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191 of 365- Old jeans, new jeans (showing weight-loss, NOT what edema looks like)

Check out these weight loss images:

191 of 365- Old jeans, new jeans (showing weight-loss, NOT what edema looks like)
weight loss
Image by Pahz
I had to buy jeans sometime in June. I get my jeans a bit loose and made of the semi-stretch stuff because I have edema (swelling) issues. On June 28th, I was officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia and they gave me a muscle relaxer to help me sleep- which is the first line of battle in coping with fibro. In the course of sleeping more (not perfect, but way better than before), I’ve started to feel better, having more good days than bad days. And in sleeping better, I’ve started to lose weight. I’m still not exercising in any real sense, but I’m doing more day-to-day stuff and this is a start!

I noticed my stats showed that my photo is on a Japanese site as an explanation for edema. This photo is NOT a representation of what edema IS or what it DOES. This is just showing the weight I seemed to have lost since late May/early June.

365×3.030: oh, crackers!
weight loss
Image by malik ml williams
We’re Here! :: Copycat


“And anyway, the first three letters in the word diet should tell you what I want it to do.”
— Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, Hush


Today we’re celebrating reaching 500 members in the We’re Here! group by copycatting the iPhoneography shots of our 500th member, kimbermudez. Since it’s iPhoneography, the image was shot and processed entirely on my iPhone 5. Also, since i’m doing Dr. Oz’s two-week rapid weight-loss plan right now, copying the image below using a cracker that i can’t eat right now seemed especially appropriate.


Damn Triscuit. I do love hummus, i do love hummus, i do love hummus…

Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Look Like Beyoncé

Weight loss advice and health tips from The 22 Day Revolution book, written by Beyoncé’s personal trainer Marco Borges.
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Tiny and Full - New Book Promotes Being Vegan Until Lunch To Lose Weight

A new book promotes calorie restriction by eating a whole foods, plant based diet for breakfast and then returning to the standard American diet for the remainder of the day. The author recommends 10-20 grams of protein from animal sources at lunch and dinner but should you follow this recommendation?

He says in the interview that if you want to ‘look great’ for summer and you want the abs ‘you have to cut calories’ and THAT IS WHAT HIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT!

I DO NOT promote calorie restriction to get a lean body. If you want to learn more on this subject, go check out Freelee the Banana Girl here:

Here is the article if you want to go watch the video promoting the book on Fox News Latino:

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