Whey Protein and Quick Muscle Recovery

An exceptional source of nutrition, whey protein is used by many for its nutritional value. Known for cell rebuilding properties as well as bone and muscle building it has long been the preferred choice by bodybuilders. Whey protein has recently become a popular dietary staple for those who are trying to lose weight as well.

Backed with research and statistics, whey protein has been shown to be useful in the rebuilding of muscle after strenuous workouts. Whey protein helps the body to recover after workouts by building up the levels of protein in the muscles. While it is harder to overdose on protein consumption, the recommended levels of protein intake daily are as follows:

For those who are consuming protein to increase muscle mass, approximately 150 grams of protein should be consumed daily. Only 25-50 grams of protein needs to be consumed daily by average person or training athlete. Due to strain on the liver and other organs, no more than 150 grams of protein should be consumed in one day.

While most dieters and bodybuilders cut the carbohydrates in order to promote weight loss, a study that was conducted by the University of Texas Medical Branch shows that combining carbohydrates with a post workout whey protein shake yields better results than a protein shake with out any carbohydrates.

Besides powdered mixes from a canister, whey protein can often be found in a variety of other sources. These sources include yogurt, energy bars, and dairy based beverages. These aforementioned sources not only are quick and convenient snacks because of they provide exceptional dietary nutrition, they are also terrific snacks to get you through the day because whey protein provides a feeling of fullness.

Source by Susan Patterson