Neopuntia Outrank Hoodia And Chitosan

Almost every diet on the market today comes with some type of weight loss product, and many of these are diet pills. Most people just assume that everything that is offered on the market today has been tested and is one hundred percent completely safe. After all, if it wasn’t safe they would not be allowed to sell it, would they? If it wasn’t good for you then the manufacturers would not be making these pills, right? Wrong! It is, in fact, so wrong that I am glad you are reading this article. People should never blindly believe everything that they hear. People should never just assume that all of the diet weight loss products on sale today are good and healthy for them.

The two main ingredients in these diet pills that are sold in such great numbers world wide are Hoodia and Chitosan. You’ve never heard of these strange sounding ingredients? Well, the next time you pick up a pack of your favorite weight loss product, take a good look at the list of ingredients that is located on the back of the package. One or both of these weight loss product ingredients should be listed as the main or secondary ingredient. Hoodia and Chitosan are two of the most well known weight loss pill ingredients. However, are they safe? Have they been tested? Will they really help you in the long run? Well, you do not have to look any further. Simply read on and discover the answers to these questions and more. Read on and find out exactly what you should be taking to help you lose the weight and stay healthy and safe.

Out of the two, Hoodia is probably the most well known weight loss pill ingredient. This cactus like plant has been very heavily marketed in the last few years, and because of the advertising campaign, Hoodia has become extremely well liked. This plant is grown in semi deserts that can be found in South Africa, Botswana and Angola. It is known as the prickly pear cactus and it is full of a chemical called P57. This chemical targets the part of your brain that is in charge of telling you if you are hungry or full. This part of the brain is called the hypothalamus, and there are some studies that have shown that Hoodia is actually ten thousand times more effective than glucose at telling the hypothalamus that you are full. Simply put, this means that Hoodia can keep your appetite in check without you having to eat too much.

While Hoodia sounds like a wonder pill, but there are actually over thirteen types of this plant in the world. However, the P57 chemical that is so famous for repressing the appetite can be found in only one of these thirteen Hoodia plants; the Hoodia Gordonii, which takes a whole five years to develop enough to harvest the chemical. Another problem with this weight loss product ingredient is the prevalent reports that there are imitation and counterfeit Hoodia products being sold on the market today. Actually, because of the high demand and low supply of the P57 chemical, these reports may not be bogus. It is literally impossible to ascertain if a weight loss product really does contain pure Hoodia and the P57 chemical or a fake version of the appetite suppressor. The only way to determine the difference between the two is if an independent laboratory has tested the weight loss product. Before you buy any diet pills, make sure that you are one hundred percent certain that you are purchasing a genuine, healthy and tested product.

The second main weight loss product ingredient that may be in your diet pills is a fat blocking product called Chitosan. This ingredient has been advertised as a wonder drug. A diet product like no other! A pill that will make you lose weight without all of the hard work of dieting and exercising. The internet advertisers have had a field day with this so called “miracle” weight loss product ingredient. Chitosan is a fiber that is taken from the exoskeleton of shellfish. This fiber has been tested on animals and those studies have shown Chitosan to have some fat absorbing traits, but so far there has not been any of these studies performed in human beings, and without these required tests, Chitosan should not be quite as trusted for blocking fat. However, in spite of these facts, Chitosan has been known to lower cholesterol levels in a lot of people, and this is one good thing about the weight loss product ingredient. Nevertheless, Chitosan is still not the best choice for healthy and safe weight loss. It is a very expensive product, and there are many more products available that are just as effective for lowering your cholesterol levels. Also, there is absolutely no solid evidence that Chitosan even works to help you lose weight. It would be very wise to stay away from the product altogether.

So, we have now come to the conclusion that Hoodia is an okay product that may or may not really be in the weight loss product that you are taking, and that Chitosan is a product that has not been proven. Where does that leave us? The two most popular and well-used weight loss product ingredients have now been proven to be unsafe and not healthy. Are there any alternatives? Is there any other weight loss product ingredient out there that is one hundred percent valid and safe to use? Is there anything out there that will help me to lose weight effectively and safely? The answer to all of these questions is yes. One hundred percent yes! There is a new and remarkable weight loss product ingredient on the market. One that is safe and completely healthy for your body.

Make way for the revolutionary Neopuntia. Neopuntia is a unique and patented lipophilic fiber developed and manufactured by BIO SERAE Laboratories SA in France (International Patent Number PCT / FR 02 / 01254). Neopuntia can attract fat and block it from the body up to twenty-seven percent more than any other product like it. It is developed from the dehydrated leaves of a cactus plant called Opuntia ficusindica, and the developmental process is approved by the Vegetarian Society – UK, and Kosher and Organic (ECOCERT SAS – F 32600).

Neopuntia has been known to lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and chanced of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has also been proven to increase energy and concentration levels and flexibility, and decrease joint and muscle aches and pains. In addition to these advantages, the number one feature of Neopuntia is that it is a completely healthy and safe weight loss product ingredient. Extensive research has proven that Neopuntia reduces fat intake and contributes to healthy weight loss. Neopuntia is the main ingredient in Proactol. Its high fiber content helps the dieter maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You can find out more information about Proactol and Neopuntia on the official Proactol website.

Neopuntia is definitely the better choice when it comes to weight loss product main ingredients. Between Neopuntia and Chitosan, Neopuntia comes out on top in every way. Neopuntia is approved by the Vegetarian Society, and Chitosan, with its marine origin and harsh extraction process, is most certainly not approved by any such society! Also, even though both weight loss product ingredients make the same claim of fat blocking, only Neopuntia is pH and lipid type dependent, and it does not interact directly to fat in the stomach. Although Chitosan comes in a wide variety of flavors, Neopuntia is more universally accepted because of its gentle developmental process. It is thought of as the green alternative to Chitosan. Many studies have proven Neopuntia to be superior in a large number of ways to any other weight loss product ingredient on the market today.

Source by Nahar Efendy Noordin