PROSPEK Reading Computer Glasses – Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Professional (+2.50 Magnification I Regular Size, Red and Black)

Price: $39.45
(as of Aug 29,2020 00:29:37 UTC – Details)

MAGNIFICATION – These glasses are +2.50 magnification Your computer reader magnification/power depends on how far you are from the screen you are viewing. For a laptop or desktop (19+ inches away) select a magnification HALF your normal reading power. For a smartphone, tablet or a book about select your normal reading power. If you would like a different magnification please select it on the right.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – Our advanced manufacturing process allows our blue light glasses to block more blue light without getting that harsh yellow found in other glasses for computer eye strain.
FEEL GREAT RIGHT AWAY INSTANTLY – Get rid of tired eyes, eye strain, headaches and migraines as well as protecting your eyes from long term damage. With our computer glasses you notice a difference within the first hour.
NO HARSH YELLOW TINT – Unlike other blue blocker glasses, our bluelight glasses reduce the yellow tint. Our glasses block the most harmful blue light making sure you are protected!
LIFETIME WARRANTY – Manufacturer lifetime warranty means you have nothing to lose. We stand behind our products because they will last a lifetime. COMES WITH GIFT BOX