at you and laughing at you every time you walk down the street. And you don’t ever want to be turned away from a commercial flight like they did to that film director guy. Secretly, you’re simply scared you’ll drop dead of a heart attack one day because you’re overweight.

Besides, fasting to lose weight sounds good. Should be effortless right? No diet to figure out, no exercise program to suffer through. Before you become like Jesus and fast for 40 days and 40 nights, consider the facts —

1. If you’re unfit, the sudden shock of lack of food could well cause your body trauma. You might actually collapse from lack of food or drink.

2. In your haste to fast, you could also deprive your body of important nutrients. Even not taking in enough water will throw off your metabolism and you could end up getting sick from fasting.

3. Even if you succeed at fasting to lose weight, you will eventually not only lose fat but muscle too. Which means you’re not going to look lean and mean like a movie star but haggard and old like Mr Bean.

4. Because fasting doesn’t involve any exercise, once you lose a lot of weight, your body will actually retain the extra folds of skin you had when you were fat, not to mention stretch marks.

Losing weight through fasting is not ideal if you are concerned with not endangering your health and looking half-decent at the end. You’re better off learning and applying methods of losing weight that are easier-to-do, highly effective yet very safe.

Source by Franklin Loweman