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Skimming the Skepticism off Fat Burners

Fat Burner Supplements
by jp_ns

With about 66 percent of the American population categorized as obese or overweight, fat burner products are increasingly attracting high consumer interest. According to Datamonitor, weight loss supplements that specify claims such as “calorie/fat burning” experienced 3 percent growth in 2010, or an overall growth of 300 percent when compared to2007. While this may seem like good news to fat burner supplement manufacturers, there is a caveat: Consumers are skeptical!

A systemic review published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, assessed existing data on major weight loss ingredients in the market. The review found that though research studies provide encouraging data to suggest that certain ingredients may promote weight loss, results of these studies were often conflicting, requiring more research to validate their efficacy.1

The challenge for manufacturers is to put together a fat burner product that has greater scientific support, while effectively using labels to overcome some of the cynicism associated with fat burners. Here’s a list of fat burning ingredients which have shown more favorable results in studies than other ingredients in the marketplace, and are generally considered safe to use.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid found in dairy products and in meats such as beef and lamb. Human studies show that CLA has minimal effects on body mass index (BMI), but may be able to reduce body fat mass (BFM) and sagittal abdominal diameter (SAD). CLA appears to be safe to use.2

Pyruvate, a three-carbon compound, is the byproduct of glycolysis. Scientists are still finding out exactly how pyruvate works in the body to promote weight loss, but studies conducted so far have shown consistent results for reducing BMI and BFM. Pyruvate is considered effective and safe to use for short periods of time.3

Irvingia gabonensis is a fruit that comes from the forests of West Africa. Studies conducted on humans showed that Irvingia gabonensis was able to decrease body weight, waist circumference and hip circumference. There is limited data on Irvingia gabonensis, but it appears safe to use and studies regarding its effect on weight loss show a high potential for efficacy.4

Green Tea A consumption of 4 cups a day for 8 weeks was seen to significantly reduce body weight and BMI for obese subjects with Metabolic Syndrome in a controlled study conducted at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Green tea is known to speed up calorie-burning by a process called thermogenesis.5

Dietary fiber. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, women who ate high-fiber foods approximately 3 hours before exercise burned more fat during workouts.6

A survey conducted in 2008 found that 33.9 percent of adults have used dietary supplements for weight loss at some point in their lives.7 By producing a weight loss formula that is not only effective, but scientifically-supported, you’ll have the competitive advantage of attracting the largest share of your target market.

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