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Would You Send Your Kids to Camp to Lose Weight? | I Know What You Weighed Last Summer | Only Human

A group of obese teenagers tackle their weight issues at a summer camp. Katie’s happy and confident on the outside, but admits that her sense of humour is a form of self-defence.Two-part series following a group of obese teenagers spending five weeks at a camp together in an effort to tackle their weight issues.

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Know about best whey protein and cheap protein

When it comes to protein, the best whey protein can easily vouch for being the most popular protein amongst serious bodybuilders and athlete. Apart from being cheap protein (it makes you gain weight without your wallet loosing it); this protein is popular because people now know its numerous advantages. The last decade has seen an upsurge in the awareness related to body fitness, exercises and the role of supplements in achieving the desired health. The dependence on steroids for achieving muscular mass has given way to healthy supplements that can give you bulging biceps and broad chests without compromising on your health or posing side-effects.

How to buy the best whey protein?

Here are a few pointers that should be kept in mind while going out to purchase the whey protein supplement. This is important so that you do not get lost in the myriad options that dominates shelf in a sport or supplement store.

Read the contents: This is an important step because a listing of ingredients and a breakup of their proportions as per mass will give you an idea of the quality of the supplements. Remember, whey is one of the richest forms of organic protein and is obtained during the process of making cheese out of milk. An efficient whey supplement has a significantly higher proportion of protein and less of lactose, fat and carbohydrates
Do not go by the price: Do not compare the supplements on the basis of their prices only. This can be a very dubious criterion. A cheap protein supplement may save you few bucks, but it can fall short on several other indicators of performance. It is important to judge supplements on the basis of their nutritional worth. If possible, purchase a sample amount first to see how it suits your body, before getting the supplement in bulk
Approval: it is advisable to choose a protein supplement that has undergone various tests and has been approved by the concerned authorities for human consumption. Gather knowledge about the various bodies and authorities (as per region) and do check the labels on these supplements for details on these approvals

Proteinfactory specializes in custom protein and custom protein powder. For more information about the best whey protein visit http://www.proteinfactory.com.

Whey Protein Powder – 7 Secrets You have to Know for the Best Results

Is whey protein powder genuinely worthy of all of the hype? Here are 7 issues you may well not have recognized about whey protein till now.
1. Whey Protein Powder Is Perfect For Faster Muscle Recovery and Post Workout Restoration
As you in all probability know, muscle is broken down whenever you workout. The point of workout would be to break and exhaust your muscles to ensure that they heal stronger than they were prior to. Consuming whey immediately following a workout or training of any kind is really a wonderful way to support speed up the rebuilding along with the recovery of one’s muscles.
2. Superior Amino Acid Profile For Peak Physical Performance
Since protein is second only to water as becoming probably the most plentiful substance in our bodies it’s critical to choose wisely when it comes to which proteins we use to fuel our bodies. Furthermore, our bodies require certain “essential amino acids” that we can’t produce internally but should acquire from our diets.
High quality whey protein powder is really a “complete protein” mainly because it contains all of the essential amino acids and extra that our body needs. Whey is arguably the best feasible selection in protein and is regarded as by some to be “the ideal protein.” It’s also an great source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) containing much more BCAAs than any other recognized food supply.
Why is this critical? Simply because during a workout and during any time of exercise BCAAs are the 1st amino acids to be employed and metabolized into our muscles. Consequently, you need to replenish that supply so you can recover quickly and start rebuilding lean muscle.
three. Whey Protein Powder Boosts The Immune Method
Whey is verified to boost and improve the immune program. Throughout exercise and workout periods your immune system is weakened to some degree. Whey comes in and offers your immune program the increase it requirements to fight off infection and other dangerous bacteria. It has even been recognized to build the bodies very own antioxidants and fight off cancer cells.
4. A Superior Protein For Lean Muscle Growth and Loss of Body Fat
In relation to fat loss whey protein powder is an extremely healthy and natural supplement. Normally, whenever you think of dietary supplements you think of fad diet plan pills that do absolutely nothing but pump harmful chemicals and caffeine into your body but contain no actual health benefits.
Whey, on the other hand, has been clinically verified to not only help inside the loss of physique fat but also inside the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass. A physique having a larger lean muscle mass will actually burn extra calories and a lot more excess fat per day.
five. Whey Protein Powder Is Quickly Digestible For Any Age Group
Now which you see how necessary and useful whey protein may be it is also worth noting that it is extremely straightforward for your body to digest. This means that this “perfect protein” is able to be absorbed and distributed all through your physique speedily so recovery time is rapid. Whey protein really leaves the stomach and enters the bloodstream faster than other proteins. This implies that much more amino acids can make there approach to the muscles and muscle protein synthesis and rebuilding can occur speedily.
6. Whey Is really a Naturally Occurring Antioxidant
You will find a lot of studies not too long ago about the antioxidant properties of whey. To make a lengthy story brief, is has been shown that consuming whey protein increases a key antioxidant (Glutathione) in the human body that is identified to fight lots of immune deficiencies and also cancer causing cells. This is just one of the many amazing benefits of whey protein powder.
7. If you Pick The Wrong Whey Protein You will Lose Out On a Ton of These Benefits…Here’s The best way to Select the Right One:
Even though whey contains a ton of remarkable wellness advantages…most store-bought powders has been so highly processed that the nutrients and wholesome enzymes have literally been killed. Now, realize that it’s not the worst factor within the world to eat these whey proteins, but in case you care about what you put inside your body as significantly as I do then you’ll want to choose natural grass fed whey powder created from only raw milk that’s cold-processed.
The cause why is that whey protein which comes from raw milk of grass fed cows is really a significantly additional thriving, alive, and complete protein. It is not over-processed and as a result you get every last incredible benefit out of this extraordinary protein so your physique is fueled and prepared to go.

And how do you know which whey protein will be the absolute healthiest and most effective for you? Just go here to see what I personally use and is the highest quality I’ve discovered anyplace: Whey Protein Powder
Chas Smith will be the co-founder of http://www.wheyproteinpowders.org

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Know the Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Are you sick and tired of being teased about your weight? Do you suffer from poor body image and would just want to get rid of the excess weight that you have been carrying around for years now? Well being on the right mindset certainly helps because nothing will be able to stop you from getting back in shape than sheer determination. As there are all sorts of diets and exercises that are believed to be the fastest way to lose weight, choosing the right one can prove to be quite a challenge.

So before starting on any exercise regimen, what you should do is to assess the current state of your body such as your BMI, weight, height (if these three are proportionate to your body type and age), and if you’re currently suffering from any illness or have any health limitations.

For example, if it has been years since you last exercised or did nay intense physical activity, then it is best that you refrain from engaging in activities that will just be huge shock to your system. Start slow and gradually increase your pace so that your body will be able to adjust to your new physical routine. This is why it is very important that you also look into those diets that are claiming to be the fastest way to lose weight.

Take for example the banana diet which is believed to not just be a very effective way to lose weight fast but it’s also relatively easy to do and is less restrictive unlike with other diets. Another popular diet which is believed to be a very effective way to lose weight while still doing the body a lot of good is the South beach diet. This is because this diet was formulated by a cardiologist who at that time, was helping his patients lose weight in just a matter of two weeks. Once Hollywood was able to take wind of this diet, various health and recipe books preaching about the benefits of the South beach diet. And given that it is able to produce positive results in just two short weeks, it also believed to the fastest way to lose weight compared to the other fad diets out there.

In spite of all the available exercise programs and diets out there, what you need to realize when it comes to the fastest way to lose weight, is that there’s really no easy way for you to be able to go about this. Losing weight requires you to be very disciplined because if you cheat on your weight loss program, remember that you are only cheating yourself.

If you want some helpful suggestions then take a look at some of the solutions suggested at Fat Loss Program The ideas presented there might just help get your body working to lose weight fast for you.

What You Need to Know About Protein Shakes

Get a Body That’s Ready for Summer:

What’s up y’all,

It’s Jonny with Insane Home Fat Loss and today I want to talk about a really great topic — Protein Shakes! Here at Insane Home Fat Loss we like to make sure that you’re armed with the best information possible so you can meet your fitness goals. So pay attention today because it’s advice like that this that will give you that edge you need to get the body you want!

Video Breakdown:
Protein and nutrition shakes are a great way to get your meals in when you’re on the go but it’ not a replacement for real food. So today I’m going to give you a rundown on all the different types of shakes, how they can hurt you, how they can help you and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

0:38 What are protein shakes?
– It’s a nutritional shake made primarily of protein, usually in the form of a powder.
– But there are also other nutritional shakes that may have more macronutrients (carbs and fats) in there.

1:07 Typically a nutritional shake is based in a powder form of mainly protein or a mixture of the macros.
– You can get the powders in a variety of different forms such as whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, egg protein, vegan protein and even beef protein.
– They can pretty much make a powder protein from any source these days!
– And you usually mix these powders with either water or a milk / milk substitute of your choice in a blender or shaker cup.

2:12 How can these shakes help you?
– The biggest thing is that if you have the option between a shake and real food you should choose the real food every time. It has the real nutritional content and substance that your body needs.
– But these are good for when you’re in a rush or don’t have time to make a full meal.

3:04 What are the different types of shakes?
– First, there are strictly protein shakes which don’t have a lot of carbs or fat in them. They are typically around 125 – 130 calories with 15 grams of protein per scoop.

**Always check your labels to see the nutritional values and how many scoops each serving is.

3:33 There is a couple different types of sources available for your whey protein… whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, casein protein, there’s a bunch out there.
– But the best protein out there is whey isolate it’s the most pure form, but it will also be the most expensive.

3:51 The second type of shake I want to talk about is a weight gainer or a mass gainer.
– This is similar to protein shakes except they also have a lot more of the other macronutriients (carbs and fat).
– The of this is get the most amount of macronutrients in one meal so that you can get serious in the gym and put on weight.
– This is good for bodybuilders and serious athletes but is NOT for anyone who is looking to lose weight!

4:47 The third type of shake I want to talk about is a meal replacement shake.
– This is pretty much the type of shake that is right in the middle of a protein shake and a mass gainer. It has everything a mass gainer has but dialed way down.
– This is good for people who are busy but are still trying to lose weight, it has all of the macronutrients of a meal.

**You can have these types of shakes if you’re a busy person on the go, pre/intra/post-workout.

6:07 Now let’s talk about the bad.
– You’re not going to get the same results because you’re not going to get the same nutritional content if you drink too many shakes.
– It will shock your system if you drink too many shakes because you’ll basically be switching to an all liquid diet.
– And lastly, they’re not cheap… they cost way more than real food.

A good amount to start with is around 2 shakes per week until your body gets used to producing that type of food.

I hope you enjoyed today’s topic and find it useful to know which shake will works best for your needs and why.

For more workouts, diet and nutrition advice like you saw here today as well as awesome tips and tricks… come back and see us again and click on any of the links you see here. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to let me know what you thought about this workout and what you’d like to see more of and keep those progress pics coming in – Y’all are doing some great work out there!

See y’all next time, Peace!

And, would you like to know more ways to get fit WITHOUT a gym? Check this out:

Thanks y’all for watching, I know how tough it is to lose that extra weight and feel good about yourself… I was was right where you are not too long ago. But stick with it, once you have your diet and workout routine down it’s just a matter of time before you’re right where you want to be. It took me a while to figure it out but once I started doing it the right way, the fat just melted off.

Here’s how I did it – It’s EASY:

Train Hard,

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