Loose Skin & Stretch Marks – Impatient Dieter’s Secret! 10 in 2010 Liquid Diet Weight Loss

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Loose Skin & Stretch Marks - Impatient Dieter's Secret! 10 in 2010 Liquid Diet Weight Loss




For those with allergies to MSM Oral Supplements, talk to your doctors about just using the soap (not the supplements). For you guys with allergies, trust me, I feel your pain! For y'all, I'm gonna do a Shea Butter Journey, a TriLASTIN Journey, and Elicina Snail Serum Journey. And yes, everyone I know, I know -- I didn't do my research! MSM capsules & MSM powder are the same thing; capsules just make it easier to take.

Images of Philip McCluskey used by permission. Please subscribe to http://youtube.com/LovingRaw & visit http://www.LovingRaw.com . I'll be referencing his channel on future videos so watch his videos to brush up! As you know, I love Raw Foodists' enthusiasm around food, and although I'm not going completely raw, I'll be incorporating the Raw Food Lifestyle into my maintenance videos. This Guru is truly a Raw Rock Star! I'm really excited about his "Raw Food Fast Food" book and that is one I will be particularly speaking about in future videos (because "time" is always everyone's excuse for not getting healthy). He has several others, so make sure to visit his site and check out all he has to offer: books, dvds, juice fasts, smoothies, recipes, and more. For subscribers on a P90X Challenge, definitely join his P90X Posse on Facebook (and no, everyone who is asking, I will not be doing P90X... that does not look very Type Z to me! LOL But everyone go join Philip's P90X Posse for support.)


10 IN 2010 SERIES:
This will be an ongoing video series all year. For details of all of the products I'm reviewing on my 10 in 2010 Journey including RapidLash, TriLASTIN, Shea Butter, ElastiCUR Stretch Mark, Antler Extract, Colostrum, Colon Cleanses, Retainers for Overbite Correction, DSMO, and more, visit my 10 in 2010 Series. Subscribers: if you have products you want me to review before you buy them, drop me a line.

Honestly, I was never concerned about loose skin & stretch marks. I never knew that was such a concern of dieters until people remarked about how I did not have them. As Philip says in his video, I was just concerned about losing weight. I never knew I had a "secret" until I watched his video. In any case, I have noticed areas that I would like to improve: skin I would like to tighten & small stretch marks that I would like to diminish to become a 10 in 2010. So I will be doing an ongoing video series on the new "Beauty Dilemmas" Page of my web site showcasing my results on my Journey. Philip uses MSM powder supplement & recently began using MSM soap. I recently began taking MSM capsule supplements & using MSM cream -- but I have used MSM soap for years due to my allergies. My skin is very soft & smooth. I did not have severe stretch marks when I was gaining weight, and as you can see my abdominal "Situation" has no extreme stretch marks or hanging skin (...or surgery scars, you obsessed, jealous haters! Doesn't stalking me ever get old? Apparently not. Keep stalking! Maybe you'll get motivated to get on a treadmill!) As always, everyone, please do your own research and consult your own doctor when it comes to any products. *Let me stress: no products I showcase on my site or in my videos have been given to me for free by any companies. Your experience with them may vary.

For those asking, the video editing application I use is Corel VideoStudio ProX2 and... ummm... well... I was always taught if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. My caveat is this is certainly NOT a beginner's application. You need to know what the heck you are doing, and I wish I had known that before shelling out $120 for this! For recommendations on video editors, tips on making videos, & any other gadgety, geeky stuff, subscribe to SoldierKnowsBest. He's a friggin' guru... and he looks exactly like my little brother! LOL



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