Should I Add Protein Shakes Into My Diet?

Protein shakes: good or bad idea? Why? How should you program shakes into your diet regimen? In this video, women’s health educator, writer, and coach Val Bisharat of covers:.

Myotein (Chocolate) – Best Whey Protein Powder / Shake – Great Tasting Protein Powder for Weight Loss & Muscle Growth –

Myotein – The Premium, Great Tasting, Chocolate Protein Powder!

Did you know that the average protein supplement is loaded with preservatives, fillers, and lower quality proteins? While most muscle supplement corporations are seeking ways to cut expenses, increasing the size of protein bottles stuffing it with lower grade protein, XPI’S Myotein has obliterated the competition by BREAKING THE MOLD! Myotein proudly stands out from the pack delivering the Most Advanced Scientifically Engineered Protein Blend providing perfect balance, absorption and user’s top rated taste!

You want strong, lean muscles and a slim physique. But, are you giving your body the tools it needs to achieve that? Fuel your muscles and support lean gains with Myotein. Myotein is the ultimate protein, providing your body with exactly the things it needs to grow lean muscle and decrease overall body fat.

There are many different kinds of protein, all with different rates of absorption.[2] Myotein combines 5 different types of protein to provide a continuous stream of protein to feed your muscles with the premium nutrients they need. With Whey Protein Hydrolosate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Colostrum in the mix, Myotein will supply a steady stream of muscle building goodness.

Myotein works great as a meal replacement shake and can assist you in the fitness and physique goals you have. Whether you want to increase leans muscle, decrease body fat, or both, Myotein can help. Myotein will not add empty calories and is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients to support faster recovery, fat loss, and a lean, strong body.

This is one of the most, if not the most, complete protein powders on the market – it does not just give your body protein, but also the parts your body needs to put the protein to use!

"Should I Add Protein Shakes Into My Diet?"

Protein shakes: good or bad idea? Why? How should you program shakes into your diet regimen? In this video, women's health educator, writer, and coach Val Bisharat of covers:

0:45 - Why choosing to supplement with protein shakes is a 100% personal choice
3:27 - The most important question to ask yourself when choosing whether to incorporate shakes
4:27 - Why supplementing with shakes in order to eat less food is a flawed nutritional approach
4:54 - A rundown of the foods the human body is *designed* to eat
6:20 - How the supplement industry creates fear of food, and how that's counterproductive
7:15 - Why it's a good idea to incorporate more protein in your diet, and how to choose what *kind* of protein to incorporate
9:14 - Example use cases for adding protein supplements into your diet
12:37 - How to choose a protein powder
14:30 - How to get in touch with Val

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