Fasting To Lose Weight

Fasting to lose weight is a sure fire way to lose weight of you have the will power to fast, but it can be dangerous if you over do it. Fasting to lose weight can cause organ damage, lose of lean muscle mass and heart failure.  So if you are thinking of fasting to lose weight a 3 day fast is the most you should ever do and you should use the following precautions.

Fasting Tips

1. Never fast consuming water alone.  This can really leach much needed chemicals from your body and result in irregular heart beats to complete cardiac arrest. Fasting to lose weight this way is not wise.

2. You should be supervised by a qualified health professional and not just using someones new age ebook as a guide. Fasting to lose weight must be done right.

3. Do not chew gum or any other substance during your fast.  Chewing signals the stomach to start producing acid for digestion so chewing while fasting to lose weight could result in heart burn.

4. It took years to get your body in the shape that it is in so it isn’t going to become what you want it to be overnight.

Not The Only Way To Fast To Lose Weight

Of course a 3 day fast isn’t the only way to fast to lose weight.  You could go on an intermittent fasting program where you fast every other day and eat normally in between.  In fact, this is probably a safer way to do it, but again don’t just go on a water only fast.  A great guide to this type of fasting is found in the fasting to lose weight guide, Eat Stop Eat.

Fasting can take many forms and it doesn’t always mean that you eat absolutely nothing.  For instance you might go on a partial fast where you eat only vegetables, or fruit.  This type of fasting to lose weight is the safest way to fast and it can be very effective in losing weight.

Enjoy A Tasty Meal Every Other Day To Lose Weight

Jon Benson in his fasting to lose weight guide, The Every Other Day Diet sets up a weight loss plan that is truly different and truly effective.  This best selling plan is in its second edition and uses the SNAPP eating system to guide dieters through a weight loss plan that allows them to have a diet free meal every other day that indulges them in their favorite foods which in turn keeps them motivated to stick with the program.

So if you are thinking of fasting to lose weight make sure you do it safely and effectively.  If you do you will enjoy a much slimmer and healthier you.

Christian Walker is a health lecturer, teacher, author and life long dieter.  He has taught health for over 24 years and enjoys a reasonably healthy lifestyle with his lovely wife Jodi.

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