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If exercise is so healthy, how come 9 out of 10 people I know who work out like horses for years don’t slim down and then experience fibromyalgia, chronic pain, hair loss and on and on? Pay…

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How To Lose Weight Fast and Easy Without Exercise - Best Weight Loss in the World. Build Muscle

If exercise is so healthy, how come 9 out of 10 people I know who work out like horses for years don't slim down and then experience fibromyalgia, chronic pain, hair loss and on and on? Pay close attention and listen all the way through. Get your body to homeostasis first, then worry about exercise. Try it and prove me wrong. Exercise steals critical nutrients and energy your body can't afford to give up, and that's why so many health conscious people who insist on rigorous exercise develop or continue to have health problems.

The 3 types of healthy people and exercisers. How to lose weight, slim down and tone up. Hint: STOP LISTENING TO NUTRITIONISTS, PERSONAL TRAINERS, THE TV AND MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT. Exercise DOES NOT BUILD MUSCLES. Exercise breaks down muscle and other systems. Building blocks build muscles.

A serious, objective look at the numbers and exactly why exercise isn't doing jack squat to make the average person tone up and slim down, and why it's actually counterproductive. Stop the insanity!

"Fuel the muscles, starve the fat cells." Organizing the wild west of health and wellness. ONLY here will you learn the hardcore truth about weight control and nutrition. Numbers don't lie. Where others use theories, THE Body Mechanic gets down to the nuts and bolts using numbers to expose the truth about how to slim down and tone up fast without exercise.

There are actually 7 factors which you must address to achieve your natural, ideal body weight, none of which is exercise. Quit wasting your time, money and energy, quit driving your body into the ground. Only here will you learn that it is ALL nutrition. Learn exactly what foods to consume and which to avoid to get your muscles in anabolic mode. There are very good reasons why books like "Wheat Belly" and "Grain Brain" were written. Not to mention rigorous exercise stresses out your joints, hip and spine, reduces muscle mass, contributes to hair loss, a la Drew Brees, Barry Sanders and Michael Jordan, induces an acidic environment in your body, and on and on.

The offer you can't refuse - all 4 of my books for the price of 1. That's right, get one of my books, click on a review star on its page when you're done reading it, email me the link to the email address at the end of the book and I'll reply with a pdf of the book of your choice. True health freedom, save buckets of money doctors, supplements, food, gym memberships, for 3 measly dollars.

"Fire Your Doctor: How to Not Get Sick. Ever. Seriously.: The 4 Ways to Prevent and Heal Infections, Allergies, and Common Killers, and Juggernaut Immunity"

"How I Cured Chronic Pain and Digestive Problems: What REALLY Causes Back Pain, Joint Pain, Arthritis, Indigestion and RLS, and How to Get Rid of All Chronic Pain for Life - Fast, Easy, Cheap!"

There are 7 factors you must address to be perfectly healthy and eat truly clean. The fountain of youth, cancer, heart disease and diabetes prevention is in your diet. You will be shocked. "Eat Clean, Look Clean: The Weight Control and Nutrition Super Manual: How to Lose Fat, Gain Muscle, and Be Perfectly Healthy Without Exercise"

"How I Cured My Chronic Acne: How to Get Rid of Blackheads, Pimples and Zits With a Nutritional Approach"


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