Secrets of Treating Celebrity Hypnotherapy Clients


Discover The Real World Hypnotic Treatment Techniques used by Dr. Jonathan Royle to help Major Celebrities eliminate their Drug, Alcohol, Sex and other destructive addictions, habits, issues and emotional problems with the greatest of ease whilst making massive profits!


You may already know the name Dr. Jonathan Royle, you may know that for many years he has been in huge demand as a truly great International Celebrity Mind Therapist, he’s helped some of the worlds highest profile A-List Celebrities to change their life…

But I bet you don’t know how he did it so easily – DO YOU?

Today is your very, very lucky day!

What we have here is a RARE recording of Dr. Jonathan Royle at his very Best!

In fact it was the only recording ever made of Dr. Jonathan Royle revealing his True, Tried, Tested and proven to work in the Real World Celebrity Mind Therapy Treatment Success Secrets.

You’ll be amazed as you witness Dr. Royle explain in a simple step by step manner each and every method, psychological ploy, secret technique and treatment approach used by him for years to successfully help High Profile Personalities & International TV, Film, Sporting & Media Celebrities to change their lives in so many positive ways!

This Mind Blowing Two Volume Video Home Study Course is unlike anything Royle has ever released before and truly unique and unlike anything else available anywhere on the market today – these are the REAL INSIDE SECRETS which Royle has used to help several famous pop stars quit their Cocaine, Heroine and other Drug Addictions!

You’ll also learn the real secrets used by Royle to successfully help high profile Comedians and Film Stars eliminate their addiction to alcohol and he’ll even reveal the approach used to help among others a TV presenter to resolve their Sex Addiction.

You’ll discover the way he treats celebrities who want to lose weight or have other self-image and self-confidence issues, indeed you’ll be shocked by many of the revelations made in this training.

Now lets be 100% brutally honest, successfully treating Celebrities & High Profile Personalities is a million miles away from anything you may have done before as a Mind Therapist, that’s why you owe it to yourself to secure your copy of this explosive training today…

Royle has been there and done it all in the real world, he’ll guide you hand in hand through each psychological ploy and each highly unconventional yet proven to work treatment technique, which combined with Royle’s approach of Complete Mind Therapy ensures your total success!

You’ll even learn how to deal with the Agents, Managers, Promoters and Publicists of the Celebrities you will be treating and of course discover ways of obtaining work in this highly lucrative, jealously guarded sector of the Mind Therapy Industry.

Royle reveals exactly how to treat these kinds of people and you will be very surprised, its practically the opposite of what conventional therapy teaches us to do, but these are the methods and techniques which Royle used successfully for years with real Celebrities in the real world.

They are taught in Royle’s unique no nonsense to the point manner ensuring your future success.

You will get insight into the way the minds of celebrities work and how radically different this is to the average person on the street, it’s this knowledge and insight which will make you so successful in the world of treating famous people as Royle has done for many years!

Celebrities around the world have (and continue to do so) pay many thousands of £££/$$$ for successful treatment of their addictions and problems to Mind Therapists like Royle and his close colleagues who know how they think, who know what makes them tick and more importantly know how to use this insight against them in a positive manner to ensure an effective and speedy treatment solution.

This is a truly eye opening training package and is so explosive in its content and revelations that you should not buy this if you are easily offended!

This is the real deal, the true secrets, this is what really goes on in the world of Celebrity Mind Therapy and Addiction Treatment, these are the secrets no-one else dare tell you, in fact these are the true secrets, which until now only a handful of Therapists around the world (including Royle) have actually known and been using!

NOTE: Obviously those people I have treated cannot be named due to client confidentiality and as such any photos here are for illustration only and I am NOT implying any of them have (or had) any issues that would require any treatment.

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