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Take Back Your Health Conference 2015 Los Angeles

Check out these how to lose weight book images:

Take Back Your Health Conference 2015 Los Angeles
how to lose weight book
Image by takebackyourhealthconference
CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & BUY TICKETS (Save with the early bird discount through March 31, 2015): takebackyourhealthconference.com/

Join Hundreds Of Health Enthusiasts in Los Angeles For A Weekend Of…

Health & Wellness Seminars
Fitness & Yoga Workouts
Inspirational Talks
Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
Organic Food Trucks
Kombucha, Natural Soda & Bone Broth Bars
Healthy Happy Hours
Book Signings
A Bustling Exhibit Hall
Gift Bags With Samples & Snacks
Over ,000 In Raffle Prizes

Learn How To:

Cure food allergies
Reverse climate change
Create prosperity
Support local farmers
Heal autism
Grow your own food
Stop chronic pain
Survive cancer
Lose weight naturally
Overcome depression

CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE & BUY TICKETS (Save with the early bird discount through March 31): takebackyourhealthconference.com/

Speakers include:

Bryant McGill of SimpleReminders.com
Dr. Cate Shanahan, author of Deep Nutrition and Nutrition Director for the LA Lakers
Adriene Mishler of Yoga With Adriene
Laura Klein of Organic Authority
Corrina Rachel and Courtney Bell of Psychetruth
Diana Reeves of GMO Free USA
Hilary Boynton, author of The Heal Your Gut Cookbook
David Gumpert, author of The Raw Milk Revolution and The Complete Patient
Paul Greive of Primal Pastures
Taryn Hipwell of Eco Divas
Michael J. Russ, author of Zero Adversity
Cancer survivor/victor, Elaine Gibson
Chef Debbie Lee of Mind Body Fork
Healthy homes expert, Mary Cordaro
Zen Honeycutt, non-GMO activist & founder of Moms Across America
Erin Chase of Dinners
George Lamoreux, Chinese herbs expert and founder of Jing Herbs
Heather Fraser, author of The Peanut Allergy Epidemic
Pamm Larry, non-GMO activist and instigator of Prop 37
Gary Cox, co-founder of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
Laurie Cohen Peters, non-GMO activist and founder of Farm Food Freedom Coalition
Chef AJ, author of Unprocessed

The Japanese Diet
how to lose weight book
Image by timtak
By "The Japanese Diet," I mean a way of getting and staying slim-ish, rather than what the Japanese eat, and I’m not saying I do all these things.

Eat slowly, with smaller bites using chopsticks
Use smaller plates
Eat a variety of things in very small portions
Cut your slices of bread in half
Bring your food to your eyes, so it looks big, like a bonsai tree
Enjoy eating, the taste, texture, look, variety of your food
But do not use food as a way of cheering yourself up
Persuade yourself that treating yourself with food is less fun than treating yourself with being thing – Kate Moss "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" is also a maxim in Japan.
Don’t talk when eating, concentrate on your food
Think of food as a gift from all people who made it possible, and say an undirected "thank you" before you start your meal.

Do not drink sweet drinks, which are only for children. They contain 6-13 teaspoons of sugar
Do not drink fruit juice, which is only seemingly healthy
If you do drink fruit juice water it down by up to ten to one
Drink green tea, black coffee, wheat tea (mugi cha), or water
Do not eat sweets, which are only for children
If you do eat sweet things only in miniature, and not very sweet
Do not eat dairy products, which are for children, or hefers
Do not eat cheese which is concentrated bulking up food, not even for cattle
Eat less, more often
Eat vegetables Eat vegetables!
Always "eat" soup before your meal
Treat proteins as flavourings, for your vegetable matter, rather than as a way of filling yourself up
Remember that meats are dead animals by eating it raw and call your "beef" cow and your "pork" pig, and eat fish, or failing that chicken in preference to both.
Soy, and other beans, is the best source of protein eat lots of it in many forms (Eda beans, bean sprouts, tofu, miso, red bean paste, Japanese for chocolate, natto and others). The Japanese are made of soy!
Rice is better than bread
Cold rice is less calorific than hot
Exercise is better than calorie reduction

Wear clothes that fit, no baggies
Get smaller clothes as you get thinner (second hand shops help gaijin, but Japanese usually buy clothes new)
Enjoy your clothes and your appearance

Try to look at the world, by always carrying a camera.
Find ways of enjoying your body, especially as it gets thinner
Take selfies! (photos of yourself)
Look in the mirror
Get naked in front of other people
Go to the pool, beach, or public baths
Do things that you could not do before, climb a mountain, run for your bus, or get a longer bicycle stem to get longer and lower when you can.

Try to improve your posture
necklaces, sit on the floor, stiff rucksacks,
Go to bed early and get up early
Exercise in the morning
See exercise as a form of worship, and your body as a temple.
Do exercises which are a repetition of set forms, ideally with others, such as yoga, aerobics or karate
This encourages you to realise what you yourself look like

Drink alcohol only with others (at parties)
or immediately before sleep, never during the day, and like sugar never as a way of cheering yourself up.

Talk, and think in a deep voice; high voices are for other people
Try not to think in words, words are for other people.
Be aware of what thoughts as words are – excuses or cake. (Nisbett and Wilson, 1977; Libet 2008, Soon, Brass, Heinze, Haynes, 2008, Kim, 2002)
Be aware of what cake is – autoaffection (Derrida, 2013)
Judge your own behaviour visually, by imagining it, or thinking about how it looks to others, from their reaction especially.
Listen to your breathing or chant a mantra
Do no criticise others, everyone is trying, nor praise yourself
Linguistic praise is something that is or should be only transitive (the only sort of self praise to allow yourself is narcissistic, in the literal sense – an enjoyment of your self imagining, photos, mirror reflection)
Do things for others, especially children
Sleep, and bathe, with your children. There is no better way of enjoying your body.

The dark side of Japanese thinness
Smoke cigarettes in moderation (and die thin)
Do not treat sexual relationships as cake either, but do not give up on the dream, maybe? Maybe not.

Very un-Japanese Bibliography
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Soon, C. S., Brass, M., Heinze, H. J., & Haynes, J. D. (2008). Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain. Nature neuroscience, 11(5), 543-545. projects.ecfs.org/pchurch/ATBiology/Papers2012/unconsciou…

how to lose weight book
Image by keirstenmarie
tagged a while ago by Phian:)

I’m not sure how this will work, exactly, seeing as I’ve never been tagged. I will just list 30 facts about myself, as she did haha.

1. This photo was inspired by my friend www.flickr.com/photos/sadieshines/, who never posted hers and I took it on a whim and then realized that it reminded me of hers.
2. I have been with my boyfriend, Saifa for 346 days (I have a counter on my myspace haha)
3. Sadly, Facebook seems to be my religion.
4. I have only a few friends that I see in person.
5. My dog, Sultan, is like my little brother. He knows me as "Sissy."
6. I love fruit. I will eat any fruit, to be honest!
7. When I see people eating calamari, I can only picture a big squid floating in the ocean.
8. I have an impersonation of that squid, too.
9. I work in a grocery store. My mother and brother also work there.
10. I have three brothers (two human, one canine.)
11. I have really straight teeth naturally, so no, I have never had braces or a retainer haha.
12. I have a friend that lives in New York that I call my sister, we are really close.
13. I live in a small town called Newmarket. It is in New Hampshire. NEWNEWNEW.
14. I graduated high school in 2009.
15. I live with my mom and her boyfriend.
16. I haven’t seen my dad since last year, and before that I hadn’t seen him for four years.
17. I have really low self-esteem but I am working on it harder than I thought I would ever have to haha.
18. I really love reading books! If you have a book suggestion for me, please send me a flickr mail about it! 🙂
19. I dye my hair too often…I just want to be blonde again, like I am naturally.
20. I got my license in May, finally.
21. In high school, I took Latin for two years and Spanish for one.
22. I am 5’2"
23. I am trying to lose weight! If you know of any good recipes for people on a diet, or vegetarian/vegan recipes, please let me know! I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I like veggies and fruits.
24. I am allergic to mushrooms 🙁
25. My dream cars are Toyota Yaris, Honda Civic, and Scion TC.
26. I want nothing more in my life than to be successful and make myself really proud.
27. I love kittens and puppies A LOT. and baby animals in general.
28. I have three tattoos PLANNED. I currently have zero and would like one as soon as I have enough money.
29. I had my monroe pierced. It closed and I didn’t want it to. I wish it never did. I want another piercing soon…I don’t know what to get though. Suggestions?
30. When I use my tumblr, I use it like CRAZY.

okay, your turn!