Yoga and Losing Weight: An Introduction

Can you believe by practicing yoga in long terms can actually help you to lose weight? However, the result is not fast like other types of exercise. In fact, the long term benefits of yoga can help you to stay in shape and make you perfectly fit.


Yoga is an ancient system which is thousands of years old and was developed in India. It is now exercised worldwide. Yoga teaches meditation that can increase your concentration and sense of well being. Therefore, if you like this idea of weight lose enroll yourself in a yoga beginner’s class and go bit by bit. Initially, you may find it hard but with the time you will feel results very effective. The basic phenomenon of Yoga is putting you into a variety of different positions, some more challenging than others. Yoga teaches to take those few positions and to do them properly — as correctly and slowly as you possibly can so that your body can be trained in an exact expertise and control. And the various positions can have various benefits on your health and your mind, as well.

Advantages of Yoga

Different positions have their own advantages. Especially, positions that bring the chin down to activate the thyroid gland are very helpful for losing weight. In fact, yoga system makes you more conscious of your body. It also accentuates your muscles and makes your body stretchier.

Yoga is also used in treating anorexia, eating disorder especially in girls. It also lowers down the anxiety level of these girls making them more conscious of their bodies. Therefore, yoga is a great natural treatment. It can help you to cope up with different body problems. So, if you are in mood to lose weight, yoga can be a good choice for you.

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Source by Gelfey Sterling