How Sweet It Is: 7 Sweet Potato Dishes for Every Palate — Fall Fest

Sweet potatoes, a creamy vitamin A powerhouse, are just as symbolic of autumn as the season’s vivid foliage. They’re also far, far underutilized. If you’re in the habit of passing up sweet potatoes in favor of white potatoes, now’s the time to revisit this versatile root vegetable as we enter its peak season. Sure, we’re all familiar with traditional preparation methods: baked, split down the middle and slathered with butter; the classic marshmallow-topped casserole that makes its once-yearly appearance on Thanksgiving. But there are healthier — and more imaginative — methods of dressing up this superfood for a fall soiree. Explore its savory side, or play up its sweetness with rich fall spices. Definitely experiment with different textures. Whether you prefer them mashed, pureed, cubed or whole, here are seven comforting takes on this in-season spud that will make you forget white potatoes in a heartbeat.

Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes (pictured at top)
These are not your average baked sweet potatoes. Pat and Gina Neely up the ante on this classic presentation by scooping out the cooked insides and mixing them with a little bit of cream cheese, brown sugar, butter and lots of fall spices. Completing this extra step will be well worth it when you taste the result.

Sweet Potato Lyonnaise
Think of this Sweet Potato Lyonnaise as a healthier hash-brown substitute, but instead of wedges, the potatoes are cut into rounds. Try adding toasted chopped pecans or a dollop of Greek yogurt if you have some on hand.

Curried Sweet Potato-Apple Soup
Sweet potato and apple is a pairing we should try more often. When combined, the mixture becomes an ideal sweet canvas for warm fall spices, like ginger and curry powder. Instead of croutons, top each bowl with a few crunchy baked sweet potato chips.

Curried Sweet Potato Puree
Almond milk makes this creamy side dish dairy-free. The heat from the ginger and curry counters the sweetness of the potatoes, and the lime adds a bright kick at the end.

Hasselback Sweet Potatoes
Hasselback potatoes are whole potatoes that have been cut into a fan shape, dotted with butter, then roasted. The result is a crispy-on-the-outside, creamy-on-the-inside spud. Although the technique can be done with white or sweet potatoes, the sweet potato version offers a superior fiber boost — not to mention a gorgeous visual presentation, thanks to the vivid orange flesh.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Honey Butter
Tyler Florence relies purely on honey for sweetness when it comes to his simple roasted sweet potatoes. You’ll know the sweet potatoes are cooked to perfection once they’re golden and caramelized on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside.

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Lasagna
Jeff Mauro’s made-over lasagna features layer upon layer of herb-laced ricotta, but in place of classic sheets of pasta, he opts for thinly sliced sweet potatoes for a lighter alternative.

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