How Does Acompliex Work?

Acompliex is a relatively new product in the weight loss supplement category, and unlike many of the all-natural supplements that it competes with, Acompliex has two main active ingredients that are combined successfully to create a working product. The first is the (now infamous) Hoodia Gordonii, an all natural herb that is being used by many people as a brutally effective appetite suppressant. The second ingredient is Pinolenic Acid (PA), an ingredient that is currently exclusively used in Acompliex.

Acompliex is marketed as an appetite suppressant that does not have any stimulate properties. This makes Acompliex a great solution for someone who already has a good amount of energy and doesn’t need any more. Acompliex does not add any caffeine, taurine, or any other type of known stimulant to ensure that it only does one thing and one thing only: suppress your appetite.

Like most diet pills, Acompliex fools the brain into believing that you’re not actually as hungry as you believe. For someone who consistently overeats and binges, this will be the perfect solution as they will literally be forced to eat less. However, if you are already eating very little you may not see results that are as significant.

Acompliex accomplishes this by “short circuiting” the endocannabinoid system, blocking the synaptic gates which actually pass messages from one part of the brain to the other. This, in essence, prevents the brain from being able to transmit a complete signal. Thus, you are still hungry, but you aren’t as hungry. This means that you will still want to eat, but you probably will be unable to eat as much. This allows you to still intake your daily requirement of calories, but will help prevent you from over consuming.

And so you (probably) have just come to the realization about how Acompliex really works: it simply causes you, both directly and indirectly, to cut down how much junk you put into your body. Your average person does not have a very good diet, and a supplement such as Phentramin or Acompliex forces that average person to simply consume less of it.

In short:

  • Acompliex is the combination of two essential ingredients which allows it to effectively suppress your appetite. Most “Hoodia” pills put all of their eggs in one basket (Hoodia Gordonii), where Acompliex also incorporates Pinolenic Acid (which has shown to be extremely effective at appetite suppression).

  • Acompliex does not increase your metabolic rate or supplement your hormone/energy levels. There are no stimulatory ingredients within Acompliex, only ingredients that are related to effective appetite suppression.

If you decide to give it a try don’t be afraid to come online and share your results! My girlfriend is reviewing Acompliex right now (I’ll have the results at soon as she’s done).

Source by Ian Mason