I HATE Weight Loss “Meal Plans”

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/work-for-change-podcast/id1441471489?mt=2


I HATE Weight Loss "Meal Plans"

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/work-for-change-podcast/id1441471489?mt=2


20 thoughts on “I HATE Weight Loss “Meal Plans””

  1. Hey all! Just want to make it clear, in this video I am talking about non customized meal plans for weight loss. If you have a coach that is giving you personalized macros that is totally different! ❤️

  2. Just found your channel and I've never been so inspired to finally do something about my weight. I've started and stopped in the past but this time it finally clicked with me and I'm finally going for it. I already feel like I've won. Thanks for inspiring me.

  3. i guess meal plans are better than contiuning eating the old way. but actually people should generally educate themselves, about portion sizes, about calorific value etc and how much energy by calories that person can consume a day. then this person finds out that everything can be eaten, its about portion sizes and overall daily calorific consumption and variety of foods

  4. How about something you like for a change? Any amazing tips or fitness news? So many videos with slightly negative tones…

  5. I am 24 and hit my highest weight of 260 July 6th 2018 I started the keto diet with my mom who was pre diabetic and it has sense gotten her blood sugar under control and her cholesterol she has lost 60 pounds and I have lost 58.2 pounds. That is without either of us working out at all aside from the occasional walk i take with my girlfriend now that I have the energy to do so. I was wanting your thoughts on the keto diet as well as advice on what type of workouts i should start out with? I found your channel back in August and you have been a huge inspiration to me an i now weigh 201.8 which is my lowest in almost 6 years. I understand you are a busy individual but your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  6. Amen!!! You preach so much truth!!! I love that you keep things simple and realistic!!! Tired of everyone always trying to make money off peoples weaknesses!!!

  7. 100 % agree man, I used to think all carbs were bad, then when I would eat carbs I would yep just go crazy and eat. Meal plans suck because someone doesn’t know me and my body, and what foods I love etc

  8. Spent 4 months doing Trifecta meals. It was fun and nice at first. Saved a bunch of time and didn’t have to meal prep myself. But it’s super expensive. I lost 30 lbs in that 4 months and had just lost 38 lbs on keto diet before that. Stopped the service and was burned out on diet and exercise. Put a few back on over the holidays. Now I am cooking my own meals again and the $$ saved is well worth it. And I only eat what I like.

  9. I am only 32 and I just found out that I have arthritis in my spine and degenerative disc disease. Its discouraging because now my workouts have to be low impact. Watching you all do your awesome work outs is sad. You guys are great though.

  10. The trick is to learn the basics of nutrition then make your own meal plan. Learn your body, learn your macros, learn about healthy foods, then make a plan with healthy foods you enjoy.

  11. Meal plans also always fail to take into account allergies! I'd love to use a meal plan, make my life simpler but that doesn't work when most of them contain nuts at least once a day. Something interactive where you could input height, weight, allergies, preferences, activity level and get recommendations (and I do mean recommendations, not a "YOU MUST DO THIS OR ELSE") would be amazing.

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