Why is "French" Kissing So Erotic and Stimulating?

Many men and women delight in “French” Kissing. This is where the tongues of each partner explore one another’s mouths, are sucked on like small phalluses; and in general, creates a very intense and dynamic form of oral stimulation using the tongue and mouth. Why is this so stimulating and sexually arousing?

The reason for this is that the tongue has an immense amount of different neurological connections to it. More than most people realize. In fact, the tongue is innervated by five of the twelve cranial nerves, which is an amazing and diverse amount of nervous stimulation. Such “French” kissing activates and utilizes these nerves for perception and relation of nervous stimulation. They include:

The Trigeminal Nerve (CN5) – This nerves relates sensations of pain, heat, cold, and touch.

The Facial Nerve (CN7) – This relays taste from the front portion of the tongue to the brain.

The Glosso-Pharyngeal Nerve (CN9) – Relays taste from the back portion of the tongue.

The Vagus Nerve (CN10) – Responsible for taste and the swallowing mechanism.

The Hypoglossal Nerve (CN12) – This is the nerve associated with the muscular aspect of the tongue.

Humans are literally sensory beings. Like the Pink Floyd song, “Breathe,” off of the album, Dark Side of the Moon says, “All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.” Meaning that the fulcrum point of our existence is based on what we perceive through our sensory organs (hearing, vision, touch, etc.).

As the tongue is so replete with nerves that contain such sensory information, it is truly an organ of sexuality. It can be used for kissing, oral sex, stimulation of skin through licking, making sexual sounds during the lovemaking session or even pre-sex poetry, and on and on and on.

So, don’t forget to use your tongue during your love-making sessions. It is clearly a mini-phallus that both partners can enjoy to the fullest. It’s one organ that is truly on “sensory overload,” if you wish to take advantage of it.

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Sincerely, Georg von Neumann

Source by Georg Von Neumann