The DuVita Review – An Inside Look From an Outsider’s Perspective

So what’s really on the inside at DuVita? In this review we’ll explore what’s happening over there and whether this is a good fit for you or not.

The DuVita Product Review

In short, Duvita’s product offering consists of a weight loss supplement they call Appetite Plus, that contains the following ingredients: caffeine, kola nut, chromium, cayenne pepper, hoodia gordonii, cocoa extract, phenylethylamine, bitter orange extract, raspberry ketone, fucoxanthin. Derived from over 5,000 years of ancient Chinese medicines Appetite Plus is said to give your body a boost, burn fat and suppress your appetite.

DuVita’s other product offering is called Balance Plus and it’s function is to help the body function properly. The following ingredients make up this interesting blend: lycium berry, green tea extract, spirulina, fo ti, jiaogulan, mori, lotus, aloe vera, hawthorne berry, reishi mushroom, grapeseed extract, L-Theanine, collagen hydrolysate.

The DuVita Company Review

DuVita is currently in a pre-launch phase. The owners of DuVita consulted with Dave Taylor and Terrel Transtrum and the comp plan was written by Dan Jenson. You may want to do some additional research in this area to check out the backgrounds and the stability of the company. I do not want to dissect the DuVita comp plan.

Your success in DuVita, in any company for that matter will be proportionate to your ability to market your product and your opportunity to people who want your product and are looking for an opportunity. You will need to go beyond your family and friends, especially when marketing a supplement. The good news is that the health and wellness industry is huge and you can choose sub-markets to enter into where the competition may be lower.

Don’t worry about becoming a product expert who knows everything about each ingredient. Develop yourself, become a marketer and a leader who adds value to those who join you. Each person that is looking at your opportunity will be asking this one question, “How will joining (your name) help me become successful?” When you can market DuVita’s product and opportunity and teach others to do the same people will join you in droves.

Source by Brandy M Price