Pros and Cons of the Cookie Diet

You may be amazed at the thought of hogging on cookies, like the commercial shows its models doing, to shed flab and if it actually did, what a wonderfully yummy way to shape up!

However, market reports about thyroid patients following the cookie diet created by Dr. Siegal suggest that these individuals with serious weight related disorders could lose weight by sticking to a simple biscuit binging method that is light to digest.

All of Hollywood seems to be fascinated by the cookie diet that claims that a significant amount of weight can be shed by going on it (30 pounds in 8 weeks) – enough to grant it a fantastic fan following like no other diet plan has to date enjoyed.

After all, most people given a chance to be kids at heart would love to swap shopping for standard dietary inclusions and cooking regular meals, in favor of a treat like cookies.

Additionally when a plan like this mentions weight loss of minimum 15 pounds up to 30 pounds a month, which could transform a borderline obesity case into an average individual minus the painful and expensive results gained by methods like liposuction using laser treatment or even hypnosis, it does sound attractive.

As a basic overview, the cookie diet involves eating this low calorie form of diet-friendly biscuits comprising 150 calories with 5 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbs to a mixture containing 8 grams of sugar to 4 of fiber. Thus, not only are they great calorie-cutting meal substitutes but since they are also available in many flavors ranging from chocolate chip to oatmeal combined with raisin and lemon variety, they pack in the essential vitamins and mineral counts for everyone looking for a pro-wheat biscuit treat in place of standard refined flour and additives. These cookies are enriched with the goodness of milk, eggs and soy for providing wholesome goodness to people keen on losing weight.

Though, its creator emphasizes that these cookies should be used as part of a low-calorie diet plan, which should be combined with a regular exercise routine for best results. Thus, it is the restricted calories recommended for people opting for the cookie diet in place of regular food that works for quick weight loss.

The downsides to the cookie diet include allergic reactions to those intolerant to wheat and a considerable soy count that is not advisable for men. Also, doctors advise against giving up the goodness of regular meals for any number of cookies, which could compel you to lose out on essential nutrients. (4 cookies is the recommended daily intake for dieters). These also contain appetite suppressants in significant amounts in the coconut, chocolate and raisin flavors and can only be purchased from selected outlets, for example fat loss clinics (5 Florida based ones and 1 located in Montreal), which is a big disadvantage as it limits access to these miracle weight loss bikkies for takers who can afford the $400 per month fat loss program these are a part of.

On the upside, the oatmeal plus raisin flavor is a great taste and cool choice for dieters, who never had such a tasty treat by way of weight loss options. It consists of 800 calories and thus, fulfills the body’s need for losing weight fast without compromising on regular eating habits since it is intended to work for short time periods for specific weight loss needs.

Source by Shannen Lee