National Nutrition gets up close and personal with Holistic Nutritionist, Joy McCarthy

National Nutrition interviewed Holistic Nutritionist, Joy McCarthy and she gave us the inside scoop on the latest products, her words to live by and what inspired her career. Joy McCarthy’s…

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National Nutrition gets up close and personal with Holistic Nutritionist, Joy McCarthy

MEET JOY MCCARTHY in the segment of National Nutrition's UP CLOSE & PERSONAL. Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist, author of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well, Toronto’s first integrated nutrition and yoga program. Joy is one of North America's leading nutrition experts and contributes her health expertise to many North American publications, including Chatelaine, Globe & Mail, FASHION, Best Health, Tonic and more, plus she is a featured expert on various television and radio shows. WATCH NOW as she shares the inside scoop on the latest products, her words to live by and what inspired her career.

Joy McCarthy's book, Joyous Health:
Joyous Health is a fresh new approach to eating that will change the way you think about food and what you eat, offering a simple and practical path to creating a healthy lifestyle. Holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy, creator of the popular blog Joyous Health, explains how to eat and live joyously with amazing results, both inside and out.

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Genuine Health Omega 3 Joy:
O3mega+ joy™ is the only mood support formula available in North America with concentrated EPA proven to assist in regulating mood, including depression. O3mega+ joy™ was developed by naturopathic physician and essential fatty acid authority, Dr. Alan C. Logan. As the research continues to grow, it is becoming evident that Omega-3 fatty acids, and particularly EPA, play a significant role in emotional and mental health. Scientists have determined that higher Omega-3 fatty acid intake is correlated with: DECREASED RISK OF DEPRESSION, and DECREASED RISK OF SEASONAL MOOD CHANGES.

Genuine Health Probiotic:
Live probio+ o3mega from Genuine Health provides the world’s first combination of a research-proven, shelf, gut and temperature stable probiotic, BB536 AND Omega-3 from the highest quality fish oil, o3mega.

Genuine Health Greens+ Powder:
Greens+ is a synergistic combination of 23 natural ingredients carefully selected for their unique properties. Including organic and wild-crafted herbs, phytonutrients and fiber, land-based and sea-grown vegetation and more. This unique combination provides the nutritional equivalent of six servings of organic salads and has proven to increase energy, mental acuity, increase resistance to cold and flu and much more. Greens+ is a superior quality Green Super food formula ideal for anyone wanting to achieve better health!

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