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A Beginner’s Guide To Juicing: How To Lose Weight, Increase Energy Levels, And Look & Feel Younger

A Beginner’s Guide To Juicing: How To Lose Weight, Increase Energy Levels, And Look & Feel Younger

A Beginner's Guide To Juicing: How To Lose Weight, Increase Energy Levels, And Look & Feel Younger

A Beginner’s Guide To Juicing – How To Lose Weight, Increase Energy Levels, And Look & Feel Younger – Includes 30 Awesome Juice Recipes

Thousands of people have successfully used juicing to help them lose weight, and this has led to an explosion of interest in juicing in general. As well as using it for weight loss, many now use it to improve both their general health, and also to help with some specific health conditions. Juicing can help you look and feel younger, give you a boost o


Break Through Your Set Point: How to Finally Lose the Weight You Want and Keep I

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An Inside Look at Weight-Loss Products

There are several weight loss products out in the market which offers quick weight loss outcomes. However, are you guaranteed with the effects of the products? Could these items give you the assurance of a fit physique?

In US, there is approximately 50 million individuals who attempt to lose weight but unluckily only 5% are successful. One thing is certain, that is to be careful of deceitful claims and costly products because there are no instant results in weight loss.

Here are some types of weight loss merchandise available in the market:

– Diet patch which is already eliminated by FDA since 1990s since they were known to be inefficient.

– Magnetic diet pills supposedly wash away fat but actually they don’t.

– Guar gum results to internal hindrances.

– Electrical muscle stimulators have proven to cause zero effects.

– Eyeglasses which suppress appetite claim that the reflected picture on the retina lessens appetite.

– Weight loss earrings suppress appetite through acupuncture.
Here are more weight loss product examples:

– Diet drinks combined with food or beverages are employed as meal alternatives. The disadvantage of this choice is when the person quit drinking the product; the lost weight will eventually be regained after a period of always feeling hungry.

– Diet supplements and medications do not seem to work in long-term. Over the counter diet supplements which are composed of phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride might increase palpitation and blood pressure.

– Ephedra can result to severe side effects like death, stroke, seizure and heart problems.

– Herbalife Nutritional Program are what some dieters depend on taking. This comes in shakes and pursuing a synthetic dieting techniques and avoiding food to function in their lives.

– Mega-Thin 100 Formula contains an anti-fat substance; however, diet is not highlighted that is why this is regarded as an appetite suppressant.

– Nestlé’s Sweet Success is suggested to be taken 3 times daily and does not encourage healthy eating habits. It is difficult to maintain weight loss after stopping to drink the product.

– Ultra Slim Fast plan necessitates regular exercise but does not encourage good eating practices.

– Diet pills containing PPA and Ephedra have included diet programs. Slimming can be achieved from the diet program and not from the pill itself and there are known unpleasant side effects.

– Chitosan products have fibers which were derived from shellfish that can result to diarrhea, gas and bloating. This will only be efficient once a low-fat diet is applied.

– Chromium supplements assert that these products can lower blood sugar, cholesterol and fat but will also result to memory loss and anemia. Studies have proven this to cause no benefits at all.

– Green tea products are popular and contain high antioxidants which assist in lowering the cholesterol and triglycerides. It also encourages weight loss, but the caffeine content can result to restlessness and insomnia.

– Algae tablets like Spirulina contains important nutrients can be applied in any kind of diet but may be highly expensive.

Even when you intend to use supplements to help you lose weight, eating properly and exercise are still necessary to achieve success.

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Book | How to Lose Weight and Look Younger on the Antiinflammatory Diet.: A Nutritionist’s Guide

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The Anti-inflammatory Diet Its the age old dilemma, face or body? Overdo the diet and you risk your face looking a bit gaunt and often older. So could an anti-inflammatory diet be the answer to help you lose weight fast and at the same time look years younger? Research now suggests that weight gain and wrinkles are actually caused by the same reaction, a process called inflammation. Inflammation is known to lead to fine lines, uneven skin tone, flushing, acne and oily skin, it also interferes with the bodys metabolism, meaning that you burn fewer calories. By eating specific foods inflammation can be reversed which means that when you lose weight instead of looking gaunt you will actually look younger. Inflammation occurs in the body after illness or injury. The body reacts by flooding the problem area with a combination of immune cells, chemicals, blood and other fluids to protect it until the threat has gone, but increasingly our environment and poor diets are pro-inflammatory, and rather than protecting our body, these compounds can start to damage it. Inflammation is not only linked to skin conditions and weight gain but to more serious long term conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, poor immune systems and digestive disorders. By eating an anti-inflammatory diet, you will reduce the levels of inflammation compounds in the body and not only will you notice improvements in fine lines and skin tone but you will also lose weight fast, revealing a slimmer, younger you. This diet plan embraces looking and feeling the best that we can. The plan is based on a healthy, nutritious, well balanced diet that builds in particular anti-inflammatory foods. This diet plan will rev up your metabolism, rejuvenate your body and see you lose the wrinkles as well as the pounds. It really is that simple to lose weight and look younger all at the same time. On this plan you will be eating lots of whole grains, fruit, vegetables, fish and good oils and the added herbs and spices will ensure that every mouthful is full of goodness and flavour. Because the plan is based on whole foods it is filling and satisfying too, which will make losing weight all the more enjoyable. The book also includes extra anti-inflammatory recipes so that you can build them into a long term anti-inflammatory diet.
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Eat Plants, Lose Weight, Look Like Beyoncé

Weight loss advice and health tips from The 22 Day Revolution book, written by Beyoncé’s personal trainer Marco Borges.
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Tiny and Full - New Book Promotes Being Vegan Until Lunch To Lose Weight

A new book promotes calorie restriction by eating a whole foods, plant based diet for breakfast and then returning to the standard American diet for the remainder of the day. The author recommends 10-20 grams of protein from animal sources at lunch and dinner but should you follow this recommendation?

He says in the interview that if you want to ‘look great’ for summer and you want the abs ‘you have to cut calories’ and THAT IS WHAT HIS BOOK IS ALL ABOUT!

I DO NOT promote calorie restriction to get a lean body. If you want to learn more on this subject, go check out Freelee the Banana Girl here:

Here is the article if you want to go watch the video promoting the book on Fox News Latino:

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How Do I Get the Jennifer Aniston Look?

Have you ever watched FRIENDS? Everybody loved it and it became one of the most awaited television shows. It was a comedy show packed with love story and a little bit of drama. For those who watched every episode, comes out of the room with a smile plastered on their faces. Now that it has ended, and its been years since the last episode, what we can really remember are the people who became a member of their cast. One of which who was very much loved was Jennifer Aniston, who played the role of Rachel. Everyone liked her acting skills and above all, her power to set a trendy hairstyle that every girl will be demanding from their hairstylist.

Everybody loved her hair when she was playing Rachel. She was famous for her medium length layered hair. Even now as the Friends season has been over, she still continue to gain reputation for setting a hairstyle that is to die for. Now she has been sporting a long, sun-kissed highlights and straight hair. She can play with it all the time: pull it back, throw a bohemian look or even just let it loose and make it naturally messy. What ever she does with it, she looks fine. It matched her gorgeous looks very well.


Now do I get the long straight hair that she has? Simple, all you have to do is to use flat iron, blow dryer and a simple round brush. Having long tresses, simple angled layer, and great highlights, you can easily get that look that Jennifer Aniston is famous about. It takes 30 minutes to do. Make sure you hair is dry once you use the iron and hair protecting products should be used as well. You can use additional products like straightening balm or gels to facilitate you in gaining that pin straight hair.


What is good about her hairstyle is that it fits all kinds of occasion and you will never be boring. Her hairs are almost alike in all awards night that she has joined, yet when you look at it closely, the style differs. It is as if, you do not have to put much effort on how to fix your hair because all you have to do is to wear and go. On ordinary days, you will still look great. This hairstyle does not make you look over or under styled at all.


However, the key tool in here is the use of flat iron. There are many of these devices hanging around in the market. However, use only the products that are made with ceramics or a mix of other materials known for giving off negative ions. If you want to continue on doing the Jennifer Aniston look, then you should be able to maintain your hair on the process. The only products that can maintain its moisture even in the event of heat application is the use of ceramic straighteners. Be vigilant in choosing them.


One more thing, your blow dryers can be made of ceramics too. Therefore, it means that you have to choose the best devices to obtain the best hairstyles that made Jennifer Aniston look like a star.

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