How to Choose the Best Juicer for Your Life

It's no secret that vegetables are good for you, so it stands to reason that vegetable juicing is one of the best things you can do for good health. Vegetable juicing provides your body with a very concentrated source of nutrients and enzymes, particularly when organic vegetables are used.

The first thing is to decide what foods you will be using and for what purpose in the machine. Not all machines are suitable to extract juice so buying a machine that fits a person's needs is important. If citrus is all that will be used in the machine, buying one that is specifically for citrus, like a citrus juice machine, would be the best option. If you choose to use mostly fruits and vegetables, an all purpose machine is a good option but check each machine to see what foods it can handle, it might not have the power to handle everything you desire. Coconut, broccoli and asparagus take more power than other foods. Where as if you want strawberry and carrot juice but have a small budget a centrifugal juicer is probably the best choice.

Once you have decided on what type of juicer you want the next thing you need to look at is the features, Removable Parts, Dishwasher Safe, Large Chute, Pulp Regulator. Knowing about the must have features is important, so is is knowing about the most popular brands. The most popular brands of juicers most of the time have all of the features that people are looking for, but they also have a lot of extra features that make using the juicer fun. One of the more popular brands is the Breville.

Cleaning a juicer after each use is important so ease of cleaning is also something to think about. Research the juicers to learn how each is cleaned. Some parts may or may not be able to go in the dishwasher and need to be washed by hand. Does the machine come apart easily so all areas are accessible? If any parts of the machine can't be taken apart or are hard to reach to remove food particles, this may not be the best choice for you.

Another tip in choosing the right Juicer is finding out how much noise it will make. Many people use a juicer first thing in the morning. The more powerful a motor is, the noisier it is going to be. Some people will give up the ability to use it for some of the harder foods to have a quieter appliance. This all depends on your preference.

There are lots of juicers to choose from and it can be challenging to find the best juicer for your needs. Obviously, before you purchase a Juicer you have to make sure that it will work well for you but gathering some information and reviews from previous customers will help you make a better decision and give you the best chance of making a purchase that you will not regret.

Source by Antoinette Belvedere