Healthy Recipes | My Organic Chicken

Note: All ingredients used is this video are organic. INGREDIENTS: Cooked with: Refined Coconut Oil Protein: Organic Chicken Breast Carbs/Fiber: Whole Grain Basmati Brown Rice Vegetables:…

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Healthy Recipes | My Organic Chicken

*Note: All ingredients used is this video are organic.

Cooked with: Refined Coconut Oil
Protein: Organic Chicken Breast
Carbs/Fiber: Whole Grain Basmati Brown Rice
Vegetables: Organic Sweet Peppers, Yellow Onion
Seasonings: Garlic Powder, Crushed Pepper, Sea Salt, Fresh Squeezed Lemon

TIP: I was making dinner for two, so when you are prepping chicken and are in search of a healthy way to cook a lot at one time, grease up a big baking tray with a healthy oil of your choice, throw those vegetables on the tray and then your chicken breast. Make sure they aren't touching! You want to give each breast some room to cook!

Make sure you know the proper portions of what fits your diet or any plan you are on and to prevent yourself from overeating (that will happen I promise these things are amazing) check out some of my helpful tip videos also on this channel! Thanks for watching again and enjoy!

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