Warning! Yacon Syrup Exposed: Possible Side Effects

3 Easy But Important Steps to Follow For Smart Buyers: 1. Avoid supplements that are NOT certified or verified. Verified and Certified supplements are your s…

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Warning! Yacon Syrup Exposed: Possible Side Effects

3 Easy But Important Steps to Follow For Smart Buyers:

1. Avoid supplements that are NOT certified or verified. Verified and Certified supplements are your safety and high quality guarantee.

2. Don't trust brands that pretent or claim to be "Doctor Oz Brands" as you may have heard Dr. Oz does not endorse any partiular brand and he is actually suing those who pretend to be "his".

3, Don't be cheap with supplements you put into your body. High quality yacon extract should cost at least 50-55 U.S.D. Don't settle for anything cheaper becauuse you will get what you paid for - no results. Choose another weight loss way if you can't pay this amount of money.

Brands That I completely Trust:

Certified Yacon (http://certifiedyacon.com)

People who produce this brand really know what they are doing. I have witnessed more than 350 people getting great results (losing up to 11 lbs during their very first week with certified yacon). This is the main reason I am so confident recommending them to my friends who ask for my advice and family membes. The only problem that can be a bit frustrating with them is that due to their insane popularity the often run out of stock and the re-stocking period can sometimes take several days. Their official web based store is http://certifiedyacon.com

Scientific History of Yacon Extract

Yacon Extract: A Comprehensive and Objective Review written by: virginiaombada
Yacon is now an online phenomenon. Many people are either writing or asking questions about it. Unfortunately, most of what you will read has no scientific basis. This means that most of your questions on this revolutionary product will remain unanswered unless you read an expert review of this product. Here is a detailed and objective review of Yacon extract.

The Origin of Yacon Extract

Yacon originates from the Andean Mountains of South America. It is here that the Incas used it for dietary and medicinal purposes. It is important to note that the Incas were once the most powerful empire in the whole of South America. Even today, we still marvel at some of their achievements in medicine, science and warfare. Yacon extract is just one of the advancements in medicinal science that this great empire had to offer its people and the world.

The Active Ingredients in Yacon Extract

The root of the Yacon plant is what gives rise to the life changing properties that Yacon has to offer. The root contains a special enzyme that is scientifically known as FOS i.e. Fructooligosaccharide. This enzyme is the active ingredient in Yacon extract. It is responsible for all the sweetening properties of Yacon in addition to its medicinal properties.

The Benefits of Yacon Extract

To begin with, Yacon keeps your body from gaining weight. This is because your body cannot retain the active ingredient in Yacon. In other words, your taste buds will feel the sweetening effects of Fructooligosaccharide but your digestive system is incapable of holding it in or storing it as fat. This means that you will not gain any additional weight.

In addition, Yacon is suitable for those who suffer from diabetes. This is because it does not increase your body's sugar level. On the other hand, white sugar increases your body's sugar level and therefore, it makes your diabetes even more unbearable.

Finally, Yacon has a rich, strong and lasting taste that is superior to most sweeteners. In fact, you can use it as a normal sweetener and as an ingredient in a number of cooking recipes.

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