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Understanding Fat Burners and What They Do

Fat Burner Supplements
by D@LY3D

You may have seen the ads. You may have even seen the supplements in the pharmacy. But, do you know what fat burners are and what they do? Many people do not. They simply view them as frauds or something that is produced in order to get people’s money. Others believe that they work, yet they are afraid of potential side effects. Since the Ephedrine incident, in which many people died of causes related to using this ingredient, many people have become afraid to even look twice at fat burners.

The truth is that fat burners today are safe. As long as you do not have any underlying medical conditions, are pregnant or are underage, then you should be able to take fat burning supplements safely. If you are not sure, you can always check with your doctor before you begin. Of course, you still need to know what fat burners do.

First of all, a fat burner works in many ways. They act on the part of the brain that controls your hunger. They also cause the brain to release certain chemicals that boost your metabolism. By eating less and burning more fat, people are able to lose a significantly higher amount of weight than by diet and exercise alone.

Your body will burn a higher amount of calories and burn off much more fat when using fat burners. In addition, you will continue to burn fat and calories even while you are resting. Since the ban of ephedrine by the FDA, many manufacturers have begun to use an herbal Ephedra or Ma Huang in their fat burning products. Citrus Aurantium and Green Tea extracts are also used. These ingredients help your body to prepare for battle. They keep you from feeling hungry while giving you more energy and burning off more fat.

Hoodia, HCA, Theanine, which is an amino acid that is found in green tea extracts and other herbs are also used. Many fat burners are marketed strictly for women and claim to help women to lose more calories. Since women typically have a much harder time burning off fat, these companies are appealing to their wants by marketing products specifically geared toward the female population. Does this make them better for women? It could, but the simple fact is that most fat burners are created alike. They speed up your metabolism and help you to feel less hungry, in turn helping you to stick to a healthier eating plan and burning off more fat and calories.

Not everyone is ready to believe that fat burners are safe or even that they do what they claim. Many companies put out supplements that claim to burn fat, only to end up being more along the placebo lines. If you are serious about losing weight and toning your body, then fat burners are a good way to get there faster. Be sure to follow the directions on the package and combine your supplements with healthy eating and lots of cardio workouts to see the best results.

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The Ugly Truth About Protein Bars… (are they really a healthy snack?)

Are Protein Bars a Healthy Snack… Or Just a Jacked Up Chocolate Bar?

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Protein bars are super convenient – you can toss them in your gym bag, your brief case, keep them at your desk, in your car, etc. and snack on them when you’re busy and on the go.

By the looks of the packaging you’ll think that you’re getting a healthy bodybuilding food, much more nutritious than a typical candy bar. But a lot of times they are not. In fact, many protein bars contain just as much fat, sugar, and calories as regular candy bars.

They certainly aren’t the guilt free treat that a lot of people believe them to be. From a fat loss point of view they are just as “fattening” as a regular candy bar. The only difference is that you’re getting a serving of protein along with the fat and sugar.

You can think of a “Protein Bar” as simply eating a candy bar and then washing it down with a protein shake. That’s basically what you’re getting in terms of nutritional value from your typical protein bar.

Now I’m not saying that you can’t enjoy a protein bar from time to time. But just realize exactly what you are eating, it’s nothing more than a candy bar with protein.

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How To Choose A Protein Bar - Alyssia's Protein Bar Review - Which Protein Bar is Best?

Which protein bar should I buy? Which Protein Bar is Best? Check out Alyssia’s protein bar review, where she reveals which bars are healthiest based on macros and micronutrients, and why! Check it out!
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Dietary Supplements – Are They Dangerous?

Dietary supplements discuss with any health merchandise that may supplement our diet. They embrace vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, Probiotics, herbal supplements, glandular extracts and dietary fibers etc.
The consumption of dietary supplements has been rising each year. Whereas many individuals believe that dietary supplements will improve their health or prevent certain diseases, some consumer groups or medical professionals have warned that dietary supplements will be dangerous. Thus, the question  is: are dietary supplements very dangerous? Unfortunately, the question  does not have a straightforward answer.
Dietary supplements, by its broad definition, embody thousands of various products. In 2004, Consumer Reports listed twelve doubtless dangerous dietary supplements. Several of them are herbal products. Some of these herbs are used by herbalists for hundreds of years and are thought-about as safe. However, when the active substances in these herbs are extracted in pure or targeted kind and consumed over prolonged period, they’ll be dangerous to some people.
Many dietary supplements like vitamins and minerals are safe and will supplement what’s missing in our diet. But, even the benign supplement can become dangerous in overdose. In native news, a girl was reported to convey her two teenage daughters mega dose of vitamin A for prolonged period, thinking that the supplement is good for the eyes. Both suffered from acute liver failure and one required a liver transplant to save her life. Vitamin A isn’t dangerous however mega dose of vitamin A is hepatotoxic. During this case, ignorance itself is dangerous!
The quality of dietary supplement is also an important factor. The presence of contaminations, like serious metal, medication, and toxic substances will build a benign supplement dangerous. One example is that the presence of microcystin toxin in blue inexperienced algae dietary supplements. Microcystins are natural toxins from bound strains of blue inexperienced algae that may cause liver injury and liver tumors. According to the research conducted by Health Canada, solely one strain of blue green algae, Spirulina, is free from microcystins as Spirulina is harvested from controlled ponds. Most of the non-Spirulina blue inexperienced algae supplements are contaminated by microcystins, particularly those harvested from natural lakes. Daily consumption of those dietary supplements would exceed the acceptable level of microcystin intake established by Health Canada and WHO.
Sensible producing follow (GMP) is another key issue to safeguard the quality and safety of dietary supplements. Dietary supplement manufacturers in compliance of GMP standards have to check the identity of raw materials, implement a high quality control unit, provide expiration date for the finished merchandise, maintain smart records of batch production and written procedures, and rent personnel who are trained to perceive and follow GMP. This observe will reduce the possibility of having batch to batch variation in strength, composition, purity and quality of finished products.
To add up, though most dietary supplements are safe when consumed per the label, customers are suggested to educate themselves before taking these supplements. What are the functions of these supplements? How long should I be taking them? Are they manufactured by reputable companies in compliance of fine producing practices? Never consume more than the counseled dose unless supervised by health care professionals. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or affected by pre-existing health conditions, you should additionally take further precaution and consult with your doctors or nutritionists.

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