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Cytogenix is a bio-pharmaceutical company that is one of the major players in the bodybuilding and weight loss supplements industry. They have developed several innovative and effective products for bodybuilders and athletes alike. A giant in nutritional supplements, Cytogenix is well known for its amazing products and the science behind them. Products from this brand are trusted and appreciated by health-conscious people for their effectiveness.

Bodybuilders and athletes are always on the lookout for supplements that can maximize their training program and improve the recovery process. Cytogenix researchers have spent several years in understanding the technicalities of muscle growth. As a result, they have developed a number of great products to help bodybuilders achieve their goals.

Cytogenix CytoCell
This supplement helps in muscle growth and recovery after a workout. It immediately shifts the muscles into an anabolic state, which is favorable for a rapid rise in strength, size and muscle density. Each serving of Cytogenix CytoCell will lessen the damage to the muscles, and keep them in the growth zone. By combining advanced technology with effective ingredients, Cytogenix has developed a product that reduces damage to the muscles, accelerates the recovery process and safeguards against stress caused by resistance.

CytoCell does have its drawbacks. It needs to be used continuously and does not add much mass. It is also rather expensive compared to other products. A few good alternatives are CNP Pro-Recover, MuscleTech Anabolic Halo Pro-Series and PHD Nutrition Recovery.

Cytogenix Xenadrine RZR-X
The Xenadrine RZR-X is an effective fat burner. Each liquid capsule is loaded with a number of key ingredients, which activates a series of metabolic-enhancing processes that increases mental focus and fat burning and, at the same time, inhibits fat burning processes. The Xenadrine RZR-X focuses heavily on cellular fat oxidation. In this process, the stored fat in the body is broken down, and is utilized as energy. For any weight-reduction plan, forcing the body to let go of the stored fat is a critical component.

The Xenadrine RZR-X has a few cons, though. For one, Cytogenix does not offer a guarantee. Side effects associated with this product include headaches, anxiety, abdominal pain and even an increase in heart. Other suitable alternatives are VPX Diet Meltdown, Anabolic Xtreme SlimXtreme SX and Killer Bee’s from HyperGenetic Labs.

Cytogenix CytoNOX
A pre-workout bodybuilding supplement from Cytogenix, this is a Muscle Pump support product. It will enable you to experience the complete effects of an amazing muscle-volumizing pump! The CytoNOX is designed to improve muscle growth and performance, and nullify the biological factors that disrupt the production of nitric oxide in the body. With a range of nitric oxide boosters and other strength enhancing processes, the CytoNOX can exert several stimulatory effects. When taken before a workout, one can expect a rise in strength and intensity, enhanced muscle growth and overwhelming pumps.

A few drawbacks of CytoNOX are its price and its taste. Its mixability is another area of concern. When using this supplement, consume plenty of water. Other products that are just as effective are USPLabs Jacked, MuscleTech naNO Vapor and Black Powder from MRI.

Cytogenix Xenadrine Ultra
This nutrition supplement from Cytogenix is a fat burner supplement that includes ingredients like wasabia japonica and caffeine. It is designed to work as hard as you to achieve rapid fat loss. The Xenadrine Ultra consists of key ingredients that help in increasing energy levels, weight reduction and calorie burning. This product incorporates all the latest advancements in the field of weight loss and calorie burning. With regular exercise and the right food choices, the Xenadrine Ultra will ensure that you achieve a lean body.

The Xenadrine Ultra does have its cons. It is ineffective in curbing appetites and can increase the heart rate. It can also cause anxiety, cramps, numbness and nausea. There are other similar products like MuscleTech Hydroxycut Advanced and Gaspari Nutrition Mitotropin.

There is no denying the effectiveness of Cytogenix products. However, they are not meant for everyone. Different people have different needs. Not only that, your choice depends a lot on what your goals and objectives are. Before using any supplement, one should consult a physician.

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