Lose Pregnancy Weight

Allow me to congratulate you on your new born baby boy or girl. What an awesome experience and moment of pride especially for a new mom. Are you wondering how you will lose this new belly and shed those pregnancy pounds? Having a baby changes your life in many different ways and some of these changes affect your body.

I’m sure you have seen or maybe heard that some women come home from the hospital almost as slim as before they got pregnant. Let me break it to you in a nice way those women are the exception not the rule. In reality pretty much all women go through changes during and especially after pregnancy. This is not the time to beat yourself up; enjoy your new baby and motherhood experience then read on for some tips that will help you get back in shape.

Understanding the Changes
Chances are that once you have had your baby you will probably still look and maybe even feel you’re still carrying your baby. This is totally normal; it is expected that your body will require time to recover. Your stomach will keep your pregnancy shape probably several months after you have given birth. Under the best conditions you will probably go four weeks before your uterus gets back to a normal condition.

Your body may also require time to get rid of excess fluid if you are the type of woman susceptible to retaining large amounts of fluid during pregnancy. The good news is your stomach will be busy getting your back to its pre-pregnancy shape; however in most cases it takes time to lose your pregnancy weight so be patient.

Exercise is your friend
You may have even realized that your belly was not the only part affected perhaps your hips and thighs may also be a bit bigger. Relax, there is good news here, with a little patience and some exercise you can once again take control of your body. Before you know it, you will be back where you started. The most important thing you should consider is getting an ok from your doctor prior to starting an exercise routine after you have allowed your body 4-8 weeks to recover. If you must accelerate your routine for whatever reasons be sure you do it gradually and safely.

Don’t push yourself initially especially if there were complications or you had a C-section. Break up your exercises into smaller sessions and spread your sessions out through the day. You can incorporate additional exercises and intensify your routines once your body is responding well to the exercises.

Try to keep your exercises simple and do them when your baby is asleep. It will be tough initially to find time as newborns tend to keep you going all day; just do the best you can. When beginning your exercise routines you should not be alone in case you experience unforeseen problems.

Calories are important
You will really need to watch your calories especially if you made the decision to breastfeed you new baby. You will probably burn an additional 500 calories during breastfeeding. A reduction in the number of calories you consume is not recommended as it is likely to have a negative impact on your child. Your baby will get all or most of his or her nutrients from your breastfeeding.

If you decrease your calorie intake, you may decrease your available milk supply. You might also lose weight too quickly which may make your milk toxic and harmful to your baby. Your health is so important for your newborn, your family, and you so think safety whey you want to lose pregnancy weight. Now that you have your new baby you may want to know more information about how to put your recovery plan into action.

Hope you enjoyed this basic information on the basics about how to lose pregnancy weight. For even more information feel free to visit us at http://shedsomelbs.com Many thanks from Roman de Luna at Shed Some Lbs

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