Kobe Bryant Dunk Or How to Increase Vertical Jump

A couple of summers ago Kobe Bryant changed his workout program in order to get stronger – just like Michael Jordan back in the days. Kobe gained between 6 and 7 pounds of muscles (he is now at 220 lbs.), became a bit slower but still managed to maintain if not to increase his vertical jump! So, how did do that?

Let’s have a look at his weight training program – it’s a 6 days a week, 1 hour a day workout. The complete program consists of the weight training plus 2 hours of running, 2 hours of basketball, and 1 hour of cardio a day!

Day 1 & Day 4:

Bench press

Lat pull-downs

Incline press

Military press

Abdominal crunches

Day 2 & Day 5:

Lateral dumbbell raises

Bar dips

Tricep press-downs

Bicep curls

Abdominal crunches

Day 3 & Day 6:

Back squats/Front squats

Leg curls

Leg extensions

Calf raises

As you can see day 1, 2, 4 and 5 are about building strength in the upper part of the body. Day 3 and 6 are all about the lower part of the body which gives you the power you need to jump real high.

Focusing on reducing his body fat percentage (its under 10 %) allowed Kobe to save some weight that he actually gained through building up muscles. Besides the workout (running, cardio) sticking to a good diet plan (e.g. avoid fat in the food you eat, take plenty of protein to you, eat red meat only once a week, drink a lot of water also.) is crucial.

Now, last summer (2007), before playing for Team USA he lost almost 20 lbs. (he is at 205 lbs. now) to get his quickness back and worked also on his vertical.

Source by Steve Wells