Here Are Some Natural Remedies for Ovarian Cysts That You Can Do in Your Home

What are ovarian cysts?

This condition is so common that it affects 25% of the women. Cysts happen to be pockets of sacs filled with fluid which can be on the insides or on the surface of the ovaries. The main reason that results in the formation of ovarian cysts is an imbalance in the hormones. There are various side effects of being affected with ovarian cysts. Some of them are nausea, abdominal bloating, irregular menstruation, depression, weight gain, hair loss and insomnia. Some types of ovarian cysts are also known to be a cause of decrease in fertility and can even be cancerous. If you go to a doctor, they will usually provide you with hormonal control medicines which are not at all good for your body in the long run.

Some home remedies

There are a lot of home remedies that have been in the regular use over time, which actually do help in the dissolving of these cysts. Beetroot carries a compound that is known as betacyanin which is known to have the ability that helps in the clearing of toxins out of your system. You can even crush juice out of beet-root and then mix it up with one teaspoon of gel containing aloe Vera. Ginger is very well known for the anti inflammatory features which help in the reduction of inflammation and relieve pain. Herbal teas like the chamomile tea are also considered to be very good remedies in the treatment of ovarian cysts. Flaxseed is known to be helpful in balancing the amounts of estrogen that are produced in your body and flushing out of the toxins from the body.

Using flax seeds

Flax seeds can go a long way in helping to maintain the balance of estrogen in the body and flushing out the harmful toxins from the human body. Just mix up one tablespoon of ground flax seeds in a glass filled with warm water. You just need to drink it every day on an empty stomach.

Using vinegar made from apple cider

You need to mix up one tablespoon filled with vinegar made from apple cider and one teaspoon of black strap molasses into a glass with warm water. You need to drink a glass or two of this solution every day.

Using ginger

Ginger is very well known for its property of anti inflammations that are helpful in reducing of inflammation and in relieving of pain. You should be drinking two to three cups of ginger tea every day.

Drinking Chamomile tea

Herbal teas like the chamomile tea are also considered very good remedies in the treatment of ovarian cysts. For this, you need to mix just 2 teaspoons of well dried chamomile and 1 teaspoon of honey within a cup containing hot water. You now need to cover the mixture and leave it to rest for 5 minutes. You may drink 2 to 3 servings of chamomile tea every day till you get rid of the problem completely.

Source by Shalini M