Juice Plus Reviews | The Major Hurdle For Juice Plus Reps

Juice Plus Review – http://bluesyleads.com/?s1=JuicePlus Juice Plus is a great company but find out why Juice Plus Reps have a major problem here. Click the link above to solve the number one…

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Juice Plus Reviews | The Major Hurdle For Juice Plus Reps

Juice Plus Review - http://bluesyleads.com/?s1=JuicePlus
Juice Plus is a great company but find out why Juice Plus Reps have a major problem here. Click the link above to solve the number one problem that faces Juice Plus Reps

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Juice Plus Reviews - Juice Plus is a division of NSA ( National Safety Associates ). NSA launched the Juice Plus division in 1993 as a nutritional supplement, expanding on their existing air filter, water filter, and educational product lines. NSA's Guide for New Distributors published in 1997 stated that Juice Plus uses 17 foods that are juiced to extract their nutritional essence, then reduced to powders and encapsulated into Orchard Blend and Garden Blend. Juice Plus also offers a variety of other nutritional products.

Juice Plus Reviews - Facts

Is Juice Plus+® a vitamin supplement?
Juice Plus Reviews -FACT:No. Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement. Multivitamins contain a limited number of specifically selected vitamins and minerals. Often these vitamins are not even derived from natural sources. Unlike multivitamins, Juice Plus+ contains juice powders from 17 fruits, vegetables and grains, and therefore provides a far greater variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants, and other phytonutrients -- even some of the fiber -- found in the fruits and vegetables themselves.

How long has Juice Plus+® been on the market?

Juice Plus Reviews - FACT:
Juice Plus+ was introduced in 1993, when most scientists and health professionals were only beginning to understand the importance of whole food nutrition.

Does Juice Plus+® replace the need to eat real fruits and vegetables?

Juice Plus Reviews - FACT:
No. Juice Plus+ should never replace a diet filled with a wide and colorful variety of fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus+ is a convenient way for people to get even more of the whole food based nutrition that is so important to a healthy diet -- and so lacking in our diets today.

How is Juice Plus+® made?

Juice Plus Reviews - FACT:
Juice Plus+ is made from fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, and is carefully tested to ensure that no pesticides or other contaminants affect the natural purity of the product. The fruits and vegetables are juiced, and the juices are then concentrated into powders using a proprietary drying process that carefully maintains temperatures at levels that preserve as much of the original nutrient quality as possible.

Does Juice Plus+® contain added vitamins?

Juice Plus Reviews - FACT:
Yes. While the predominant ingredients in Juice Plus + are the juice powders made from fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables, other naturally sourced ingredients are added to that juice powder base. These include a proprietary fiber blend and several phytonutrients that are added to ensure more consistent levels of key nutrients from season to season. All ingredients are listed on the product labels.

How do I know that Juice Plus+® has been manufactured using quality practices and is safe to take?

Juice Plus Reviews - FACT:
All Juice Plus+ products are manufactured in certified facilities under the most exacting industry standards and are 100% compliant with all applicable regulations for foods and supplements. To independently verify this fact, both the manufacturing facilities and the products themselves (Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden Blend capsules and Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend capsules) have been tested and certified by NSF International's Good Manufacturing Practices programs and Product and Ingredient Certification programs.


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