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How to Lose Weight Fast?

Have you noticed that wild animals don’t suffer from obesity? It’s just something that doesn’t “naturally” occur in nature.

So why is that 2/3 of westerners have big time weight loss issues?

Well, what if I told you that the simple act of cooking our foods is making us fat and unhealthy!? That’s right…cooking. Have you ever seen an animal cooking their food? Of course not…because it doesn’t happen.

For whatever reason, we are the only species on planet earth that feels it necessary to cook our food. The reason that cooking food makes us fat and unhealthy is that heating a food above 118 F destroys its precious enzymes.

Enzymes and Weight Loss

Enzymes are required for every single reaction in the body. For instance, the breakdown of fat requires enzymes such as lipase. If lipase (and other fat burning enzymes) is not present then you cannot readily use your fat reserves for energy. As a result, more fat is stored and you pack on the pounds.

Eating foods (especially fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) in their living or raw state ensures that all of their respective enzymes are in tact. The result – less energy needed to breakdown your meals, more enzymes to breakdown fat and rev up your metabolism, and greater energy and vitality.

Unfortunately, we are seeing more and more overweight and obese domesticated pets. What do you think the reason might be? If you said because we’re feeding them cooked, processed, and mechanized food, then you’re right!

I mean where on earth do you see an overweight dog or cat in the wild? You don’t – until humans domesticate it!

Here are two ways to get more enzymes into your diet for better fat loss results:

– Eat more raw fruits and vegetables

– If eating cooked foods, then use digestive enzymes before your meal to alleviate the stress on your digestive system and provide some much needed fat-burning catalysts.

At the end of the day, dieting will not help you lose weight unless you can provide your body with life-giving and fat-burning food enzymes. The key is to eat more of what nature intended for you to eat – a natural raw foods diet! When you do so you’ll see the fat melt off your body!

Yuri Elkaim is one of the world’s leading holistic nutrition and health experts. If you want to lose weight and live your healthiest and most energetic life ever, then you can learn more about his raw food diet book, Eating for Energy and get started with a FREE 6-part Energy Secrets e-course by visiting EatingforEnergy.ca today.

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Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy – What Should I Do to Lose Weight

If you are looking for ways for fast weight loss after pregnancy, you are not alone. This means that after you have given birth, you want to lose weight but you do not know how. You can join us to explore the possibility to lose weight after that period without damaging your help.

Before we go further to the steps for fast weight loss after pregnancy, we need to remember one thing. Weight loss is about using the right method with the right motivation. If you do not have a strong will power, there is a high chance that you will stop doing this within the first few days. It is very important that you set your mind to continue until you succeed. If your determination is not strong enough, no one can really help you.

Here are the steps to lose weight after you deliver the baby:

1 You have to relax for two weeks before you start. Do not think about losing weight immediately. Relax and enjoy the feeling of being a mother. It is not time to think about any other thing but your future with this baby. Enjoy the beautiful moment and remember it into your heart. There are only such a few chances that you can have this feeling. So, make sure you are grateful with it.

2 Set up your goal and target weight. You will not succeed without goal. So you will need what you want from your action. So, before you plan out what you will have to do, you will need to know your target. Then go for it.

3 Watch your diet plan. This is one of the most important rules of losing weight. You will need to know what to eat and what you have to avoid. Your body will need restoration from the pregnancy process, then you will have to eat enough nutrients not only for keep on your daily activities but also for your recuperation.

4 Exercise. It is time to sweat. Start with light exercise and then you can move on to the heavier types of exercise. Make sure that you do both aerobic and muscle building exercise. The balance of both will help you grow the strength of your body and burn calories at the same time.

These steps can be used for being the fast weight loss after pregnancy. But the more important thing is that you can watch your weight during your pregnancy. If you can properly do that. You will need to do very little after pregnancy.

If you want to know a way to keep your body healthy during pregnancy while you keep your weight at minimum, you can take a look at

Way to Lose Weight Loss Easily and Fast For Elders

As we are getting older, our skin and hair starts to age naturally. People who reach their 40s begin to gain weight and wrinkles replace the natural supple skin texture. But this does not occurs after 40s, people in their 30s can even encounter the problem if they do not look after their health. The elderly usually ignores about their health, which leads to flab formation in the body and appearance of diseases. But if people in their 40s and above look after their health and assure that flab does not grow around the belly or hips, they can still look young and alluring. Despite being a natural process, aging can occur when they still look beautifully and gracefully. Therefore an individual must look after his or her health, and focus on weight loss.


In order to cut down on the flab, elders need to cut down on any unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol consumption. Utmost care must be taken to avoid foods with high saturated fat content. Elders can have high protein and fiber rich food in their fat loss diet plan to effectively lose weight while eating healthy food. Protein and fiber rich food do not promote the growth of the fat cells; hence, you can savor them without the fear of adding on weight.


Due to their age, elders often neglect exercising. However, simple cardio vascular exercises and weight lifting exercises will help them burn calories and fats. Sleep well and make sure you get sound sleep for at least six to eight hours. Drink ample amount of water at regular intervals in the day. This keeps you energized and also helps you in losing pounds.


Have you ever heard about the diet system from FatLoss4Idiots? Their diet system makes use of a technique known as ‘calorie shifting’. Calorie shifting can be done by following healthy fat loss diet that offers different types of calories to the body every day. This causes changes in the metabolic system and rate of metabolic activity is increased. When metabolism is increased, more calories and fats are burnt. This way you can eat and lose weight. To know more on how to lose weight through diet system of FatLoss4Idiots, visit this Fat Loss 4 Idiots review.


Alex is a freelance writer and health and fitness expert for Eliminate the Weight!, a Web site dedicated to helping you diet and exercise for maximum results.

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Lose Weight Fast – Without Exercise!

There is a secret that can help you lose weight fast without exercise.

Without stepping on the treadmill…

Without going to the gym…

Without the morning jog.

In fact, this single thing is all that you will ever need to lose the fat below your belly button, under your arms, on your hips, butt and thighs.

It is the lazy way to a bikini body.

Here’s how I discovered it many years ago.

I struggled for several years to lose any fat. During those years I was an exercise fanatic. 4-5 days in the gym for 1.5 hours at a crack.

But it didn’t matter.

The fat just never came off. It really left me feeling hopeless and discouraged.

Then one day at the gym I talked with the head trainer.

He told me that the key to losing the fat had to do with my diet. And he did not mean STARVING yourself.

He said the secret was with the use of a single “diet” formula… he called it the correct TYPES, correct TIMES, and correct PATTERNS formula.

Basically what it means is that if you ever hope to lose any of your fat you need to learn how to consume the correct types of food, at the correct times and in the correct patters. Which I certainly was not doing at the time.

Ya, I was eating healthy. But simply eating healthy is NOT enough. Not even close.

To make a long story short. I gave this formula a shot. It proved to be an absolute MIRACLE! The fat melted off my body so fast I could not even believe it.

And it was easy too!

I found that I could be totally LAZY and still lose all the weight I wanted… as long as I stuck to the formula.

What I would like to share with you is a secret that utilizes the correct types, correct times, correct patterns formula.

Here it is…

And I have a feeling that many people can relate to it.

So lets say that you love “starchy carbs”… bread, pasta, rice… etc.

Well many times we consider these foods to be “dinner” foods. In other words, we consume them for the last meal of the day.

The problem with this is that these starchy carbs are very high energy foods. That is too say that they are nearly INSTANT sources of energy for your body the very minute you consume them.

This means that at the time of the day when you are least active (At night) you have just consumed a very high energy food… which you certainly don’t need when you are inactive.

So what’s your body do?

It tends to store all that excess energy as fat.

A better time to consume that starch carb meal is in the afternoon. That way your body has the entire rest of the day to burn it off.

So that was a little fat loss secret that utilizes the correct types, correct times, correct patterns formula. I have found it to be incredibly effective at melting away fat quickly.

You’d be nuts not to give it a shot!

*** 5 Step Fat Loss ***

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How To Lose Weight Really Fast Without Dieting

Weight loss is one of the most talked about subjects today. With the number of overweight people increasing on a daily basis, both laymen and experts have put in a large amount of time, energy and resources towards formulating a plan which will enable people to lose weight really fast while also eliminating the risk of later issues and health concerns.

Dieting is one of the most popular means that people adopt to lose weight. People all over the world followed types of different kinds to get back into shape. Although a popular choice, dieting presents certain difficulties which are often tough to surmount. For people who haven’t been able to stick to a set diet, there are others equally effective means in which they can lose weight.

Nowadays, all kinds of diet plans can be found circulating in health and fitness circles. Low protein, low carbohydrate and low-fat diets are the order of the day. While the efficacy of any one particular kind of diet plan has been found to be inconsistent among many people, there is another option. You can lose weight without effecting any change in your daily diet by incorporating different kinds of exercise and workouts in your daily routine. If you stay focused and motivated, these will help you regain your lost fitness and get back in shape.

Find the right workouts

At the very outset, it is imperative to calculate your daily calorie count and your basal metabolic rate. Once you have established these, you have to make sure to be in the calorie deficit situation on a daily basis – burn more calories than you consume.

The human body routinely burns a set number of calories every day to produce energy and to ensure correct functioning of the human systems. What you need is an adequate amount of exercise to burn those extra calories and make sure that you have a calorie deficit.

You do not need to invest in expensive equipment or travel to a gym or health center. Basic exercises can be done at home or out of doors, and can have the requisite effect on your health. Make sure that you walk or jog a particular amount of distance every day. Take cycling or swimming sessions regularly, and also participate in outdoor sports and games.

In the house, you can get enough exercise by doing squats, push-ups and stretching exercises. In addition to burning calories, these also loosen muscles and help in blood circulation. Keep a regular routine of these, and you can lose weight really fast.

Discipline is the key

The most important thing in any weight loss regime is to maintain focus and motivation over long periods of time. Spend some time doing yoga or aerobics, and you will receive an added psychological boost that will calm your nerves and help you concentrate better. It is important to be in tune with the surroundings, and weight loss has as much to do with the mind as it has to do with the body. Keep these things in mind, and you can lose weight really fast without having to go on a diet.

Godfrey Agyare, resident of London in the United Kingdom, is a Health & Lifestyle Coach. His blog, http://www.loseweightreallyfastblog.com provides education and tools on maintaining a healthy body shape for those who are serious and willing to remove any unwanted fat in their body so as to enjoy a better quality of life.

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**LOSE WEIGHT FAST** Binaural Subliminal! 100% Success! For Men and Women!

Have you always struggled with your weight? Have you tried diet fad after diet fad with no success? Now you can put all that aside and allow your subconscious mind to take over and take charge so you can meet your weight loss goals quickly and safely.

This subliminal is designed to target the unhealthy way you think and rewire your thoughts so you can make better choices about the the kinds of food you eat, how much you eat, and it even rewires your brain to crave the types of food that are healthy for you, but you generally don’t like the taste of. Now, instead of going for that cheese burger, you’ll have a nice healthy piece of salmon instead, or a salad. The thought of eating junk food all the time will be a thing of the past and you’ll be on your way to a newer slimmer you!

Instruction: Listen to at least twice a day. Once in the morning and once before bed. You can listen throughout the day, but only if you are calm and at rest. Do not listen to while driving or doing anything other physical activity. Please remember to drink plenty of water as subliminal recordings have been known to cause dry mouth and dehydration. Plus, water is just good for you and is better for you than soda. Also, don’t forget to try to make a conscious effort as well to eat better and get plenty of exercise.

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How To Lose Weight Fast – Men & Women Who Are Struggling To Lose At Least 5 lbs


How To Lose Weight Fast - Men & Women Who Are Struggling To Lose At Least 5 lbs

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How To Lose Weight Fast – Men & Women Who Are Struggling To Lose At Least 5 lbs…

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How To Lose Weight Really Fast – Easily And Safely

Being in good health is one of the most important things in life. Health and fitness are two aspects of life that are important and should be taken good care of, and a healthy and fit individual has the advantage of leading a robust, disease free life.

One of the main health concerns people face is that of being overweight. Weight gain can happen due to many factors, and can have a serious impact on fitness and stamina. Obesity also contributes to increased chances of heart related disorders in later life. Therefore, it is exceedingly important to keep one’s weight in check. There are many ways in which overweight people can lose weight really fast without having to resort to harmful measures.

Nowadays, there are a number of products and services available in the market that promises rapid weight loss with minimal effort. Some people might get good results from these, but there is a risk involved. These treatments often employ the use of harmful substances and chemicals which can prove to be detrimental to the human system in the long run.

To avoid any such complication, it is a wise choice to use entirely natural and safe measures to lose weight. It is possible to lose weight fast using entirely natural means, and these are growing in popularity all over the world.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle

The three mainstays of losing weight and maintaining good health are diet, lifestyle, and exercise. With these three in order, it is possible to regain and retain fitness and stamina the healthy way. An ideal diet plan consists of all important nutrients in the right proportions from sources that are easily digestible. When coupled with adequate amounts of exercise, it can be your key to lose weight really fast.

Simple exercises that can be done at home or outdoors can be very effective when you are trying to lose weight. Walking or jogging routines, cycling or swimming sessions and outdoor sports are effective forms of exercise that you can incorporate in your lifestyle, in addition to a tailor-made diet plan.

It is also important to regularize one’s lifestyle and eliminate bad habits to achieve maximum efficacy of this plan. Avoiding junk food, artificial sweeteners and cutting down on caffeine, smoking and alcohol are measures that you must employ to make sure you get the maximum possible benefit from your diet.

Battle it out

While it is relatively easy to formulate your very own diet plan and exercise regime, it is the execution that matters the most. It is important for you to stay motivated and focused on your goal. You can use techniques like meditation and yoga which, in addition to intensifying your mental strength and willpower, also help in burning calories and enhancing the metabolic rate. The effectiveness of your weight loss regime entirely depends on how much work you put into it.

If you stick to your plans well, you will begin to lose weight really fast, and the results will be apparent in a matter of weeks.

Godfrey Agyare, resident of London in the United Kingdom, is a Health & Lifestyle Coach. His blog, http://www.loseweightreallyfastblog.com provides education and tools on maintaining a healthy body shape for those who are serious and willing to remove any unwanted fat in their body so as to enjoy a better quality of life.

Lose Weight Fast – How to Lose Weight

Feeling out of shape, tired, carrying stubborn fat that is getting you down. Lets face it that everyone wants to look good. You want to see yourself looking nice in the mirror. However all you see is an overweight person with parts sticking out in different areas of the body. Maybe you got a big bum or large thighs or a big stomach, or even more embarrassing sagging loose skin. 

To lose weight fast, if you do not take action and do something about it you will not change your appearance in any way or another. You need to motivate yourself to take the step and face the fact that you need to put in extra effort to make some changes and adjustments to achieve the desired look you want to have. There is a thinner person in there in all of us. It just needs some effort, knowledge and commitment to do something about it.

Dieting to lose weight will get you nowhere. If you think dieting will make you lose weight think again. It will shed off some pounds but it will be hard and you will eventually and definitely put it back on.

Successful weight loss is achieved by the means of proper diet, exercise and knowledge. The knowledge to what you should eat and what you should not. You do not have to starve yourself to lose weight. That is the opposite to proper weight loss. You will only make yourself feel down in the dumps as your metabolism will become low. You need to eat proper food and eat the healthy way while you do regular exercise. Cut out the junk food and food that contains a lot of fat and sugar, drink less soda and coffee.

Do some cardio exercise. Walking, jogging, skipping, cycling and running are all good exercises to do. You can only lose weight fast if you follow these techniques that I have explained, eat proper and exercise. When you exercise you burn off calories and that will make you lose weight fast. If you watch what you eat and eat less and healthy but have a balanced diet while cutting down on calorie intake then you will see a difference in your weight, after you have burned up calories while exercising.

If you want to make the change, to lose weight fast, then its up to you to be determined to do it. If you have the willpower to eat proper and exercise then you will lose weight. For more information feel free to visit http://www.Lose-Weight-For-Good.com

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The Fast Ways to Lose Weight

Are there any ways to lose weight fast?

Weight loss is something that everyone wants to succeed in but very few people can stick to the weight loss regime in order make it a successful mission. If you want to avoid weight gain and to control it, a healthy diet and some physical activities is always the best way to do so. Considering that weight loss is among the popular topics these days, let us look at some ways to lose weight fast which we can include in our daily routine.

Here are some things that everyone can do in order to shed some pounds:

Eat small amount of meals but eat frequently, such as up to five times for each day. Taking a balance meals and healthy snacks in between can always help you to avoid from feeling starving. Another way to say it is you will not feel the hunger as you will be eating frequently.
Before taking any heavy meals, have a glass of fruit juice as a start. The idea is to avoid stuffing yourself with more food. A glass of fruit juice will take some of the space in your stomach, in other way it curbs your hunger.
Include more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. The best thing about taking more vegetables is you do not have to worry about fat and cholesterol.
Cut your time spend on watching TV and replace it with other activities that involve physical movement. As an example, if you spend 2 hours sitting in front of the TV every evening, imagine the benefits it gives to your health if you were to spend 1 hour of those time playing squash or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.
Instead of traveling by car, go by cycling or walking. This way you will boost your metabolism, thus more calories are burn into usable energy. You will not only lose some pounds but also keeping yourself healthy.

There are many things that we can do in our daily routine which will help us lose some weight. Some of it are simple, but will need us to change the way we do things and may need us to change our attitude too. The bottom line is there is no way of losing weight fast which can help you to drop some pounds if you are not serious in your weight loss mission.

If you are serious of losing weight up to 21lbs in less a month, you will definitely want to know the best way to lose weight by eating the right diet and doing the right exercise, so drop by my site on http://www.drop20pounds.blogspot.com.