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Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body Reviews

Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body

Simple Green Smoothies: 100+ Tasty Recipes to Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Feel Great in Your Body

Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner are on a fresh path to health and happiness—deprivation not included. In their book, Simple Green Smoothies, these two friends invite you into a sane and tasty approach to health that will inspire and energize you on your own journey toward a happier life. The Simple Green Smoothies’ lifestyle doesn’t involve counting calories or eliminating an entire food group. Instead, it encourages you to make one simple change: drink one green smoothie a day.



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3-in-1 Fat Burner, Testosterone Booster, NOOTROPIC Stimulant – KA-POW!™ 3D Fat Burning Pills – Ultimate Thermogenic Fat Burners for Men! A Male Game Changer for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Clear Focus

3-in-1 Fat Burner, Testosterone Booster, NOOTROPIC Stimulant - KA-POW!™ 3D Fat Burning Pills - Ultimate Thermogenic Fat Burners for Men! A Male Game Changer for Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and Clear Focus

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Dealing With Weight Gain After Pregnancy

All women experience weight gain during their pregnancy. In truth, women are urged to gain weight once they noticed they are pregnant. This is because your body needs the extra “fluff” to help keep the baby safe, healthy and happy while it grows. Be that as it may, few women are really happy about the weight gain that will stay with them, once the baby has been born. This is why a lot of women have a hard time losing weight after being pregnant. They assume they’ll be able to go about their weight loss in the same manner they’ve always used in the past. The truth is that dropping pounds after you give birth requires a different approach than the usual weight loss. Here are some tips that will help you stay level headed when you’re trying to lose the added weight from your pregnancy.

Try to be patient. It’s hard to be patient, of course, when you read about celebrities who have babies and are miraculously back to their ultra-thin selves within weeks. Remember, these women are free to exercise and go to spas while others are taking care of their babies. They have no restrictions when it comes to hiring nutritionists, personal trainers or anyone else who can help them lose weight in a hurry.

The vast majority of women simply don’t have such options, so don’t use them as a comparison. You have to be satisfied with losing weight at a pace that’s appropriate for you, not someone else.

Do everything you can to get some sleep. If your goal is weight loss after a pregnancy, getting the sleep you need is something you can’t neglect. It will also improve your overall well being. People’s need for sleep differs, but in general you need between six and eight hours of sleep to keep your body at its best. You need quite a bit of energy to take care of your new baby, and to keep up with an exercise program that will help you to lose weight, and you need sleep for this.

If you aren’t sure about anything, get the help you need. You can’t lose weight after pregnancy the same way you would under other conditions. In some cases, you will have a hard time dropping this extra weight and you should ask a doctor or pediatrician for advice. Medical professionals have the expertise to advise you on how to lose weight in a healthy way that also keeps your baby and you well nourished. You could even ask for help from a personal trainer to develop a low impact workout. When you need help, you should ask for it! Losing weight during this time is a bit of a different process than trying to lose weight from other sources. Limiting the intake of food in order to lose weight after child birth is a bad idea because your body needs all the vitamins and nutrients it can get just to recover from childbirth. Regular exercise is also a challenge because of the amount of time you spend caring for your baby. Hooray for great news, weight loss often happens naturally. If this is not your experience try some of the tips listed here. Be patient! You’ll fit into your pre-pregnancy pants eventually.

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How To Gain Weight Fast For Skinny Guys (Bulking Diet Tips)

In this video you’ll learn how to gain weight fast if you’re a skinny guy.

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Key Points:

As a skinny guy a lot of people will actually be very envious of your situation, and the society in general doesn’t really put much pressure on you to change as most people are struggling to gain weight.

Most skinny guys don’t really have that sense of urgency and don’t look at being skinny as a problem.

More often than not they it’s the case of “It would be nice to gain weight” or “I’m fine with the way I am now but I’d like to be able to put on a bit more size.”

This doesn’t generate the necessary motivation to go through the hard process of changing your diet (and stick with it) to gain weight.

And if the pain of staying skinny isn’t greater than the pain required to go through the process of changing your diet you won’t be able to stick with it.

Diet and lifestyle adjustments:

TIP #1 – Setup Your Calories and Macros To Make It Easier To Eat More

As a skinny guy who’s generally struggling to eat enough food to gain weight healthy fats are the easiest way to get into a calorie surplus.

No matter how adaptive or “fast” your metabolism is at a certain intake of calories your body won’t be able to “burn-off” the energy and you’ll start gaining weight.

Guys who claim they eat 5000-6000 kcal / day and don’t gain any weight are either unaware of their true intake or are flat out lying.

So the way you setup your macros to make gaining weight easier is to go with a very high fat diet. 1 gram of fat has 9 kcal.

The first step of course is to setup the appropriate protein intake which can easily be 1g per lbs of Body-weight if you’re skinny.

Second step is to give yourself enough carbohydrate which you set as 2 – 3 g / lbs of Body-weight depending on personal preference.

And the rest of calories into fat.

i.e. Male 150 lbs @ 3000 Kcal/ day broken down into:
150g of protein
280-300g of carbs
130-140g of fat

I would generally advise you to avoid or at least minimize heat processed vegetable oils, anything with rapeseed oil, canola oil, hydrogenised or (partially) hardened vegetable fats and artificial transfats.

Foods such as peanut butter, almond butter, avocado, coconut oil, olive oil, whole milk, kefir, yoghurt, full fat cheese, fatty fish, generally fattier meats and whole eggs are all amazing sources.

My go-to source of healthy fats and calories is dark 80%+ chocolate. If I’m on a “bulk” sometimes I’ll eat 2 of these 100g chocolates per day.

So when it comes to food you want to avoid low fat products and stick with a high fat diet.

TIP #2 – Design Your Environment / LifestyleTo Have Easy Access to Food

Healthy snacks are a great choice.

Great sources to have around are dry roasted nuts and dried fruits.

These are easy to store and to bring with you.

You want to make it easier to consume more calories.

So things like not drinking water anytime before a meal is recommend so you can eat more.

Generally avoid things like intermittent fasting if you need to consume a lot of calories. It doesn’t make sense to fast.

Eating more frequent meals can help some guys get more food, choose a meal frequency that makes you more hungry and allows for easier consumption of food.

Don’t forget to bring food with you. Plan how you’re gonna get food.

This comes down to weekly grocery shopping and always having go-to high calorie sources like nuts and dark chocolate available.

TIP #3 – Track Your Food Intake

Guys who are naturally skinny greatly overestimate the amount of calories they eat by A LOT.

This can be solved with tracking your food intake with free apps such as MyFitnessPal.

You don’t need to track 24/7 365 days of the year but it is recommended to track for a few weeks to see exactly how much food and calories you need to start gaining weight.

If you don’t do this you’re most likely going to waste your time and you’re not going to be consistent.

If you remove the guess work you’ll get results much faster.

Talk soon, Mario

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Serious MASS High Protein Weight Gain Powder

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Recommended Protein Powders:


Video Summary:

How To Use Protein Powder: Simple Step-By-Step Guide

In today’s video I answer 3 straightforward questions…

1) What is the best protein powder to take?
2) How much protein powder should you use per day?
3) When is the best time to take protein powder?

Although many beginners tend to think of protein powder as being some sort of fancy, high-tech muscle building supplement, it’s really nothing more than a way of meeting your daily protein needs in a more convenient manner.

Protein powders are derived from whole food sources, and so asking “how to take protein powder” is really no different from asking “how to take chicken” or “how to take salmon”.

So, if you enjoy the taste or convenience factor of protein shakes and/or protein powder recipes, then including them in your diet is obviously a good idea.

However, if you’d prefer to just meet your daily protein intake from regular solid food sources, that’s fine too and your bottom line bodybuilding results won’t differ in the big picture.

As for the 3 questions above…

How To Use Protein Powder:

1) Best Protein Powder To Take:

When it all comes down to it, any basic protein powder is ultimately fine to use as part of your muscle building or fat loss diet.

Although certain sources like whey or egg are higher quality on a gram for gram basis, the issue of quality gradually becomes less important in the context of a complete diet where overall protein needs for the day as a whole are being met.

This is because your body only requires a finite amount of amino acids to max out your muscle building capability over a given time period, and as long as you’re getting enough total protein from a variety of sources (about 0.8-1g per pound of body weight daily), those amino acid needs will usually be met pretty easily.

My default recommendation is to use a blend of whey isolate/whey concentrate because it tastes good, mixes well and is cost-effective (check above for my recommended powders), but egg or casein are also acceptable choices if you prefer them for some reason.

Or, if you’re vegan or would just prefer a plant based protein powder, then brown rice protein, soy protein, pea protein or vegan blends are fine as well. (Side note: I would recommend men consume no more than 30g of total soy protein per day just to be on the safe side)

The only other thing to make sure of when selecting the best protein powder for you is that the product is not amino spiked. (More info: http://www.SeanNal.com/articles/supplementation/amino-acid-spiking.php)

2) How Much Protein Powder To Use:

This is just an issue of personal preference and depends how much of your protein intake you prefer in liquid form or in solid form.

My general guideline is that having up to half of your total protein intake in the form of protein powder is fine depending on your preference.

3) Protein Powder Timing:

There won’t be anything special about taking protein powder at any one specific time of day over another.

So, if you prefer it for breakfast, pre or post workout, after dinner or before bed, any of these times will be fine. Just base it on what is most convenient and most enjoyable for you.

So, is protein powder necessary? No, but for most average lifters it is a good way of improving the convenience of your diet, and shakes/protein powder recipes can be quite enjoyable taste wise as well.

If you do decide to include a whey protein powder or some other form of protein powder in your diet, just follow the 3 guidelines above and you’ll be all set.

The question of “how to use protein powder” is very straightforward as you can see, and much of it is just a matter of your own personal preference in terms of taste and convenience.

Hope you found this basic protein powder guide helpful.
Video Rating: / 5

Weight Loss for Women Over 50: Shed Excess Weight Gain Caused by Menopause and Feel Young Again!: (Diet and Weight Loss, Weight Loss Books)

Weight Loss for Women Over 50: Shed Excess Weight Gain Caused by Menopause and Feel Young Again!: (Diet and Weight Loss, Weight Loss Books)

Weight Loss for Women Over 50: Shed Excess Weight Gain Caused by Menopause and Feel Young Again!: (Diet and Weight Loss, Weight Loss Books)

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How Can Skinny Guys Gain Weight

Often, I hear questions coming from skinny guys all around the world. Is it possible for them to gain weight? Gaining weight is not an impossible task. The best way to gaining weight would be to build muscles. As you should know, muscles are much heavier than fats. As a result, they look much nicer and require much more knowledge to build as compared to fats.

In this article, I will give you some tips to gaining muscle to answer the following question. How can skinny guys gain weight?

-Being Skinny Maybe Be An Advantage.

Being skinny can be an advantage. The reason is because, fats can not be converted into muscles. Firstly, do not be disheartened just because you are skinny. I assure you that if you start building muscles effectively, you will end up looking much better than someone who began with a fat body. What you can finally own is a body that is full of lean muscle mass, and little fats to mention about.

-Building Muscles By Weight Lifting.

The best way to gain muscle mass would be to do weight lifting which means training with weights in the gym. Firstly, you will need to build a foundation if you have not begun weight training. The foundation can be built by strength training. Strength training prepares your muscles for muscle growth through high intensity trainings. To begin with strength training, pick 2 exercises for each muscle group in your body and start hitting the gym. In a days session, you will need to perform all the exercises for your full body workout.

-Changing Your Diets.

You are what you eat. To gain weight and muscle, you will need to eat more of the correct foods, at the correct times. Food that are high in protein like eggs, salmon, tuna and chicken breasts should be taken often. If you want to build a body that girls stare at, put in some commitment! Next, carbohydrates should only be taken during the correct times. They serve to boost your insulin levels and contribute to your muscle gains. As for fats, stay off the harmful fats and start taking healthy fats. An example of healthy fats would be omega 3 fatty acids. Some food are naturally high in them so remember to take them more often.

Do not procrastinate. The solution to the question, how can skinny guys gain weight, is simple. Build muscles in the correct way and you will be skinny no more.

If you are interested in transforming your body and your life, I can help you gain muscles like me, in the same time. How skinny guys gain weight

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